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10 of the most popular versions of the end of the world


Fiction and scientific researchers frighten us by the end of the world more than once. Versions born the most amazing, starting from the explosion of the Sun, and ending with the attack of alien forces. Were also variants of the zombie Apocalypse, mass glaciation, meteorite falls, etc. Some variation may correspond to reality and, under certain conditions, indeed be carried out. Other doomsday only meant to frighten small children who eat poorly in the morning, tasteless porridge.

Well, we're a little scientists, at least have logic and sober thinking, so let's try to draw a real prospect of our planet. Thus we understand, could be realized popular 10 versions of the end of the world, or how we always hung "noodles on ears".

10. Solar disaster

And again, our great scientists were wrong, focusing on the famous Mayan calendar. According to him, the inconceivable cosmic flash of our big Stars, or the emission of gases from it were intended to absorb the planet in a matter of minutes. All mankind was supposed to die from high temperatures in 2012. Remember, the hype was substantial – the end of the world discussed on TV, and then happily rejoiced that we were lucky. Or maybe it was just another PR stunt that people bought questionable bunkers, begged paid indulgences from priests and Dolgorukaya stocked with food, and what will survive incinerated on the planet?

9. Alien invasion

So this seems more real, despite all irreality. Hg wells in his famous work "war of the worlds" a good effort on the subject of the invasion of "little green men" than sowed panic among his followers. They all feared the evil inhabitants of Mars, despite the fact that the confirmation of the existence there of any intelligent life forms were not found. Misleading people is administered and the mass appearance of UFOs, crash mysterious object on the planet, etc. And periodically scientists "catch" a awkward babble from space, which can be a nuisance or reflection of sound in the redirection process. The word trust no one – the facts should be there!

8. The third world war

The possibility of a large-scale conflict of the present, even with the use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons dominates countries since World war II. For over 50 years, the crisis of a nuclear exchange is not marked, and many countries are abandoning such weapons, maintaining humane values. However, unfortunately, it is from this version of the destruction of most parts of the world, we are not immune. Scientists are predicting that the Third world can cover two or more of the continent, engaging in political infighting and display of equipment a few dozen countries. According to the opinions of sociologists and political scientists, the first harbingers of the Third world are already noted, for example, military action in Iraq.

7. Planet Nibiru

And once again, we are led by the nose like little children. A famous writer back in the late 60's came up with a distant planet Nibiru, which every 3700 years according to a special orbit crosses the orbits of other inner planets of the Solar system. Followers believe that Nibiru is a dwarf star brown, so to speak, the sister of the Sun. According to the forum users and bloggers, the unthinkable collision with the Ground should happen in this century that will be the end for all civilization.

6. Global warming

Scientists and geologists all over the world sing the mantra that is coming to a critical climate change. Supposedly the ozone hole, radiation and other problems will lead to global warming and the greenhouse effect will force huge glaciers to melt, burying all living things. In contrast other scientists say that over the last decade the world just a little bit "cold" and the temperature dropped. Who to believe – known as tangible changes in people not yet noted. How the process really goes, I hope the great minds of the planet in advance will come up with effective methods of response.

5. Pandemic

In fact, this version of doomsday is even more possible than you think. Exactly a century ago, the planet turned, the Spanish flu pandemic, which led to the contamination of about 550 million people (nearly a third of the population). In this case, for 1.5 years of deployment, the disease killed estimated 50-100 million (up 5.3%) of the inhabitants of the globe. The active work of the scientists with the virus, mutating cells and genetic material makes us think, and suddenly one of the laboratories something gets out of control? Suddenly the deadly virus will spread outside of the tubes and buildings, massively affecting people who have no immunity to it?

4. Galactic strike the planets

Almost every year we hear "old song" about the fact that our Earth collides with a meteorite, asteroid or other space body. Apogee news reached in December 2012, when New year's eve the scientists decided to spoil people a holiday, proclaiming the possible end of the world. According to their calculations, the 21st of December was held a unique Parade of Planets, which occurs every 26 thousand years. The event is really amazing, it even feared by our ancestors, after all, supposedly increases the risk that the world will descend from their orbits, and there's a massive collision. But, as you can see, no special mysticism did not happen, and we have successfully celebrated another routine year of our happy life.

3. The displacement of the magnetic poles

This subject will appeal a world of physics, due to the annual changes of the field magnetic poles of the Earth. According to their view, the major processes can influence the process of revolution of the planet around its axis and the Sun, causing a catastrophic event. According to studies of ancient Egyptian and Mayan, the last time the magnetic pole has migrated about 780 thousand years ago. Some modern scholars believe that during the pole shift, the magnetic field temporarily disappears for a few hundred / thousand years. Of course, mass destruction of humanity is not the cause, but the Internet (and other communication) suddenly disappear. The potential violation of biorhythms, cardiovascular system, CNS, brain.

2. The oil crisis

With such predictions for the heart needs to grasp the employees of Gazprom and Eastern and Arab princes. Analysts estimate that within 2 years the oil demand sharply exceeds supply. Some esoteric managed once again to associate with the end of the Mayan calendar (but any document has a beginning and an end, what mystical?). According to forecasts, the shortage of oil will lead to the destruction of the economies of the States against which can ignite social and political unrest followed by military conflicts.

1. The eruption of the volcano

Still in fear keep active major volcanoes in Africa, America, etc. However, nothing in common with a fictional volcano they have. Yes, in the case of the eruption of the biggest cities will have a hard time will be the real Pompeii. But while the researchers volcanologists keep a finger on the pulse of the population of the nearby areas is not threatened. If the alleged SUPERVOLCANO will be found and awakened, he will dramatically raise the level of magma in the crust of the globe, will provoke tons of debris and toxic fumes. The result of the eruption, nuclear winter and subsequent ice age which can destroy the humanity. While the probability of the existence of "horror stories" tends to zero.

Once again, I advise our readers to keep the "ears open" and to check the facts. In magazines, online publications and on TV we can throw the most unthinkable ideas and even generously sprinkle them fake numbers and statistics. Study only the data of the studies and scientific papers, which are officially published.

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