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The 10 most common financial mistakes that business lady


Which spouse has the final word in budgeting? Nowadays the rise from all sides of the emancipation the answer to this question has many not obvious. Does the sex a direct relationship to the level of financial literacy? Most psychologists and experienced financiers I will say unequivocally that gender differences have a significant impact on the style of behavior of the investor. Also (forgive all the supporters of feminism), there are the typical financial mistakes that one can make the fair sex, making the first steps in the world of big Finance. It is in any case not says that women are inferior to men in intellectual abilities or business skills, not at all. But if you know about its most vulnerable points, you will have more chances to avoid major financial losses and in a relatively short period of time take place in your business.

Here is the top 10 most common financial mistakes women.

10. Do not sign what you do not understand

You can easily put your signature in the tax Declaration about total income, not even bothering to read the document? This legal disorder is becoming a big problem for lawyers during most divorce proceedings. Of course, you love your spouse and trust him in everything, but if it brings you a Declaration at the last minute and urges you to sign without reading, then with high probability it suggests that he has something to hide. Never sign legal documents without reading them beforehand! It is an axiom. Remember her and follow her all her life. Otherwise, you can not escape serious problems.

9. Do not delegate partner all rights

Of course, even in our progressive age remains female supporter of Domostroy, believes that her husband can be trusted with the absolute control over the finances and not require the expense report. However, there are many women who want to participate in the distribution of spending, or at least know what money is for. It is possible that you and your spouse will live together until the end of days, never thinking about divorce. But, in life anything can happen. In a situation, if at some point your paths will diverge, it is better not to have further problems with exhausting the carve-up of property.

8. Don't be afraid to take risks

Nature has made women less gambling and perhaps that's why women are much less likely to suffer from gambling addiction. Thus, we should not forget that he who doesn't risk never gets to drink champagne. The world of Finance is so arranged that avoiding even a small risk, you place an obstacle on the road to your success. Therefore, if you decide to compete with men on their territory, we need a little bit to use their business skills.

7. Don't forget about future income

It is not necessary to make a final decision on whether to continue professional growth, guided only by the level of current income. Women often complain that if they leave work and decide to devote himself to the family, you will surely lose so much money, and the rest will just have enough to pay for Babysitting. Such arguments are not very competent.

If a woman wants to return to the place of service, a year after the birth of a child, her wages will be limited to 84% from the one it received before maternity leave and 50% if she will stay home with the baby for three years. These changes are related to the fact that probably for the whole period of your absence from the salary of employees gradually increased.

6. Don't hesitate to ask again

As you know, in the eyes of most of society the girl who to put it mildly does not have high intellectual abilities, it can lead to such a deficiency on the level of coquetry, and even be more attractive for a certain category of members of the opposite sex. But at the same time, many women are very afraid to look stupid in front of colleagues and therefore not asking clarification on a particular issue, if certain aspects remained unclear for them.

Do not be shy to ask for advice for fear of sounding stupid. People lacking professional experience, but at the same time reaching for new knowledge, looks much more favorable in the eyes of the collective than the self-confident fool, don't listen to anyone but himself.

5. Do not trust unlimited financial Advisor husband

If you and your husband shared a financial Advisor, and you regularly use its services, pay attention to the extent to which this person is interested in protecting your interests. Perhaps first and foremost he represents the interests of your spouse, even at the expense of yours, because, unfortunately, nowadays not many people tend to perceive the married couple as a single unit.

If you don't trust to this person, it is best to avoid conflicts in the future, to find a personal financial Advisor, who will definitely protect your interests.

4. Invest in accordance with your principles

Invest in projects that are contrary to your beliefs. Investment can also become one of the tools to Express their positions and views. The economy is constantly evolving, and nowadays you have the possibility to dispose of funds on the basis of Mercantile reasons, but also some fundamental questions for you.

3. Do not neglect insurance

Unfortunately, the majority of citizens of our vast country prefer to live by the principle: While the thunder will not clap, the peasant will not cross. To do everything possible to make this the thunder struck at the most inopportune moment, I prefer the units and all the rest then bitterly repented of his levity. So, don't neglect to spread a straw in advance, and not wait for the fried rooster.

2. Consider life expectancy

In that moment, when make long-term financial investments, consider that according to statistics, the life expectancy of the fairer sex more than men. It is highly likely that you will be able to live at least 6 years longer than your spouse. This nuance you had in mind when drawing up a financial plan?

1. Get rid of stereotypes

Don't need a particular situation to fit a particular pattern, which is formed in the course of your life, thus allow yourself to think bigger and bigger. Try to make your experience helped you to move towards professional growth, not served by unnecessary ballast.

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