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10 best selling books in the world


Attention knigomania are the most sold book in the world, all of which became real bestsellers, and were translated into many languages. The number of sold copies in the tens or even hundreds of millions. These works made an enormous contribution to world literature and greatly influenced its further development.

10. The catcher in the rye

"The catcher in the rye" opens the list of best-selling books that became international bestsellers. The novel was written by the famous American writer Jerome Salinger. The protagonist of the piece seventeen year old boy named Holden, who has his Outlook on life radically different from those imposed on other societies. He rejects the morality of modern society and the established canons, which, in his opinion, are incorrect. The book was recognized as one of the most prestigious American publication, and was included in the top hundred. Despite this, the work has received a mixed assessment, as literary critics and readers themselves.

9. Think and grow rich

"Think and grow rich" is a world bestseller by Napoleon hill, which has become one of the most purchased in the world. The owner of a bestseller has become more than 70 million fans of this type of literature. The creation of this labor went much is not enough – two decades. This piece is created for those who have a purpose in life and wishes to achieve it. The writer in his book teaches positive thinking, which is the main key on the way to wealth.

8. The da Vinci code

"The da Vinci code" is among the most popular international bestsellers. All were purchased around the world by more than 80 million copies. Belongs to the novel by American writer Dan brown. It was a continuation of another well-known work "Angels and Demons". The work translated into more than forty languages of the world. The protagonist of the novel Dr. Robert Langdon have to unravel a mysterious murder of one of the members of the Louvre.

7. The alchemist

"The alchemist" book by Paulo Coelho, which has become one of the most popular selling in the world. It was translated into almost 70 languages and appeared in more than 110 countries. To date, sold about 65 million books. The plot of the novel involves a simple shepherd named Santiago. One day he had a dream in which he must go search for Egyptian treasure. A guy goes to a Gypsy to interpret the meaning of the dream. In return, she takes his word that he would give her the tenth part of found treasures. In search of wealth he loses everything he had, but finds most important – love.

6. Twilight

"Twilight" is one of the most popular modern novels written American author Stephenie Meyer. Just sold around the world 85 million copies of the work. The novel includes four parts, each of which became an international bestseller. The work translated into nearly forty languages of the world. All parts associated with the girl Bella, who falls in love with a vampire. He reciprocates her feelings, but realizes that they can't be together. To do it one of "their" he doesn't want, as not want to spoil a girl's life. But no matter what fate brings them again and again, convinced that his destiny not to leave.

5. 10 little Indians

"10 little Indians" − a novel, owned by Peru of the master detectives of Agatha Christie. This is one of the most popular and top-selling books in the world. To date, sold more than 100 million copies. The writer believed the art work is the main creation of all life. The events in the book unfold on the Black Isle, which come ten holidaymakers that are not familiar with each other. They are here at the invitation of some of Mr. and Mrs. Owen, which is on the island is not provided. Guests are accommodated in the Palace of a married couple who invited them. After that, begin to happen strange events, in which one after another of the guests begin to die under mysterious circumstances.

4. The Lord of the rings

"The Lord of the rings" is a trilogy consisting of three books: "the fellowship of the Ring" "Two towers" "Return of the king". All three parts are published in one volume. Sold out the trilogy with a fabulous speed and hunting. Worldwide spread of the order of 150 million copies. The work translated into forty different languages. This is one of the few contemporary works that have influenced fantasy literature and cinema. The author of trilogy speaks English writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The storyline of the books connected with the novel "the Hobbit" and is its logical continuation.

3. The little Prince

"The little Prince" is an allegorical tale of a tale which has gained immense popularity among children, teenagers and adults. To date, sold over 140 million copies of this work. Author Antoine Saint-Exupery tells about a pilot who was forced to make an emergency landing in the desert, where he meets an amazing boy. His name is the Little Prince who came to Earth from another planet. The alien hero tells the pilot about earthly journeys and the life on the asteroid, where he left his beloved rose, which he loved.

2. Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone

"Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone" − one of the most popular books in the world, which sold 107 million copies sold. The author of this creation is the British writer J. K. Rowling. The protagonist of the book-fantasy boy Harry learns that he is endowed with magical powers. He has many friends and enemies at a special school for wizards. The book tells about the dangerous adventure of a boy who tries to stop the return of the evil wizard, who became responsible for the death of his parents. The book was translated into many languages and has won many fans not only among teenagers but also adults.

1. Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind is one of the most popular novels in the world written by American writer Margaret Mitchell. The events in the book related to the civil war, which took place in the southern United States in the 60-ies of the 19th century. The sale of the work appeared in the 30-ies of the last century, and already in the first year it sold over a million copies. The writer was honored for his art work is an honorary award – the Pulitzer prize. The unfolding events in the book span the twelve-year period. The main character is Scarlett o'hara, who tied all of the storyline. Despite the fact that bestseller a little less than a century, it has not lost its popularity, and the army of his fans is only growing from year to year. To date, sold about 130 million copies of this great work.

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