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10 actors who are passionate gamers


For some reason everyone thinks that Hollywood stars are so fabulous and happy life, to dream of another is not worth it. But remember the famous phrase that "the rich also cry". The cause of suffering may be dissatisfaction with your career, an identity crisis or middle age, loneliness, trauma. Some drown trouble in alcohol or drugs, other without end hanging out in restaurants and Nightclubs, while others sit at home with video games. Yes, the actors also love to dive into the world of virtual reality where they can be the arbiters. Someone tries on a role of a COP, the other implements the dreams of the great racer, the third creates a beautiful state with the current economy, and the fourth throws of the emotion in fights and shooters.

Today we will look at which actors spend their free time on computer games and even point a kind of addiction or habit. Who are you, 10 avid gamers in Hollywood?

10. Rosario Dawson

Famous actress Hollywood is still not accepted with open arms, so we see it on the screens not as often as I would like. But Rosario found himself in the gaming industry and very popular. She not only voiced interesting game projects, for which he received prestigious prizes, but still she played with at leisure. And Dawson is so involved in the game world that can not even provide just one favorite game. Star says tries dozens of toys on the consoles and each time with pleasure opens up a new fantasy world. And quit passing the girl, until you get to the coveted end.

9. Mila Kunis

And again in the rating girl! Active and smiling Mila outwardly similar to avid gamers, however, it is true. She began their gaming journey with the desktop versions, and her favorite was a game-analogue of the Russian "Colonizers". With the development progress, the actress has spilled over into the online world, experimenting with different genres and settled on World of Warcraft. Huge fantasy world with colorful locations and amazing creatures will hardly leave anyone indifferent. Now kunis is not only a sought-after actress in Hollywood, but also a wife and mom, so the time in the world of Azeroth is not so much. It would be interesting to watch the stream with the game Nice for any elf or Orc.

8. Jack Black

The star of "Jumanji", charismatic black was an avid fan of video games in the lifetime. Maybe that's why he gladly took the role in the sequel to the popular film about a Board game adventure. PacMan and Space Invaders can still remember the records left by a Hollywood actor. Now Jack calls your favorite game racing simulator Project Gotham Racing. A man not afraid of difficulties, therefore, rides on the most difficult level. By the way, the passion for games is starting to RUB the younger black – Sam already begins to consume her daddy's budget to pay for more gaming options.

7. Michelle Rodriguez

If some actors in Hollywood are looking for the games variety and escape from the routine of life on the set, Michelle genuinely a fan of virtual worlds. Moreover, the discharge cute girl finds not anywhere else, namely in the franchise Call of Duty and Halo. Moreover, Rodriguez manages to find the shooters skills and traits are useful for recreating the character on the screen. For example, Michelle imitated favorite character to Commander Johnson (Halo) during the filming of "Avatar" and "resident evil".

6. Cameron Diaz

It's amazing how such a sweet, charming and very busy actress found time on computer games. And she not only loved to play at leisure, but also had a real computer addiction that influenced the career and personal life of stars. At the time Diaz got hooked on WOW with his fancy fairy world, so much so that he replaced the gray reality. The actress confesses that a day spent at the screen without noticing the time. To pull Cameron from the virtual life that have helped family and friends.

5. Seth Rogen

A famous actor of Comedy seems to be a typical fan of fall out on the couch with pizza, beer and joysticks in their hands. Something there is, the whole Rogen really genuinely loves vintage video games. At his house even have an amazing machine called "PlayChoice-10". This machine allows you to play the iconic "junk", starting with Contra and ending with a favorite of all the "Mario Brothers". In any discussion the Set is ready with foam at a mouth to defend the old games and do sincerely believes the wave of popularity, Konami and Nintendo real "Golden age" of gaming industry.

4. Henry Cavill

In an interview, Cavill said that once the bell Zack Snyder caught him by surprise. The actor played my favorite World of Warcraft, has served as the company's mission when he was informed about the approval for the lead role in the film "man of steel". According to the technique MMORPG player can't exit the mission until you reach the target, so Henry listened to the news, actively destroying virtual enemies on the screen. After the completion of the company the actor could finally genuinely happy news and feel like a real Superman.

3. Samuel L. Jackson

Despite the brutal and even daring actor of the cult of the militants, it is hard to imagine that he doesn't have enough action in real life. However, Sam is so fond of video games, that with pleasure voiced some of the characters. He also uses the possibility of "shooting" in the virtual world, preferring shooters and war games. In free day already age Jackson happy sitting in front of a TV with his beloved console, while shooting enemies with a rifle. While Samuel said that it is not so important what is in front of him the game – most importantly, that weapon was good.

2. Matthew Perry

After the iconic "Friends" career Perry was quite boring. Lazy even managed to gain extra pounds, stopped working out, and even abused drugs. And another drug in the life of an actor was and still is a computer game. Matt says he once played so much Fallout 3 that even the brush went numb. Had to go to the hospital for procedures, restoring the hand's natural sensitivity. This news reached the ears of Bethesda, which developed a cult game. The developers offered the actor a deal: if he plays in Fallout: New Vegas character benny, you can advance to test not yet released.

1. VIN Diesel

And here the reader will think the protagonist of "the fast and the furious" have to love virtual races in my life. However, it is not so. Diesel is co-owner of the company that develops games Riddick and Wheelman. And they entered the circle of interests of the actor. He prefers playtime over which it is possible to thoroughly "break down". For example, during the filming of "the Chronicles of Riddick" Diesel could catch a game of Dungeons and Dragons. A colleague on the "fast and Furious" Paul Walker, the actor explored the colorful world of World of Warcraft.

Ah, would know all the developers of what famous person indulge them with toys at their leisure. Still, whatever a grown man, and an ageless soul sometimes asks for entertainment, not related to the main activity and secular hype.

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