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10 most bizarre rules of etiquette in different countries of the world


The word "etiquette", many are beginning to imagine the elegant gentlemen who, in any situation, do perfect. However, the world is big, and not everywhere the same behavior is regarded identical. This is largely reflected in the meal. It is no secret that regardless of race, nationality, gender and age... in Short, absolutely all people on earth love to eat. And here is how it is done, depends not only on the continent but also from each nation in particular. And here the matter is not limited to Japanese sticks and prayers before meals. In every corner of the globe has its own norms of behavior at the table and not only. Today we will introduce you to the unusual rules of etiquette in different countries. Ready to the surprise, bewilderment and even embarrassment? Then begin.

10. Spitting

Since childhood everyone knows that spitting is a rude thing to do. Almost everywhere you look askance at the man, openly spitting on the street. A slap to the side of another citizen is regarded as a vile abomination, in some countries this is akin to assault. But not the members of the Masai tribe (East Central Africa). These guys spit on all in the truest sense of the word. Such a gesture is successfully used both as a greeting and in gratitude. Macicy spit on the gifts before the presentation, they spit on newborn babies (some relatives come from afar to do this), spit on friends and certainly in the Cup of a neighbor. They do not care about each other, and they are very happy.

9. Protruding tongue

Again in childhood, we successfully teased each other's tongue sticking out, it was a fun indulgence. In adult life not all use this gesture, and not everywhere it is appropriate. For example, in Italy the police will have every reason to fine the person for the protruding tongue when communicating. In India the language outside of the mouth means that you are very angry and are about to go to fists. But in New Caledonia with protruding tongue want of energy and intelligence (the latter should really do not get it... just kidding of course). Representatives of Tibet in such a respectful gesture to greet each other, and in the Caroline Islands shows the language helps in the expulsion of demons.

8. Eating with your hands

Here break any generally accepted standards, in fact, everyone decides for himself what to pick up with a fork, and that can be grasped and hand (of course, if it's not about the soup or tea). And yet some national foundations in this regard do exist. So, in India absorption of food with the hands is the only acceptable way, and in Ethiopia, any owner considers it a duty to feed the guests with their own hands. In Mexico you will be called arrogant snob if you ask the devices to served tacos or burritos, and in Germany, the chef will be insulted to the core if you want to cut with a knife a piece of boiled potato. But in Chile it is impolite to grab hands even a small snack, all you need to take with the help of instruments.

7. Emptying the glass of wine at a time

In General, on the part of the consumption of alcoholic beverages by the Russian people is hardly anything to surprise. However, the Georgian table is quite tempting for fans to empty a glass or two under rants apt words and expressions. It is important to empty the glass must be strictly at a time, that is, in one gulp. Another important argument is that it can be done only after the toast said in full. Georgians may hold such ceremony for a few hours, competing in wit not one circle. Usually drank at feasts wine or vodka.

6. An invitation to a party at the last moment

We used to invite guests ahead of time, often discussing with them the menu or the program for the evening, and the wedding invitations are sent at all for the month prior to the event. We explain this by the fact that all actors need to prepare. Nothing similar about advance warning guests not heard in Israel – they love spontaneity. If locals have masibo (called party), to be sure – on the invitation of the people they care in the least. In Israel one should not be surprised, when on Monday evening after taking a shower you will call on the day of birth, which will begin after an hour and a half.

5. Kissing fallen on the floor bread

The expression "Bread – a head," definitely carries the meaning and implications. In all parts of the world, bread is respected and respects, but each nation expresses its high regards to this product on its own. So, in Afghanistan fell on the floor a piece of bread must immediately pick up and kiss. Exactly the same can do our grandparents, which had war and famine – they, like anyone else, knows the real price of bread, they kiss him on his heart, without reference to rules or traditions.

4. Burp

Well, who knows the demand of the stomach to release excess air... the Sense of approaching the burping makes to shade in the presence of other people, to crush and to think about how to do it quieter Yes modest. In principle, this can be called the accepted norm, but in Asian countries (particularly in China) in a loud belching at the table do not see anything wrong. On the contrary, there this behavior is the identification of what food you liked, and what said Mr. the stomach. By the way, praise for the cook is the fact that you arrange on the table a mess. So, if the restaurant China you liked the meal, feel free to misbehave in every way.

3. Flatulence

Or almost all. Still, the concert from the back "dynamics" is not included in the list of events that illustrate your gastronomic satisfaction, even in China. Needless to say the attitude of the flatulence at the table in European countries. However, there are on our planet people are celebrating a good meal so extraordinary. We are talking about the inhabitants of the tribes of the Inuit, the areal location of which is Greenland, Alaska, and some areas in Canada. So, when the wolf enough, our heroes as a sign of encouragement of the chef open the gas valve. If you are Inuit, but the description fit, the best thing about his "talent" to inform the gastroenterologist.

2. Supply of cups of tea half

"Require topping off" is not exactly about the following case. The fact that Kazakhstan decided to submit a Cup filled with tea only by half. Surprisingly, but the owner of the house pays homage to the guest – less tea, the more respect (within reason of course). To ask to be topped up to the brim is not necessary, for Kazakhs it is indecent. The full Cup is a sign that you want to get back home. There is another explanation, more practical. As cups are used in Kazakhstan bowls, pour to the brim makes no sense – because the bowl will become completely hot, and it will be awkward to hold.

1. Nastavlenie tips

Tips to have become a kind of byword. As a rule, ordinary tourists are not always aware, it is customary to leave a tip in a country that he visited. In fairness, tipping is perceived as a compliment or encouragement not the case everywhere. For example, in Japan just do not from top to Supplement the amount of the bill – it will be humiliating for the waiter and restaurant owner. In the cold of Iceland's attitude to tipping is not less cool. In Singapore, Taiwan, Paraguay and selected restaurants in Denmark tips are included in the service charge. Well in China as usual it's different. All contributions to the tea there is not encouraged, however, in Hong Kong and Macau waiters rely on them.

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