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10 actors and Actresses, ruined the career of one role


To be an actor or actress is not so easy, as it seems to ordinary people. Think that life of celebrities is a constant celebration. In the movies, get a tidy amount of money and in what does not deny. But really in the acting area is not so rosy as they think mere mortals. To destroy an acting career if you use any wrong statements, act or not the selected role.

Role selection is very important for any actor or actress. Because participation in a particular film may glorify and to destroy her acting career completely. 10 actors and Actresses from the rating are not so lucky to save the reputation after a poorly chosen roles and to return to the big screen they almost failed.

10. Kevin Costner "The Postman"

Post-apocalyptic drama "the Postman" was released in 1997. The main role in the film was played by Kevin costner. But now he probably prefers to forget about his part in the film. The plot of "the Postman" takes place after a nuclear war, after which modern civilization was destroyed. The protagonist travels to the North-West of the USA, giving presentations of the plays of Shakespeare. During his journey he falls for the cruel General who terrorized the civilian population. The film received mainly negative critics. And was nominated for 6 anteprime "Golden Raspberry". Kevin costner received the "award" for worst actor.

9. Hayden Christensen Star wars

Unlike "Postman", the Saga "Star Wars" failed in the box office, and became one of the most important in the history of cinema. But for Hayden Christensen's part in the Saga, was fatal. Christensen played a major role in the film – a young Anakina Skywalker 2 parts of the Saga. And this is the only role that actor know. After participating in the film career of the actor was finished. The amazing thing is that Hayden coped with it perfectly well. But the universe decided otherwise. After "Star Wars" actor was one successful role in the film "Jumper." Now Hayden Christensen is not in films and lives a normal life.

8. Mike Myers "the Sex guru"

The plot of the Comedy "Sex guru" is built around an American who spent her childhood among the gurus of spiritual practices. After returning home Mike Mierze decides to become a therapist. And his first client is hockey player who's wife left him. To say that the picture failed at the box office, to say nothing. The Comedy was nominated for a "Razzie" and won in the categories of worst actor, worst film and screenplay. Comedy "Sex guru" was even included in the list of the most disastrous films of 2008. The tragedy of Mike Mierta was the fact that he not only received an award as an actor, but also as a screenwriter. After all, a movie he wrote himself.

7. Sofia Coppola's "the Godfather -3"

Not always to ruin a career, you need to act in a failed movie. Some actors manage to do it, shooting very good pictures. As was the case with Sofia Coppola. Sofia Coppola, daughter of Director of "the Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola. On the background of the brilliant al Pacino Sofia, to put it mildly, looked awful. But who will stand up to the Director and to hint at the lack of talent at his daughter. Fortunately it was the last acting experiment of Sophia. After she moved on to directing. But here, it failed to achieve great success. Still, the Apple from the tree sometimes falls very far.

6. Cuba Gooding, Jr., boat trip

Have Kuby of Gooding Jr. was a good acting career. He starred in several successful films. But 2002 was fatal for him. The actor starred in the Comedy "Sea adventure". In the story the main character after breaking up with a girl decides to the winds and goes for a cruise on boat with beautiful girls. But as it turned out, the cruise only for men. Among them wormed an eccentric millionaire who has eyes for the main character. The situation is saved by the boat with the girls from the Bikini team, which picks up the liner in the open sea. The description of the plot, you have to understand that watching a Comedy does not portend anything positive. And as Cuba-Gooding read the script, decided to star in the film.

5. Ben Affleck "Gigli"

In the Comedy "Gigli" starred not the most untalented actors. In addition Ben Affleck in the film was attended by Jennifer Lopez and al Pacino. But it has everything to be a disaster film. And the gangsters and the killer is the lesbian who falls in love with the main character. Not surprisingly, the film has collected 6 awards "Golden Raspberry". Including as the worst film in the 25 years of the award. A few years after the release of a Comedy on the screens Ben Affleck only starred in low-budget films. Now he was able to revive his career. And even to be successful as a Director.

4. Eddie Murphy "Norbit"

Eddie Murphy played a guy named Norbit. As a child he was thrown under the door of a Chinese restaurant. Since childhood, the guy was doomed to be boyfriend domineering Rasputia. Being afraid to defy the Crossroads, he has to lead her down the aisle. But then the city returned to a first love norbit and Kate. He decides to get rid of the bride and to win the heart of Kate. For the role of Eddie Murphy received the "Golden Raspberry" and his career came to an end.

3. Sean Connery's "League of extraordinary Gentlemen"

Sean Connery has repeatedly admitted that he regrets their consent for participation in the film "the League of extraordinary Gentlemen". Action adventure as a whole was commercially successful, but still received many negative reviews from both film critics and viewers. After painting the screens a decision was made about the filming of the sequel and trikvel. But after the failure of Sean Connery to participate in the sequel, the probability of continuation was minimal. Well, Sean Connery after "League of extraordinary Gentlemen" movie is no longer starred.

2. Demi Moore "Striptease"

Demi Moore in "Striptease" played a divorced stripper. After her divorce from her husband a bum daughter stayed with her father, and she the main character lost his job. Then she settles into a strip club. There she becomes the best dancer. While working at the club she finds sympathetic people who are trying to help return her daughter. The situation is complicated by the fact that she falls for a Congressman. The film received 6 awards "Golden Raspberry". Within a few years after painting the screens demi Moore starred in the successful movies.

1. Chris-o-Donnell "Batman and Robin"

Early in his career Chris-o-Donnell has been highly successful and was nominated several times for prestigious awards. But then he starred in the disastrous film about Batman. For this role he received a "Razzie" as worst supporting actor. And the film itself was nominated for a whopping 10 "Golden Malin". First, the producers wanted to make a sequel film, but after the failure at the box office and negative reviews from critics, the film makers have refused this idea. And Chris-o-Donnell long starred in successful films. So easily was almost ruined a successful career.

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