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10 most boring movies


Not all movies have an interesting plot. In some movies things are moving slowly. It is even so that does not develop. The viewer expects that there will be some events, but the film ends. As a rule, people later regret the lost time, even if it's only an hour and a half. Although the particular worry in this situation is not worth it, because now they know a great cure for insomnia. Among these films are very expected and advertised. To their credit, the films are high-quality and good, that's just very boring. But they have their fans, and they think these films are very good. We present to your attention the most boring movies.

10. The postman

The film was made in 1997, directed by Kevin costner. It tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world. The main character travels the world. It is everywhere accompanied by a trained mule. When forcibly taken to the army General who governs the whole world, he escapes. Hero manages to find the postman, who died long ago. Then he decides to take his form. "The postman" wants to return people to their former life. The film had a very low rating of reviews about it, mostly negative. Viewers think that the picture is unreasonably prolonged. Long weepy monologues, Patriotic speeches, meaningless conversations – as a result, the film entered the top ten most boring. No wonder he failed miserably at the box office.

9. Far, far away

This picture was released in 1992, directed by Ron Howard. The plot of the film is pretty simple. A young Irishman and a red haired beauty decides to go to America and break with the past life. There they want to earn a piece of bread, but they always failed. Starring starred famous stars: Tom cruise and Nicole Kidman. On them was placed the bet, but even with their involvement, the film did not meet expectations. The audience greeted him coldly. Although the film was not left out either, they expected more. But the film has its admirers, most of them women. It is a long romantic tale of unlikely lovers action.

8. 50 shades of grey

Release date film – February 2015, Director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Fans of the acclaimed erotic novel was waiting for the release of this film. The film tells the story of a shocking erotic fantasies of a young millionaire, which he performs with a modest student. Notwithstanding all the hype around it, the film failed to meet expectations. Although the box office was pretty decent, but after showing "50 shades" many left disappointed. As noted by the audience "the most interesting is not shown." Two hours only 3 light sex scenes and long conversations about anything. Men this film definitely does not appreciate, and among women, this watch will not all.

7. Hunter

The film was released in 2011 and directed by Daniel Nettheim. At the heart of his story about the hunter. He is lonely and he had nothing to lose, so Martin can take even the most complex jobs. Now he has to go to the land of Tasmania and the Australian to kill a tiger. The film is somewhat like a documentary. Beautiful nature, a minimum of dialogues. Periodically appearing secondary characters have no connection with the main character. The filmmakers were not disappointed box office receipts, the film even received several awards. But if you don't like nature, unlikely to watch it to the end. One plus in the movie is still there, viewers can learn how to set traps and to navigate the terrain.

6. 2001: a Space Odyssey

The film is quite old, was filmed in 1968. Director Stanley Kubrick. Genre films – science fiction. Expedition spacecraft sent into outer space. They must find out the answers to the questions about the mysterious artifacts discovered on the surface of the moon and Jupiter. The film won several awards, it spoke well of the critics. However, modern viewers are unlikely to have to taste. There's a lot of long conversations, protracted effects. No twisted plot, although the idea of the film interesting. In addition, the end of the film is crumpled. There is a feeling of incompleteness and disappointment that no striking events in the movie never happened. Though the viewer hopes that will be interesting.

5. Lincoln

Film 2012, directed by Steven Spielberg. Film biography. Recounts the life of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. In the film highlights not only his professional life but also personal life. The film received numerous awards, positive reviews from film critics, as well as high box office receipts. But this film is not designed for the average viewer. It is more like a documentary. If you are not a fan of American history, then you will be bored. But most conversations on the topic of politics will understand, only those who knows the history.

4. Blair witch project: Course from the world

The film was released in 1999. His minimal budget, and filmed the independent movie. The film tells the story of student filmmakers who get lost in the woods. They came there to make a film on this well-known local witch. She already killed many people and now turn to the students. Charges is quite good, but if you have to take into account the low cost of shooting, the film brought a good income to its creators. Although this is a horror movie, but a great fear when viewing it you experience. Many people have called it boring, grey and miserable.

3. Solaris

Released in 1972, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky. The film tells the story of the planet Solaris, which is covered with Ocean. On the space station left three scientists to help them comes the psychologist. He wants to understand the mysteries of the station, and then close it. The film is quite tedious. The casual observer will not understand absolutely nothing. Therefore, before viewing it is better to prepare to read the book, then the plot will be more or less clear. But most critics and viewers are advised not to waste time on "Solaris". The book is interesting, exciting, but the film is very weak.

2. Brokeback mountain

The film was released in 2005, directed by ang Lee. This film is not for the faint of heart. It tells the love story of two men. The film received high fees, he did not stay without awards and prizes. Although the opinion of the audience is the usual boring melodrama. There are tears, long conversations about feelings and suffering. The film would not differ from the rest, if one of the main character replaced by a character. But "Brokeback mountain" is heavily viewed. Anyway, to watch two gay men don't want.

1. Meet Joe Black

The film was made in 1998 by Martin Brest. The plot of the story the angel of death. He decided to leave and to live among men. Your guide to the world of the living he chooses a newspaper magnate. The movie has its fans, who are in awe of the love lines in the movie. The majority still believes that romantic scenes are tight too. Besides, they do not even talk, it's just a fleeting views. The duration of the movie has a records. This whole 3 hour "film for girls". But not every girl will be able to watch it to the end, so it's boring.

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