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10 actors who refused the cult of the roles


Throughout life people are constantly forced to make choices. He chooses to buy bread at the store, what shirt to wear today. Very difficult to choose a job you love. Sometimes he agrees to cooperate, but the new work is not up to his expectations. Such a fate cannot escape even the stars. When they are offered participation in a particular project, they do not always make the right decision. Many actors agree on the useless work, after which their career is on the decline. Although it is often the opposite. Some actors refuse roles, which in the future bring many awards and the love of millions of viewers. We present to your attention the top 10 actors who refused the cult roles.

10. Hugh Jackman – James Bond "Casino Royale"

The film "Casino Royale" was released in 2006. High cash charges, to the delight of the audience. Daniel Craig, who played James bond, has become very popular. But initially, this role was invited to the famous actor Hugh Jackman. But he only began to appear in the film "X-Men". The actor refused, arguing that the scenario of the bond films are unrealistic and absurd. In addition, Jackman feared that, once starring as bond, he will have to appear in the "James bond" for the rest of my life. It is unknown whether regret later Hugh Jackman about his failure, we only know that without work, he left.

9. Tom Selleck – Indiana Jones "Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark"

The creators of the film thought long and hard about who to choose for the role of Indiana Jones. Steven Spielberg suggested Harrison Ford, but George Lucas did not support him, he didn't want the actor played in all of his films. As a result, stopped on the candidacy of Tom Selleck. The actor has successfully passed the audition and has already been agreed, but at this time he was working on another project. He starred in the TV series "Magnum p. I.". It was assumed that the film and series will be held at the same time. The fact Selleca had to choose, he even asked for advice from friends. Until the last doubt, the actor has decided to finish the project and refused good offers. As a result, the actor waited a long time for the filming of the series, during this time, was filmed "Indiana Jones." Have not yet once regretted my decision.

8. Tom Hanks – Jerry Maguire"Jerry Maguire"

Who played the role, Jerry Maguire Tom cruise received the award for best actor. It could get Tom Hanks, because the script was written by him. However, the actor has not accepted the offer, he then starred in the film "what you do". Some critics say that the filmmakers are very lucky that Tom Hanks agreed to participate in the filming, otherwise the film would have been quite different. They believed that this role is not suitable a priori. It is impossible to say with certainty would become such a successful film if the main role was played by Hanks.

7. John Travolta – Forrest Gump"Forrest Gump"

Director Robert Zemeckis has launched a new project in 1994. The film was called "Forrest Gump", the main role he invited John Travolta. The actor refused, he didn't want to play a mentally retarded guy. After a while he realized that this decision was a fatal mistake. Starring Tom Hanks, for her, he received the "Oscar". It is noteworthy that Travolta was also nominated for "Oscar" for participation in the film "pulp fiction", but won That. This role earned Hanks the love of the audience in many countries.

6. Jim Carrey – Edward Scissorhands"Edward Scissorhands

Jim Carrey became the champion on failures from the best deals. He did not hesitate refused, if he was not impressed by the character, or were lining up work schedules, which, if desired, could be settled. So he refused, and Edward Scissorhands. The role went to johnny Depp. The film received the award "Saturn" for best fiction film. Although he did not have such resounding success, but audiences recognize it very touching.

5. Harrison Ford – Oskar Schindler"Schindler's List"

In 1993, Steven Spielberg began filming "Schindler's List". The main role he invited his friend Harrison Ford. He thought the film overly serious and dramatic role, he was worried that the audience will only see him as Indiana Jones. He's just afraid that will ruin the idea of Spielberg. Although after a while Harrison played the Russian commander in "K-19", so his concerns were far-fetched. The film received many awards and prizes, had a great rating. Maybe Harrison Ford regretted that decision, but do it consciously. He was worried that the audience's attention will be focused on him, he was at that time quite a famous actor.

4. Emily blunt – Black widow in"Iron man 2"

Emily blunt has twice received the offer to star in the films the Studio "Marvel". One of them was the role of Black widow in "Iron man 2". Failure she explained to his employment at the time the actress was very popular and was involved in other projects. This role was played by Scarlett Johansson. The film was a resounding success, but Emily blunt has never shown that she regrets her refusal. As it really is for us to learn not to be. However, this is not the only role from the Studio "Marvel" offered Emily, from her she also refused.

3. Molly Ringwald – VivianIn"Pretty Woman"

Molly Ringwald's career began when she was 5 years old. After the filming of the movie "Sixteen candles", she became a very popular actress, even won the award for best actress. It seemed that nothing will stop Ringwald on the path to success, everyone thought the girl is very promising. It is not surprising that Director Garry Marshall for his new film wanted to see Molly. But the actress denied once, do not hesitate for a minute. The fact that the heroine of the film "Pretty woman" – a prostitute. The famous actress was considered below their dignity to play such a role. Harry had invited an unknown actress Julia Roberts. The film was a great success, even now after 28 years, it is still loved by the audience. And Julia Roberts has become very popular, hard to find anyone who has not heard of her, unlike Molly. Her career back in the 90's went into decline.

2. Will Smith – Neo"The Matrix"

In 1999, the actor was very successful and popular. Many Directors have invited him to your project. No exception and the Wachowski brothers, they then started work on "the Matrix". Smith did not accept their offer. Later he admitted that he did not consider the potential of the film, it seemed to him that the film will not bring him neither fame nor money. The role of Neo was played by Keanu Reeves, and he did not disappoint. Even will has said that Keanu is perfect for this role. He was sure that if I agreed to the proposal, that would ruin the film.

1. Brad Pitt – Jason BourneThe Bourne Identity

Director Doug Lyman very long to find the actor to play for his new movie "the Bourne Identity". Stallone, Crowe could play that role, Lyman considered their nominations. The Director chose brad pitt, he believed that the actor will play a CIA agent perfectly. Brad played in a different movie. "Identification", he chose "Spy game" and lost. For the role of Jason was invited Matt Damon, this film was the beginning of a new franchise. And Thriller, which starred brad pitt has not had much success, and soon everyone had forgotten about him.

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