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10 actors who dramatically changed their looks for the movie


On the red carpet the stars of world cinema, proudly strode in the light of the flashes and the applause of cheering fans. We used to see them always "dressed" expensive designer clothes, elaborate hairstyles, well-groomed and well-hidden flaws. Few people realize that for many well-known roles the actors have to sacrifice not only their time, but their appearance, figure and health. For transformation in one or another of the character actors and Actresses sometimes go to incredible sacrifices to best get into character and match decided by the Director. Interestingly, these specific roles often limit the career risk stars, helping her get the coveted "Oscar", "Emmy" and other awards.

Will consider which actors and Actresses were the most courageous and radically changed its appearance or shape for special roles.

10. Jake Gyllenhaal(Left-Handed)

The actor had interesting and memorable role – the embodiment of a famous boxer champion Billy hope. For her sake, Jake was forced to sit on a special protein diet, which allowed to gain 14 pounds of muscle. His training included daily for 2 call for 5 months.

Itself Gyllenhaal male miniature, so to get the coveted role, he was aware of what physical sacrifices would have to go. In the exhausting daily classes included an intense push-UPS, and long runs, and of course, Boxing in the natural form. Worked out staged attacks, proper footwork and positions.

Did Jake grow into the role of heavyweight boxer can estimate the viewer.

9. Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)

Delicate beauty Ann seduces screens kind and naive smile, no matter what role she played. The talented actress loves to devote himself fully to the role, so for the sake of the famous musical based on Victor Hugo she had to sacrifice valuable way cute beauties. This time Anne plays the poor orphan – cut short, sickly, skinny and lost. For the coveted role of "Martyr" the actress had to cut elegant by nature hair and to lose about 11 pounds, which for a small dirty Ann, and so was not easy. With 5 kg started to drive for 3 weeks before filming, and the remaining 6 are already in the process when increase the power consumption. Probably, it was difficult for a young girl to indulge in sweet glucose, replacing it with dry oatmeal paste and water.

8. Jared Leto(Chapter 27)

So to change the images of Jared fans have long been accustomed. Actor fickle in their tastes, so often appears in front of an audience or repainted with elaborate hairstyle. Not alien to the actor to grow or to shave off his shaggy beard, to experiment with style. However, the greatest sacrifices, the singer brought for the sake of movie roles. For example, the acclaimed 2007 "Chapter 27" was Jared's forced to transform into fat lunatic Mark Chapman, who shot and killed a soloist the Beatles. By nature skinny Jared was to gain as much as 3 ten pounds for famous roles! What get body fat mass actor? Turns out, he actively asked lots of delicious prepared foods, chocolate spread and ice cream buckets. Spiced foods dressing of soy sauce, and olive oil are sources of fat and carbohydrates.

7. Tom Hardy (Bronson)

Charles Bronson – real man, in prison for more than 40 years. In order to play the role of Charles, Tom hardy shaved his head and wandered naked in the prison cell, practicing brand "branchevsky" grin. The actor brings to the role charm and style, which had to be put in order ordinary nature figure. The official regime was not delineated, but Tom leaned on the bar, regular push-UPS and rocked the press. The film eventually gained fame, and the hardy – fees and decent shape from the maddening fans.

6. Charlize Theron(Monster)

Exquisite diva is the style icon on the red carpet. All of her images are balanced, the facial features are harmonious and symmetrical, and the figure well, just like fairies. But the acting career for beauty Charlize is paramount, so for the role she is ready for the most unusual victims. In 2003 she made a noise the film "Monster," in which the actress can be read except for the titles. For the role of a prostitute killer girl gained 13 kg, hair cut and bleached eyebrows, wearing a specific pair of receiving faces instead of the usual charismatic smile. Hair Charlize thinned and not allowed to wash, and makeup artists hours gave a gentle glowing skin is kind of sagging and pain with the help of cosmetics. Here are the specific victims, is worthy of the long-awaited "Oscar".

5. Matthew McConaughey (Dallas buyers club)

Handsome Matthew has always pleased the fans, curly hair and sweet smile of a cherub together with uploaded a good figure. But in the film he got is not the role of playboy. Matthew had to play a man with AIDS who, in spite of approaching death, tries to live rich and interesting. To achieve painful looking actor had to lose weight to unusual 62 kg, so the ladies ' man looks like a victim of famine. And this time, painful diet has paid off and Matthew was introduced to the awards "Golden globe", but also the coveted "Oscar".

4. Demi Moore (G. I. Jane)

Sophisticated and bold, the actress dabbled in a variety of roles, and I remember the audience through the character Jane is really a marine. Demi in the role of a soldier looks amazing, but for this she had to train intensively, to really learn hand to hand combat and rowing, jumping, mountain Biking. To build muscle you had to sweat in the gym. We can say, for a short period delicate actress had to go through the program soldiers of the special forces – not just "antics" to the public after hundreds of takes. For the role of Jane, the actress said goodbye to the curls, fully obriv head. This role has increased the popularity and demand for demi, despite a slight film award.

3. Matthew Fox (I, Alex Cross)

We all remember Matthew as stylish brunette from afar attracts enthusiastic ladies. But Fox may be quite different, and he proved it by playing a mad killer. In order to meet the character and get into his inner world, Matthew has surrounded himself with fitness trainers. Thanks to the efforts he has achieved necessary body type, but had to say goodbye to 18 pounds. The hard work paid off and fees, and admiration of surprised fans, after all sinewy and muscular body of a star so close no one has yet considered.

2. Robert De Niro (raging bull)

In his youth the actor playing the role of solid commandos and fathers were noted in the biographical film about the boxer Jake Lamotta. For the role Robert took part in Boxing fights to learn from the experience of professionals. He also scored 3 dozen of kilos for the development of good fitness level and muscle mass. Incidentally, De Niro was offered to wear layers of padding to simulate piles of muscles, but the talented actor refused and got it myself with random food and good rest. Fans of Robert learned hard, he acquired an impressive belly and a rounded face, changing the usual features.

1. Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones's Diary)

About acclaimed roles were many different rumors and gossip, but everyone knows that for the sake of the character of fine French Rene was forced to gain an impressive body fat mass. In the first part of the film, the actress has added to his paltry 46 kg up to 9 that visibly affected her appearance. For gaining mass Rene alternated pizza and donuts with other fatty products during the quarter. A condition of the contract was the fact that Rene will have to get rid of the American accent, acquiring English. In 2004 he began shooting the second part of "Bridget" that forced Rene to score for 15 kg bodyweight – and it's for fees in $ 3.2 million (and sweat).

Dear viewer, each time criticizing a particular role, as well as the appearance of the actor after the filming, think about what sacrifices he might have to go to best Express the character. Sometimes even solid earnings will not replace lost nerve cells and precious health.

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