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10 sexiest zodiac signs horoscope among men


Sexuality and temperament are laid in childhood, can develop and fade away for life. What gives man the constellation, the sign under which he was born? How to understand, what kind of lover is a man? Ask the date of his birth and look at the top 10 most passionate signs of the zodiac for men.

If you think that there is someone missing, don't you think. Libra and Capricorn do not participate in our top. Why? About it at the very end, and while a selection of the hottest lovers among men zodiac sign reveals...

10. Aquarius

Representatives of this sign are gallant, cheerful and I love the ladies. All at once. To every woman he can find a way. She can hear "those" words out of their dreams of a perfect man, catches smiles and the glances which he gives only to her. Should a girl believe in your dream home, she loses her head and is ready for all conceivable experiments in bed.

Here and offer a genuine man-Aquarius. He easily approaches, takes all the best from a relationship, and when you get sick of a certain partner, disappears. This Air sign, he is able to predict women's desires, is able to bring the lady to the peak of bliss. Man-Aquarius in the sexual sphere — philanderer. And a loner: he never returns to read to the last page of the books, as well as to women.

9. Fish

The representatives of the Water are unpredictable in dealing with fans. This is because the changes in their own sexual "temperature" and for them sudden. The man-Fish can catch in their nets him all the passing females. He will not let them out of his "lair" until they recognize that he is the best lover in the world, and then suddenly become completely indifferent to female charms, and to withdraw.

Sensual and sensitive Pisces gentle in bed, sensitive to women's desires in the moment of intimacy, but don't be surprised if in the morning this "carp" is made for you will grow cold. He loves to partner a reflection of me and often looking for friends similar to his first mistress.

8. Aries

Pungent and forceful as the fire devours the desired Aries woman eyes, says openly about their desires. If a direct attack fails, this fire a man can plan the whole operation to capture the object detours and thousands above. However, he wants to be with a partner on the same wavelength.

Aries is open, straightforward and may seem a little rough treatment in bed inexperienced girls. This is because Aries people everywhere want to be the first. Sex is no exception. Hot temper that men have charge of women's rapture RAM. If a woman sincerely admires a male Aries, he will soon lose interest in her.

7. Virgin

Male virgin, is dangerous for women. They can instantly crack all the tricks charmers to charm them. And catching it is not necessary! This earth sign feels obliged to visit all the ladies and to fulfill all their slightest intimate desires. Even those that woman even ashamed to voice. A real ladies ' man endowed with incredible sexual intuition. From male virgin yet no woman is left unsatisfied.

Offer the hand and heart of a man makes late and reluctantly in it and very strong feminine side. He likes freedom, and intimate contacts, he also prefers variety. If such a man marries, his wife will not be jealous about it. All the intimate joy with hypersensitive husband-a Virgin will get her undivided.

6. Leo

Regal representative of the zodiac bears the name. As the true king of beasts, the man of this sign are accustomed to live surrounded by beautiful lionesses. Ladies may not guess the presence of each other and not even know that the lion with all this married.

The male lion nor one of his fans will not leave indifferent to his talent to tempt. But in bed, he often takes than gives, and stops exactly when he was filled with love. But not to worry: the temperament of the lions hot, and already half of the process, many ladies ask for mercy. If in a series of intimate adventures of a male lion finds an equal and interesting partner, fell in love, he married and forget about other women forever.

5. Gemini

On the duality of the Gemini nature needless to say. This is reflected in the intimate life of men. However, to think that he was a fickle and inconstant man is not worth it. Sex with Twins is fun, passionate and informative. In between the sensual acts of love you'll learn hundreds of useful things from the mouth of the lover, as his philosophical judgments.

If you want to be with a male Twin will have to be on alert always, everywhere. The framework for this man exists: he loves experiments, quick contacts and sensitive response of the female partner. The appearance of women, it will never deceive if her Twin will not see spiritually close companion.

4. Taurus

The vital energy of Taurus is aimed at the achievement of the goal. She could be a woman. To achieve the coveted man of this sign is ready for anything, and after the conquest can just as easily cool down to the partner. And while the abandoned girl is going to grieve for the loss of the beloved, insatiable Taurus new siege fortress.

In bed Taurus indomitable, energetic and ready to fulfill every whim of your partner. At the same time, if he wants woman, for him there are no barriers and excuses.

It is important to note that the representative of this sign allows himself complete freedom in the intimate sphere, all ladies must be faithful to the Calf, otherwise they face a barrage of raging jealousy of the man she loved.

3. Scorpio

A man of this sign are charismatic, able to attract a woman, to lure her in his arms and "sting" partner understanding of how he skilled talent to love. Insightful, receptive to the wishes of the beloved, he would patiently pose as a knight as long as the impregnable Bastion not throw in the towel. After that, the Scorpion sovereign shall possess all the attention, time and woman's life.

To open fully to the man-Scorpion is dangerous: as soon as the partner will be deprived of mysteries and vagueness, he would leave her. To be a cute baby with a Scorpion is not: he likes temperament, sensuality of the female partner as well as a chic look.

2. Sagittarius

A man of this sign will not please a woman, make plans to conquer it. Around it there are many women who are willing to share the bed with him. He may not love the woman, but will do everything to bring it up in having sex with him and then with other men.

Sagittarius attracts women its natural, open love to intimate relationships. It will show that the process of sex — it is pure physiology. But Sagittarius can teach a woman how to get real pleasure from sex, foreplay and cuddles will help her to forget about the fears and complexes.

1. Cancer

Cancers — men who often put on the armor of ostentatious indifference and sarcasm for the sake of your own peace of mind. If you manage to convince him of its reliability after a billion tests for strength, you will discover a completely different person. A sensitive lover, he will penetrate the thoughts of the beloved, feels her mood and desires.

Cancer is the only man who's intimate relationship with his girlfriend. Hot and sexy he is not exchanged in casual relationships, even in his youth. Male Cancer wait the one with which he's comfortable. After this meeting, Cancer will do everything to escape from the claws of his charm, she never managed, and sex with him was going crazy from the pleasure.

Why Libra and Capricorn are not included in the rating?

Men these characters relate differently to the intimate side of life.

Male-Libra is looking for harmony, balance contrasts and do not pay attention to how their partners are sometimes hurt by the change of Weights. But they do not change, but compared to infinity! Libra is always free, and to make commitments for the happiness of others — not in their manner.

Men-Capricorns are sensitive to their career, and women — alas, no. The number of available partners allows him to choose the most appetizing target, to remain true to its principles and as long as possible to start a serious relationship.

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