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10 most bizarre and expensive foods in the world


On food takes a huge part of our income, whether we like it or not. But an ordinary housewife can not imagine what amount you can pay for the watermelons, melons or tea. Some products shocking their value, and afford only the most wealthy citizens. What is special about them, whether to pay for these delicacies? Decide for yourself after reading our list.

10. Champagne Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque Blanc de Blanc 2007 — $ 1, 200 per bottle

Has long been one of the best companies in the world, producing playful wine is considered to be Perrier Jouet. They have created elite champagne, released in 2007. For its production used grapes grown in a small vineyard in the Cotes des Blancs. Another feature of the champagne produced in this year, and sell at such a huge price – a bottle. There was a limited batch of drinks, each bottle is painted by hand using the art Nouveau style.

9. Luwak coffee — $ 2 000 for 1 kg

This luxury drink is made in an unusual way. Coffee beans are fed to the animal, which is called a palm civet or musang. They eat berries from the coffee plantations, the grains are not digested and come naturally. Special staff collects the excrement of animals, determines the grain, washes and dries. Any unpleasant smell coffee remains. Being in the stomach of these animals, grains are processed with enzymes. Because of this, they lose the bitterness, and the coffee made from them, has a unique and delicate taste. There is a legend about a poor peasant family, earning a living selling coffee beans. As wild musangs does destroyed their crops. Farmers found in the feces of animals not digested grain. Due to the extreme poverty they decided to wash the seeds, roast and sell it as conventional coffee. But the resulting drink was divine taste.

8. Giant hot dog — $ 2 300 each

Relatively recently, lovers of fine food can enjoy one of the most expensive fast food in the world. It was enough two days before to order new York's 230 Fifth restaurant this huge hot dog. By the specified date the cook would have prepared. Its length – more than thirty centimeters. For him a special loaf made using the best flour. Inside put the sausage, made of expensive marble beef. Fast food was cabbage with eggs, stewed in champagne. Perhaps if visitors often ordered this dish, it still would be made to order. But the decision was made to abandon it, because for the past six months that it existed on the menu, only 4 people decided to try this delicacy.

7. Blue dumplings — $ 2 400 per serving

In new York, the gourmet restaurant "Golden Gates" can taste the unusual dish. This place was chosen by Russians living in America. Especially for them, prepare a well-known Russian dishes, slightly improved recipe. So, the dumplings that are served in this restaurant, similar to normal, except for the color. It's blue-green that catches the eye. Blue dumplings were due to its unusual toppings. The stuffing for them is made from pork, veal, elk, and add the iron fish with an unusual name torch. It's this last ingredient is changing the color of the dish. If you want to eat unusual dumplings, for a double portion of delicacy, i.e. 16 dumpling, will have to pay 4400 dollars.

6. Black watermelon — $ 6 100 apiece

In fact that watermelon, red flesh, juicy, sweet and velvety. Black painted only the rind. The first watermelon is an unusual color appeared in 1980, near the village of Tom's, located in Hokkaido. Prior to this there were growing rice, but it grew poorly and did not bring profit. The Japanese, to cover the damage, began to grow watermelons, making them the brand. As they impart that color, no one knows because it is kept secret. These black watermelons grow only in Hokkaido, in the year they collect no more than 10 thousand fruit weighing 5-8 kg. All the other watermelons – they're fakes. To eat a black watermelon may not be everything, they are too expensive. In 2008, at auction watermelon weighing 8 kg was sold for 6,300 dollars.

5. The pizza Louis XIII — $ 12 000

It is prepared by Italian chef Renato viola. It is standard size (20 cm), the cost of it cannot fail to surprise – 8300 euros. But this price is justified because it consists of only expensive products. Pizza topping crayfish, lobsters, prawns and caviar, etc. Even the salt is special, rare, unusual pink color. Pizza poured cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne.

4. Royal melon — $ 12 000 apiece

This melon is grown on the same island of Hokkaido, in small batches. This sort of Yubari is considered elite. Got it, crossed two varieties of nutmeg melons. Japanese people believe that this fruit with an unusual aroma and taste, sweet flesh is orange. They like even the peel of the melon, which is similar to those that occur on ancient porcelain vases.

3. White truffle — $ 89 000 apiece

White truffles are among the most expensive mushrooms, 1 kg are usually sold in about 32 thousand dollars. But the larger the mushroom, the greater its value. At auction in the Italian city of Alba in 2017 were sold truffle weighing 850 g (average weight of these mushrooms 20 g) in 75 thousand Euro.

2. Tea "Da Hong PAO" — $ 700 000 for 1 kg

This tea is grown in the North of China, in the mountains of Wuyishan. Its name translates as "Big Red robe". It has a rich taste, after tea in the mouth is honey aftertaste. The smell is rather nutty, but with a hint of vanilla and spice. Real tea is harvested only 4 of the parent of the bushes, it turns out only 500 grams per year. The bushes of this tea, according to legend, more than 350 years.

1. Fruit-a diamond cake — $ 1.7 million

One of the most expensive cakes were implemented in Tokyo. It was prepared in honor of Christmas 2005. To develop unusual dessert took six months, and another month was spent on its production. The ingredients of the cake are classified. But we know that the chef decorated it with 223 diamonds.

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