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10 actors with gay and just not say


Caution, not for impressionable! Many women (and men) loved in favorite actors. Admire their courage, gallantry, well-groomed appearance and incredible game a ladies ' man. Unfortunately, as world practice shows, the best to play the role of a womanizer and a dandy manage...Gay! Yes, among your favourite actors must somehow wormed gay, maybe latent (hidden), and maybe quite a clear.

Yes, modern society increasingly show to the world of men with a different sexual orientation that does not positively affect the institution of family and marriage.

Well, turn to these very revelations. We give the TOP 10 popular actors who have long and confidently considered to be gay, and heroes-lovers are able to play only in the movies.

10. Benedict Cumberbatch

Judge this man not taken, as the data is not enough. Interested the tabloids for years to vilify the life of the popular actor, sometimes very unproven. Our business is to give the facts.

The reason for the alleged "coming out" as gay called shindig, where Benedict preferred the company of young men. Sipping a beer in the company of guys to the press suddenly became a good enough reason to accuse in the past of the present Casanova Cumberbatch homosexuality. Oil poured into the fire, and the mother of the actor, which for many years unsuccessfully tried to impose on him the right woman. And the role of a gay man in the film "the imitation Game" is allegedly in the public eye has placed all points over "and".

The truth is that Cumberbatch has for several years successfully living in a marriage with longtime girlfriend Sophie hunter, and now the happy couple raise their first child. So the rumors of homosexuality Ben, perhaps, even remain at the level of rumors.

9. Richard Chamberlain

The actor we know from the famous TV series such as "the thorn birds" and "Shogun". The actor long concealed his inclinations, yet ill-fated 2003, the nerves could not stand, and had publicly been coming out.

The first attempts to expose Richard's was produced in 1989 by the women's magazine, who openly called him gay.

It is noteworthy that Chamberlain managed to play the role of an elderly homosexual in the popular bitch series "Desperate Housewives".

8. Ian McKellen

That's really what hard to come to terms with is the fact that a wise magician and a real man Gandalf the Grey suddenly can be a homosexual. How can a "valiant man", a famous actor who was awarded knighted (1990), prefer not the beautiful lady with the scented handkerchief, and quite a perfumed man?

Coming out Ian was back in 1988, that did not prevent him have neither desired the role nor the order of the knight.

And, of course, McKellen just can't be an activist for the protection of the rights of sexual minorities. He actively promotes gay pride parades in the capitals, as evidenced by his direct statements.

7. Oleg Menshikov

Russian women are adoring eyes devour the elegant Menshikov, unfortunately, completely hopeless. No wonder the actor is avoided in an interview talks about family and traditional values. And the paparazzi caught Oleg with one, then another sugary type in quite a romantic atmosphere.

Menshikov's in the closet. For example, in 2005, he quickly got married to a girl I knew in absentia (by phone). In spite of a young attractive wife, Menshikov continued to party in the company of the cheesy guys that could not to disappoint the latter. Perhaps it is also because Oleg is on your finger two wedding rings (in the local environment evidence of homosexual devotion "friend").

6. Witworth Miller

Famous actor of TV series "prison break" and "Flash" had upset many fans by announcing their orientation on the film festival in St. Petersburg. Petworth, see, criticized the Russian government for the wrong laws on gay propaganda.

Further – more. Miller said in an interview that at the age of 17 on the background of his sexual trauma and tried to commit suicide. The guy was afraid that the people would never accept his homosexuality. Nothing was afraid, Petworth – recently, people are more sympathetic to people who violate family values. And the government made concessions, allowing the gay parades and lobbying laws.

5. Andrew Scott

The main villain of "Sherlock" played by Cumberbatch, is certainly 100% gay. He does not hide his bias, and in 2013 in General openly declared that he does not see anything wrong with that.

After coming out, Andrew did not disdain the role of a homosexual in the film "Pride," in which the company of sexual minorities (lesbians and gays) began to defend trade Union of miners. Russian man to listen to about such a scenario is ridiculous.

4. Robert Pattinson

Yes, this sex symbol, the vampire Edward from "Twilight", has disappointed tens of thousands of their fans coming out. Recently spoke about his intentions to marry the singer Waist Barnett, and in 2016, the weary actor admitted Indian magazine that girls are not interested. Your vacation time Robert spent with a young male model, to which he could not restrain his feelings and emotions, but worried that will lose a large crowd of fans.

Robert didn't doubt my sexuality, so even raffled off the novel with a partner on "Twilight," Kirsten was just a PR move to whet the public interest in the franchise.

3. Stephen Fry

Gull and the famous writer Stephen fry used to hide their orientation from school. Late coming out, the actor has made only 40 years, and even shared a youthful anguish in his autobiography. Lately fry advocates of LGBT rights-of companies, is opposed to the Russian law banning homosexual propaganda.

Stephen in the famous film "V for Vendetta" plays a character who lives in a totalitarian society and have to hide homosexuality.

2. Jim Parsons

A crowd favorite is so cute and cleverly plays competent and cynical physicist in "the big Bang Theory" that it is clearly the homosexual manners and sweet face, long forgiven. I think the audience is ever wrong, watching the stiffness and specific grooming actor.

Coming out officially occurred in 2012, when Jim told of the famous newspaper about his unconventional personal life. It turns out that the actor has been living together with the art Director and builds the most common conjugal life. An activist is not yet, but the role of such a wrestler played in the movie "the normal heart".

1. Denis O'hare

The actor gained popularity through the TV series "True blood," where (who would doubt) played the role of the ruler of the vampires. What else might like to the female population? But in vain, because the actor since middle school does not hide their unconventional preferences. In 2011, he entered into a formal marriage with the designer and adopted a child, therefore for the fair sex, alas, lost.

In "American horror story" Dennis shows us the character of a homosexual.

So the famous actors can escape. And instead of having to go to therapy and work through longstanding sexual trauma, they openly declare their preferences. Nothing good about it, as the younger generation takes a cue from their idols. And such examples in our society, to put it mildly, is not necessary.

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