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10 most common phobias


Many people have the fears, which at first glance seem absurd and needs to be destroyed logical explanation. However, childhood trauma or other stressful situation resulted in reliable fixing of the negative psychological anchors in the subconscious of man. Every time I see a causal object or find themselves in a situation the person will experience an anxiety attack until the denial of reality. To remove anxiety usual positive attitude and soothing words will not work. To help panicking can only complete isolation from the object of the phobia, the change in the surrounding situation and, of course, a long work with a competent psychologist.

In the world presented hundreds of the most amazing things, everyday is fighting the modern man. We will look at 10 of the most common faced a familiar of our surroundings.

10. Monophobia

Outwardly, people may appear successful, interesting, communicative and social, but at heart it is fear of rejection. We all want to be accepted by society, to feel mutual love, true friendship, and parental warmth. If you child is constantly blackmailed parents in the manner of "don't do their homework – don't walk" or "don't sleep – I won't love", then in adulthood cultivated fear of failure. You feel that if you do not meet expectations or will not be able to offer something in return, then you will definitely throw, refuse, wrapped around your finger. Many people monophobia prefer a more lonely and isolated life, putting on masks in society and fulfilling certain social roles. In the soul they feel the compulsive need to be accepted.

9. Mysophobia

Perhaps these fears are more characteristic of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder and pathological pedants. If you prefer clean, wipe the bench or chair before you sit down, squeamish attitude to other people's items and don't like the extra touches, alas, most likely you have a fear of germs and hatred for dirt. Psychologists believe that the disorder is purely psychological underpinnings and inherent in emotionally sensitive people. This disease requires correction not only psychological but also medical. Mysophobia greatly complicates the life of a man, causing him to waste valuable energy to purify the world and yourself from imagined germs and dirt.

8. Pteromerhanophobia

Widespread fear of flying by plane can occur even in people who never sat in an aircraft. Media has been fabricating the facts, which indicate massive loss of life during the explosion, collision or crash. Although according to the statistics of this mode of transport is the most safe, just, when it happens the accident, I immediately killed a few dozen people – and this is a precedent. And the presence of oxygen masks, seat belts and parachutes set a person on the negative wave – once there are so many degrees of protection, so to be here is not safe. The pour oil on the fire and terrorist attacks, which have increased in recent years.

7. Agoraphobia

Panic attacks in this case pursue, when someone violates your personal space. If in the case of claustrophobia you're under pressure from a closed space with the walls, doors and physical interference, then the agoraphobia source of pressure may be one or several people. People with this disorder are unable to spend long hours in the crowd and places with large concentrations of people. They are also hard to work in the offices of "open space", to stand in queues in shops, bought in supermarkets, to be in public transport, not to mention concerts. Some psychologists believe that this phobia has a genetic beginning, as our ancestors have always tried to control the situation and keep the area for escape in case of danger.

6. Glossofobiya

According to statistics, more than 95% of people in the world suffer fear of public speaking. Some people owe their professions and activities (politicians, businessmen, speakers, teachers, etc.) are forced to overcome the phobia and learn to effectively establish communication. Others feel shyness, panic attacks, internal stiffness, increased sweating and even fever in case of necessary appearances in front of strangers. They also noted the sense of shame, can join monophobia – that is the fear of being unaccepted by the public, to failure or negative feedback. With this fear must be fought at least in order to comfortably and confidently in the interview.

5. Acrophobia

If you think about it, among our acquaintances sure there are those people who are afraid of heights. This is especially noted in young children who have not yet formed a full-fledged spatial vision and ability to adjust itself with the environment. Even the height of a 1-storey building may seem huge. People with acrophobia are afraid to be on the roofs, cliffs and other eminences, feel uncomfortable in skyscrapers and business centers, especially when they rise to modern transparent elevators. The biggest fear for a person with acrophobia is look down from a height.

4. Gerontophobia

Many people after the age of 30-40 years begin to experience so called "identity crisis". This phenomenon indirectly associated with fear of old age – gerontophobia. People are afraid not to have time to pursue their dreams and plans to be unemployable and alone, to lose the appearance and physical form. Any markings of gray hair or sagging skin cause panic and a desire to escape the effects of old age, causing people to resort to services of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, having young lovers, the youth form the closet and in every way more cheerful.

3. Ophidiophobia

Fear of snakes is logically justified, as laid primates even at the genetic level. Then, in the absence of advanced medicine from snakebite ancestor invariably die, which formed a stable phobia observers of the process. Now ophidiophobia developed – people are afraid of not only being bitten, but avoiding even the appearance of reptiles and mention of it in the context. Visit the terrarium or circus for them psychologically destructive. The reason for the development of a phobia called unflattering pictures of victims of bites by the media, and religious upbringing in some denominations snakes exhibited by the messengers of the devil, the personification of mortal sin, etc.

2. Arachnophobia

Many people, especially women and children, afraid of spiders. Fear contributes to the appearance of the animal, many legs, hairy body, multiple eyes, and the knowledge that some types are poisonous. Also, people fear the effect of surprise with which arthropod down the web or, God forbid, accidentally moves in our body. Some people are so afraid of spiders and other crawling critters that start a heart-rending scream, jump and shake, even a known safe distance. Unfortunately, modern thrillers and horror movies support people's arachnophobia, as enlarged to giant size spiders inspire just the same, universal fear.

1. Niktofobiya

And here all known the fear of night time, which brought in children from a very early age. People afraid of not so much darkness as it is to play, watch cartoons and wait for gifts from Santa Claus the night very much. We are talking about the unknown, about the horrors hidden in the darkness. That's why kids shouldn't read horror stories where the monster is hiding in the dark depths of the water or behind a curtain in the room. Interestingly, to get rid of panic attacks in this case is very simple – just turn on the light source.

Here such strange characteristic of many people on the planet. Most fears takes roots in their childhood and due to the carelessness of parents, flaws in education. Others strenuously cultivated media that allows to manage the human consciousness. If you recognize yourself and have one of the phobias – get your mind under control and make an appointment with the doctor.

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