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10 most visited museums in the world


Each country has its own history. But the city gradually changed its appearance. Old buildings getting smaller, or they are in poor condition. But in each country there are museums in which this story can be seen with your own eyes. Museums a lot, but there are some which are known worldwide. When people come to France, they will certainly want to visit the Louvre, Russia's must-see destination for tourists is a visit to the Hermitage. What do they stand among the other many thousands? Especially for you top 10 most visited museums in the world.

10. National Palace Museum of Taipei

The largest Museum of China, located on the island of Taiwan. There are many monuments of culture and history, figures of bronze, rare books. Many of these items belonged to the Emperor and his family members. In total the Museum has 697490 items. Of course, all impossible to install. The exhibition is organised in turns, usually choose items, causing great interest, the rest are stored indoors. But the Museum is not only a space filled with exhibition exhibits. The Palace of the Taipei gardens, everything is done for comfortable rest of visitors. Ponds, bridges, a variety of trees and flowers, gazebos. The average number of visitors per year is 6 million people.

9. Museum dorse, Paris

The Museum is located on the left Bank of the Seine river. It is often visited not only by foreigners but also French. In the Museum you can see the development of art in France from 1850 to 1910. Painting, photography, music, decoration, architecture is not all fields of art are represented in the Museum. There are often concerts and performances. In addition, the annual festival of cinema. The Museum building also is of interest is the former train station. Annually the average number of visitors 3 million people.

8. The Metropolitan Museum of art in new York

One of the largest art museums in the world. The Museum presents a variety of exhibits. They are all located in different sections. There is a section of American art where you can admire paintings by famous artists, sculptures. The gun enthusiasts will appreciate the section where the excess collections of European and middle Eastern arms and armor. Everyone will find what he likes: modern art, drawings and photographs, items of ancient Egyptian and medieval art, libraries, costume Institute. It is noteworthy that the Museum operates on donations from sponsors, the government allocates only a small part. The average number of visitors per year – 7 million people.

7. National gallery of art, Washington

In the national gallery in Washington includes the best works of art, not only the US but all over the world. The gallery owns two buildings. The Eastern building houses a collection of modern art. Mainly it works by the end of the 19th century (Picasso, Lichtenstein and other famous artists). Here is the exposition of sculptures and a large fountain. In the Western building there are the collections of paintings and sculptures of famous artists from Europe and America (Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci). Every year the art gallery is visited by about 4 million people.

6. National Museum of Korea, Seoul

The Museum attracts attention with its uniqueness, it is divided into two wings. They symbolize the past and the future of Korea. The Museum exhibits monuments of architecture and history. The first floor is suitable for those who are interested in the ancient history of the Korean Peninsula. On the upper floors are private collections of: furniture, household items, dishes. In the Museum infrastructure. There is a special room for children. There is an opportunity to stroll through the gardens, sit in cafes, shops, all on the Museum grounds. Every year, the national Museum of Korea is visited by about 3 million people.

5. British Museum, London

The Museum is one of the largest museums in the world. Its main assets are archaeological finds and art objects of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Here you will see a stunning collection of ancient coins, watch collection, the works of Rembrandt, the engravings of artists of the Renaissance. But of course, most visitors come here in order to view Greco-Roman collection, exhibitions of Egyptian artifacts. The pride of the Museum is also called the huge library located in the same building. The attendance of 6.7 million people a year.

4. The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

History is the largest Museum in Russia began during the reign of Catherine the great. Her emissaries traveled around the world in search of the collections of paintings of famous artists. In addition to them in the Museum you can see collection of rare coins, medals. There were a lot of drawings and prints, rare sculptures, and of course, books. Unfortunately, when the Soviet rule came, many paintings have been stolen, sold abroad. The Museum complex of the Hermitage consists of 5 buildings. Such a rich collection of paintings is unlikely you somewhere else you'll see in Russia is definitely not. The time interval is very large – from the beginning of the stone age to 2,000 years. Annually the Museum is visited by about 5.3 million people.

3. National gallery, London

The location of the Museum and Trafalgar square. Here are collected the best works of art of Western Europe. There are about 2 thousand, they are located in chronological order. But time interval is very large – from the XII to the XX centuries, As already noted, the pictures in the gallery very much, one day all to watch them fail. Therefore it is better to think in advance what you would like to see in the first place. At the Museum you can relax in the cafes, the souvenir shops to buy yourself something to commemorate the visit of this beautiful place. Museum attendance 6 million a year.

2. Museum of contemporary art Reina Sofia, Madrid

The Museum was opened by king Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia in the old hospital. They decided that here will be presented works of art of the twentieth century. The Museum gives an opportunity to admire the paintings of great artists such as Picasso, Dali. Numerous masterpieces of painting of the twentieth century, different currents: avant-garde, surrealism, abstractionism. Here you can see not only the finished paintings but to look at the sketches and unfinished work of some artists. Museum attendance 3.6 million per year.

1. The Louvre, Paris

Art Museum of the world, which is considered the most popular. It is conveniently located in the centre of Paris. This is a real Royal Palace. In the Louvre you see the collections and exhibits of different times, peoples and eras. It has everything: sculptures, paintings, statues, furniture, engravings, books, weapons. In the Museum many masterpieces of art, but tourists often fail to appreciate and minor piece, so a huge Museum. People tend to see only what I know: the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, pyramid, became famous in the film "the da Vinci Code". Museum attendance around 9 million a year.

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