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10 of the most popular reality show of the world


The first edition of the reality show was held in 1948 on the American channel. "Candid camera" was the title of the transfer. People fall in various situations, looking for a way out of this situation. The TV show was loved by the audience that soon there were several more shows of this format. In our time reality show still so popular. Besides, now their selection is huge. You can choose the transmission to suit every taste and age. About love and family, about relationships, intellectual show. You turn on a TV, you'll forget all about it, the TV world will capture you completely. But the main thing is not to make the wrong choice, top TV shows, a lot of uninteresting and stupid. People regret having spent the time to see them. The right choice will help our article. Below is a list of the 10 most popular reality show in the world.

10. Bachelor

For the first time on television is a reality television series appeared in the United States. Normal girls fought for the heart of a successful, rich and beautiful men. The show gave opportunities for the girls to change their lives for the better and marry a millionaire, but among the many contenders, the groom had to choose only one. In each episode one contestant left the show. Who will leave the project, decided the groom. He had a date with each and then chose who will stay and who will go home with nothing. This reality show had high ratings, people were delighted with him (mostly women). At the moment the program reached already in 10 countries. Russia is no exception, has released several seasons of "the Bachelor".

9. Wedding SOS

This reality show helps future newlyweds to prepare for the wedding, because we all know what hard work it is. Not all couples can withstand, the bride worries about every little detail, and the groom is constantly nervous. It is not surprising that the closer the wedding, the more aggravate the situation. If it's really bad to help the young come the professional wedding organizer. The name of the reality show translates as the "Wedding SOS". This show helped not one pair to prepare a perfect wedding. By the way, the idea of the show is pretty good, so this is not the only such format.

8. Survivors

Those who watched the Russian "survivor" will understand what was going on. For the first time a reality show was held in Sweden. But the American version was more successful than projects in other countries. It's a competition between a group of people. They have to survive on a desert island. Each week the project goes. It is determined by a vote. They will have to independently produce their own food, build housing. Also contests, a victory which gives protection against the vote of other participants for one week. In America, has issued more than 30 seasons. The reality show is still a huge success. To the spectators not to be bored, periodically change the terms, conditions, but the essence of the game remains the same.

7. School of virgins

The ranking of the British channel 4 greatly increased after it began to broadcast a new controversial reality show "School of virgins". Men who have never been with a woman, teach how to have sex. The age of participants vary from 20 to 40 years. They communicate with psychologists, therapists. Yes, the loss of virginity is also shown. "School of virgins" definitely inappropriate for children and sensitive persons. The creators of the program make plans, they hope for further cooperation with the television channel. But the organization that has control over the content of the media, has criticized the show. So it is not known what future awaited him.

6. The real world

It's an American reality show for a long time it was quite popular. A group of people who don't know each other, bring in a new city. They don't know where they are. They are given various tasks that they must perform. Most of them are that in real life very few people will do it. 32 season, 602 of the release in 24 years. Surprisingly, the transfer, which received unflattering reviews in the beginning, it became so popular. In 2017 the latest season of the show, but in 2018 has announced that the creators of the program are working on a restart.

5. Space

Comic: a space Odyssey. Again channel 4 attracts attention. The participants of the show are ready to fly into space. They say they will study the profession of the astronaut in the "Russian Agency for space tourism" in low earth orbit. Actually it is an abandoned British base, where he made a film about space. The participants do not know that it's all a joke. For a while they are studying, I hope to conquer outer space. Only in the end of the show they find out that they played. However, they did not greatly upset. Each participant paid a substantial cash reward.

4. Big brother

For the first time the program was broadcast on Dutch channel. A week after the first release, the program has broken all records for views. A reality show of this format was released in 37 countries, including in Russia. In a big house different people live, the audience can watch them every minute. Love, scandals and even fights, romance and friendship between the parties – all under the gun cameras. Every week the audience votes against any party, and he needs to leave the project. The one who will last the longest, will receive a handsome cash reward. Software releases always accompanied by scandals. In Germany in response to the "Big brother" has released "Big boar". Viewers can observe the life of pigs. However this show is not so popular.

3. A reality show about a dying woman

Not so long ago on channel BNN came out of a reality show about a woman who is terminally ill and might give a kidney to the same sick person. Three members are struggling on, they are full of hope that I will be able to live. But all was not so simply, a scandal erupted. Sick woman – an ordinary actress, she is quite healthy and is not going to give anyone anything. The participants of the show are really sick, not so much. By the way, they knew that the kidney will not give them one. All participants decided to participate in the hope that someone will be able to help them.

2. Hunger

The reality show "Hunger" aired on channel TNT. The participants of the first season lived in Berlin. 12 people and a large house, which has everything except food. I have no money. Project participants come into the city, trying to somehow earn to buy food. "In the fields" they go two by two. Until I returned one pair, and other members can't leave the house. The winner of the show receives a monthly content. The winner of season 1 lost 20 pounds, but became famous and can now not work the rest of my life.

1. Lord of the flies

The prototype of the show was the eponymous novel by William Golding. 40 children of different ages living in an abandoned town. Children themselves should choose leaders and build a cohesive society. Children's reality shows are more humane to expel no one. Children can only leave at will. The creators of the show wanted to see if children live in a society without adults. Organized society or chaos, which do you choose children, you'll know after watching the show "Lord of the flies".

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