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10 most powerful natural disasters in the world


The history of mankind has undergone a large number of catastrophes with a variety of natural disasters. Some happened so long ago that most scientists cannot estimate the extent of the damage.

Natural disasters are extremely unpredictable, very destructive and often insurmountable. It is because people fear them the most. We offer you a list of some of the most horrific natural disasters and man-made disasters that claimed many lives.

10. The Banqiao Dam

In 1952 there was a disaster at Banqiao, the dam from the ground, which was built for defense against flooding. During the construction of the dam had committed a gross wrong actions, as a result, the dam was covered with cracks, and later could not resist the pressure of tropical storm Nina. In the end, the floods killed 26 thousand people. Seven provinces in China were flooded, the few surviving communications were destroyed after the rain.

Among the survivors quickly spread dangerous disease hunger, disasters claimed more 170-220 thousand people.

9. Indian cyclone 1839

25 Nov 1839 in India, was a cyclone with a storm that destroyed the city of Coringa. He destroyed almost everything that contacted. 2 thousands of ships that were in the Bay, were destroyed. The city is not restored. Storm surge, which raised the cyclone washed away nearly 300 thousand people.

The incident became one of the strongest floods ever obrusevshih destroyed by the Typhoon in the area. The ancient city of Coringa never recovered.

8. Flooding in Calpine

1642 was marked by the tragedy — flooding in Calpine, man-made catastrophic event. Kaifeng was situated on the southern banks of the yellow river. The city was covered with yellow river water immediately after the army of the Ming dynasty ordered to open the dams to prevent the advance of troops If Cicana. Then the ensuing famine with a plague and a flood claimed the lives of 300-380 thousand people.

7. Earthquake in Aleppo

One of the most terrible natural disasters ever occurred in nature, was an earthquake in Aleppo in October 1138 According to some sources killed more than 230 thousand people. In those ancient times, Aleppo was the largest urban centre. The town was located along the major geological faults. After the incident of the earthquake, the population of Aleppo was able to recover closer to the beginning of the XIX century.

6. The Chinese earthquake of 1556

In 1556 he was one of the most destructive earthquakes recorded in historic guides, which happened 23.01.1556 city in the region Shaanxi. In the historical reference it is believed that the tragedy claimed the lives of more than 820 thousand people.

In some areas of Shaanxi nobody left alive and others died, more than half of the population. Such losses among men were associated with the fact that more people lived in caves, collapsed as a result of the tremors.

5. The Indian ocean earthquake in 2004

The third-largest in history was the earthquake in the Indian ocean in late December 2004, This resulted in a very large wave that caused great harm. Scientists the amplitude of the earthquake estimated at 9.1-9.3 points.

The earthquake was registered under the water, large waves, with a height of about 15 meters, reached the coast of Thailand, the southern regions of India and Indonesia. Many areas have suffered greatly, the earthquake caused a lot of damage, the exact losses are unknown, according to rough estimates this 220-300 thousand people.

4. Tangshan earthquake

In the provincial Chinese town of Hebei in 1976 happened a strong earthquake of the twentieth century. According to official statistics, the PRC authorities have the following distress indicators: the number of deaths was estimated at 250 thousand, an earthquake with the magnitude of the fluctuations 7.9. Unofficial counts showed that the number of victims is 650-800 thousand people.

The epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of 22 kilometers. The city was destroyed almost to the ground for a few seconds. About 800 thousand people were injured with varying degrees of severity.

3. Cyclone Bhola

November, 1970 marked the tragic event with terrible consequences. Almost 500 thousand people died as a result of the action of storm tidal wave on the coast of East Pakistan.

The Typhoon was truly fatal, as it significantly changed the map of the States. Due to the sharp criticism of the authorities for slow action in the aftermath of the hurricane, the election was won by the Eastern opposition party. Then began a protracted confrontation that led to armed conflicts. In a Bangladesh.

2. Floods on the yellow river in 1887

Flooding on the river of the yellow river in the late spring of 1887 became one of the most terrible in the historical data. According to some sources, killed 2 and 1.4 million people. Disasters occurred in the Northern provinces in China in the valley of the Yellow river. Torrential rain in almost all areas of the yellow river provoked a flood on the river that led to the flooding of 50 thousand square miles. Farmers who know about the features of the frequent flooding of the yellow river, built dams, saving them from annual floods. However, in that year, the river demolished everything in its path.

1. Flooding in China — 1931

A long dry summer in China brought torrential summer monsoon rains with a tropical cyclone. The result was the overflowing of the river, which flooded about 333 hectares of land, at least 40 million people were left without homes with huge crop losses. Over large areas the water did not move from 3 to 6 months. Diseases, shortage of food, no roof over your head all this has led to huge losses, some up to 4 million people.

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