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10 actors and Actresses Magnificent century in the series and real life


In 2012, the Russian audience had the opportunity to see the series "Magnificent century". The series is filmed in Turkey, and the feedback is very mixed. It vehemently criticized the Turkish Islamists and nationalists. They said that many historical facts are distorted in it, they even accused the filmmakers that the history of Turkey is shown in a negative light. But the audience was in awe of the television series, many fans he had in Russia. The most important is not historical accuracy that captures their love story, beautiful interiors, charming actors.

By the way, thanks to the "Magnificent century" career of many actors went to take off. They have a lot of fans around the world who wish to see their Pets in other projects. How do stars "the Magnificent century" really? This question is of interest to many viewers. We present to your attention the list of the brightest actors and Actresses of "the Magnificent century": in the TV series and real life.

10. Meriem Uzerli (Hürrem Sultan)

The father of the actress of the Turks, but her mother is German. Meriem was born in Germany. She trained as an actor, he participated in several projects, but did not become popular. When Meriem found out about the casting of "the Magnificent century", she decided to try one myself. The actress didn't even know the Turkish language, she taught during the filming. But it was only on hand, because the plot of Hürrem also not able to speak Turkish. After participating in the series, life Uzerli greatly changed. She became a star of Turkish cinema, there were fans around the world. But the love story of Meriem is not as beautiful as the story of Hürrem. Boyfriend of the actress dumped her on the fourth month of pregnancy. In this difficult time the actress refused to shoot in "the Magnificent century". Now Meriem happy, she has a child, beloved, she starred in the movies. That's just not one role was not so successful.

9. Filiz Ahmet (Nigar kalfa)

She was born in Macedonia, lived for some time in Sweden. She never thought that she was destined to find himself in the world of cinema. Filiz graduated from medical school and was planning to work on a specialty. Once she visited the show, he made an impression on her, and Ahmet have decided to learn acting. But still Filiz plays more on stage than in films. The role of Nigar Kalfa made her world famous. In the story this girl is ready to do anything for love, but she's smart and count each step. The same characteristics are inherent and Filiz, she is very talented. Unlike many Actresses, she can easily transform. Its role is absolutely not similar to each other, but she always plays flawlessly.

8. Nur Fettahoglu (Mahadevan Sultan)

Nur Fettahoglu was born in Germany, but soon her family moved to Istanbul. The girl, just like Filiz Ahmet, never dreamed of becoming an actress. She received the education of a designer, trying to design, but a career in this field, she did not work. Nur worked in a Bank, and also led economic programs on television. But when she got married, everything changed. Her husband worked in the field of cinema, and he suggested Nur to try myself as an actress. The girl took many pictures, became known to the "Magnificent century". But the role of the concubine she played it perfectly. The plot of the series fate was not merciful to Mahadevan. The actress lives quite well, she's married, she's got a kid and a job.

7. Halit ergenc (Sultan Suleyman)

The boy's father was an actor, but halite is not expected to follow in his footsteps. He was going to become a sailor, graduated from College. Later he worked in different fields, tried myself in marketing, dancing. He even did vocals. When he was 26, he abruptly changed his life, took him to the theater, he began acting in films and serials. But no one brought him so much fame and money as the role of Sultan Suleiman. It recognized all over the world, it began to invite in various projects, luring the high fees. Halit has long starred in "the Magnificent century". He admits that mentally tired from this role. Ergenc did not like his character, he has no harem of concubines, but there is a lovely woman with whom he is very happy.

6. Okan Yalabik (Ibrahim Pasha)

Okan studied at Istanbul University in the Department of drama. After his graduation he began acting in films. He participated in many projects. Arabic worked not only as an actor, he often voiced cartoons and commercials. After participating in the TV series, he became even more popular. He perfectly played the role of the vizier in the Palace of Suleiman. It is known that the actor was married to Turkish actress, but later the couple broke up. Now the actor is not alone, he meets with a colleague. More about Ocana know nothing, he carefully hides his personal life from outsiders.

5. Selma Ergec (Hatice Sultan)

Selma was also born in Germany, in the family of doctors. Her mother was a nurse and father a doctor. The girl, following their example, he decided to study medicine. She even worked in a medical clinic. But one day she was lucky enough to play in the series of the company NBS. She didn't become famous fast, but realized that medicine is not for her. The girl went to study acting. She's had several works. In Turkey she became famous before "the Magnificent century". But, of course, the sister of Sultan Suleiman, was decisive for her career. Now Selma removed a lot. But it is not important her achievement, she manages all, her beloved husband and daughter, as well as career models.

4. Aras Bulut Onemli (şehzade Bayezid)

Turkish actor has a technical education. Although his acting career began at the age of 16, he received his degree, aviation technology. The actor participated in the filming of the series "precious time", since then it has become very popular. In "the Magnificent century", he played brother and rival Selim. Aras very responsible attitude to this role. He had to gain a few extra pounds. Bulut read a lot of books about that period, and learned how to ride a horse. The actor is still young, he was not married. He had not experienced such strong feelings, who is infatuated with his hero, but hopes that someday you will meet your love.

3. Nebahat Cehre (Valide Sultan)

In his youth, was a successful model and fashion model. The girl even managed to win the contest "Miss Turkey". Nebahat a while was a singer. She was twice married, but since much of his career, both marriages broke up. Nebahat plays the mother of the Sultan, a very strict and domineering woman. But the actress admits that she's actually a very gentle person, it has nothing to do with his character. The list of roles its huge, but she's not committed to universal adoration.

2. Merve Bolugur (Nur Banu Sultan)

She was born in Istanbul. There she studied acting. Merv was involved in different projects, was quite a famous actress. For her "Magnificent century" was the first work for which paid a high fee. Therefore, the role of Nur Banu Sultan was so important to Merv. But of course, it's not just about the money. The actress was excited to be able to participate in this major project. She was impressed by the role of Nur Banu, though she said many times that wanted to play Kesem. The girl willingly accepted the proposal, as interested in the history of his country and admires the women of the time.

1. Engin öztürk (şehzade Selim)

The life of the Engin was quite ordinary, he was born in a large family, dreamed of becoming a psychologist. But soon the young man decided to link their fate with the world of cinema. He trained as an actor. He had a hard time, he was moonlighting as a bartender. To become popular Engin had a lot of work. He repeatedly rejected on casting calls, but it didn't break. Played a few episodic roles, and the audience loved him. In "the Magnificent century" and played Selim. This role brought him worldwide fame. After the young actor regularly began to offer a new role.

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