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10 actors whose kenogamissi Marvel became a disaster


Marvel universe collects at screens of cinema and television of people of different ages and interests. Anyone interested to see superheroes who save citizens defenseless, tame the natural elements that unravel the political machinations and punish the villains. If the hero gives such a positive message, then immediately begins the popular "fashion" everyone wants to emulate and to join the good, wholesome activities.

It would seem that shooting in the film based on the comic book should be a "highlight" of the career of the Hollywood actor. After a successful role of a superhero you need to line up the crowd of Directors proposals, as well as younger fans who have burning in the eyes of admiration and respect. But in practice all is not so rosy. In life, these films often had a negative assessment of critics and reviled revelatory articles in magazines. Poor actors wondered why such an interesting fairy-tale role eventually became the "dark spot" in his career.

Will look at 10 actors who regret doing movies based on the comic Marvel.

10. Topher Grace

The actor played the role of venom in the Saga of "spider-Man" 11 years ago. The main villain, the enemy of Peter Parker, was interesting, but fans of the comics lacked the unpredictability and danger of the character. Many believe that grace did not cope with the image of the villain, as if all played someone else's role. The audience's disappointment was so strong that the image venom for a long time is not used in the remakes of the film. Topher himself is also no longer experimented with "superhero" films, and not found himself in a mass entertainment movie.

9. Liv Tyler

Lovely Liv played a lot of iconic roles, so the popularity to worry she wouldn't. That's only 10 years ago, she had the chance to play the girlfriend of "the Incredible Hulk", which it is, in the opinion of the audience, not implemented. Beloved turned expressionless, and she the romantic line is not relished by the fans of the comics. Actor Edward Norton in the frame was too challenging, but Liv, in contrast, appeared spineless and boring character. Between the actors and their characters lacked any chemistry. Subsequently, from the role of a girl Betty on the screens refused because a character came extremely useless. Rumor has it that she Hulk could return in "infinity War", and the role again trust Tyler.

8. Mickey Rourke

Charismatic actor 8 years ago, played the villain of the Whip in the second part of "Iron man". Whether the writers, or the actor himself bad worked for the character, but in the end, the viewer was disappointed. "Insidious" Whip proved to be quite boring and predictable, and even with a small number of replicas. Mickey himself saw the shortcomings of the character and insisted that he was prescribed more multifaceted. After an unsuccessful role in the film, the actor never starred in the role of a superhero.

7. January Jones

The actress played a very peculiar role in the Saga "X-Men: First Class". Her character Emma frost or White Queen had to say a distinct "chill", but the actress managed to make all the scenes featureless and boring. On screen, Jones looked passive and lethargic, even a bit painful, against which someone likened her to a vampire. Rumor has it that the Director specifically decided to "kill" the character, because he could not cope with a lack of most January. After a disastrous role in the excellent film, Jones was no longer invited to the cinema for the main roles.

6. Ioan Gruffudd

The man starred in two episodes of "game of thrones", playing the character of Mr. fantastic, the most creative, wise and responsible team member. The audience expressed the opinion that Griffith does not fit into this role, looks powerless, and even ridiculous. And this is after a series of dramas and fighters like "King Arthur" and "Titanic." The actor himself also realized the incompatibility of themselves with the character, so after 2007 refused the role of reed Richards never played with superheroes, and indeed almost ceased to act.

5. Edward Norton

Going back to the ill-fated film "the Incredible Hulk", but this time consider the main character of Bruce Banner. The big green monster in 2008, played Norton and failed role, and then ceased to appear in any films, from which "breathes" blockbuster. His place was taken by Mark Ruffalo, who breathed life into awkward giant. Although picky audience still manages to argue who is better accustomed to the role. Recall that Edward already came into one of our Tops, which addressed the specific work of a Hollywood star. Edward took a film crew that interfered in the work of the writers and rearranged the scenes during filming. As a result, he permanently fell out with the head of the project of Kevin Feige.

4. Ben Affleck

Hard to imagine that the popular Hollywood actor kind of role was not too tough. Remember that 15 years ago in rolling out a marvel film "Daredevil" with him in the lead role. Affleck played poorly the role of a blind superhero that would save the world. The audience is cursed not only the work of the actor on the screen, but also writers. Yes, and the Director Johnson repeatedly edited the picture a little bit to improve the effect. But unlike other stars, Ben gave up and started updated the role of Bruce Wayne or as the more recognizable sounds, Batman (also a superhero, though a marvel).

3. Jessica Alba

And again in the review the girl charming and comely Jessica Alba, who played "the Fantastic four" main female role. Her sue storm or the Invisible woman was expressionless in the opinion of the fans. Perhaps by the time of the filming powerful superhero project the young Alba just did not have enough experience – behind was the only light in the story of the teen Comedy. After the second part, filmed in 2007, Marvel broke a contract with actress, releasing it to free swimming. Jessica began to perform the role in a romantic Comedy and children's films, which are more suited to her role.

2. Dane Dehaan

The film "New spider-Man" loved the audience, so they were a natural continuation. Dana was invited on the role of one of main villains, cunning and resourceful Green Goblin. Fans of the comic rightly noted that the actor in this role does not suit. He may even be a little over the top, as the image of the Goblin pushed away and disappointed the audience. The dehaan did not lose courage and again tried his hand in the movie "Valerian and the City of a thousand planets", also removed on motives of comics. However, in this fresh tape again audience did not appreciate the actor.

1. Jennifer Garner

Nice and confident actress is outwardly perfectly suited for the role of ELEKTRA in the same bad movie "Daredevil". Jennifer also starred in the eponymous spin-off "ELEKTRA" two years later. And if in the first film the character was not just spectators, in the second they openly disliked it. Criticism was not of the heart, spreading out and painting, and the actress in the nines. Then garner decided not to play roles in blockbuster movies, peremetnuvshihsya in children's and Comedy projects as well as independent productions.

Yes, unfortunately, superhero films were not powerful springboard in the careers of these well-known actors in Hollywood. Well, versatile person to be very difficult, and we are happy that these people did not give up and found themselves in a more appropriate role.

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