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10 actors who died during filming


The death of a beloved actor is always a surprise, a shock and a tragedy. Once deployed the page of a newspaper or magazine, click on the link of the news – that they are the sad headlines that tell about the life of a great man. And imagine a situation where the actor literally gives his life for the sake of your favorite things? That is, the Director, the writers and all the crew trying to understand what happened, when the ambulance takes the body of the actor who just now was still playing the scheduled scene.

Often the writers have to rewrite the storyline to gently "remove" the character of the deceased actor from some planned scenes. But a man will forever remain in the hearts of fans and viewers, which remains with sorrow to participate in the funeral procession. The same fans who are far away from the place of farewell with the star has to be content with the final of a TV show or a biopic.

Consider the reasons why 10 famous actors prematurely left this world last time devoting himself to art.

10. Harry L. O'conner

The actor does not have time to pave your own path in the film business, and could not, after all, played the role of "on the margins" – the stunt double of VIN Diesel. Yes, the bald man with the powerful biceps and cheekbones did not perform dangerous stunts himself – for this was hired stuntman Harry L. o'conner. Instead of the hero he was, standing on a rope bridge, go down the jump on the submarine. Harry, sorry, jumped too fast and crashed to death on the bridge that was recorded by a camera operator. Sad footage of this episode was added in the final version of the film "XXX."

9. Brandon Lee

Talented heir to Bruce Lee's fate also died on the job at the age of just 28 years. Young Hollywood and Hong Kong actor just starred in the Gothic and bleak the film "the Raven", whose script written by comic book. In the process of filming one of the final shots, where the main villain shoots the avenger "the Crow", Brandon was actually wounded in the stomach. The fatal shot from a revolver had pierced the peritoneum blank cartridge, which is then stuck in the vertebrae and caused severe bleeding. Brandon died 12 hours later in the hospital from a hemorrhage. The sad event occurred 17 days before the scheduled wedding of the actor. Footage from the actual shot was not included in the film, and the scene was reshot with a stunt double. After the closed-door funeral of the son laid next to the famous father.

8. Paul Mantz

Brave pilot-rider, part-time stuntman Hollywood movies, served in the air force and even received the "Colonel." During operation of the known tape "Flight of the Phoenix" aircraft, piloted by actor crashed into a hill. It happened in July 1965. The aircraft disintegrated in the crash into 2 parts, and the Floor at the age of 61 years died on the spot. The second pilot of the vehicle was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Unfortunately, the cause of the plane crash was alcohol found by the Commission in the blood of the stuntman of Mantra.

7. Marilyn Monroe

Conquer the world Norma Jeane Mortenson so imbued with the life of the heroine, even died during the filming. It happened in the film with the prophetic title "something to happen" in 1962. The woman had abused drugs that led to overdose and subsequent death. The film was never completed. A seductive blonde who had an affair with President Kennedy, and even shot for Playboy, are unable to restrain vices. Rumor has it that the abuse antidepressants and drugs developed against the backdrop of strong inferiority complex, which, in theory, should never have been formed, the actress of this magnitude and popularity.

6. John Eric Hexum

Handsome actor left the mind of many fans, largely also due to modeling career. On the set of the popular series "Hidden fact" fate has played with John a sad joke. When he inadvertently sent the firearms to his head and pulled the trigger – he fired blank cartridge, which was pre-coated metal shell. Fragile bones of the skull has been broken, for which reason the actor died from extensive bleeding. An unexpected tragedy happened in 1984, and her "culprit" was loaded "Magnum" 44 caliber.

5. Bruce Lee

Famous Hong Kong actor, artist and producer of spectacular battles and just the smartest man in 1973 worked on the film with a mystical name "Game of death". In the process of working inside of the pavilion Bruce fell sharply, which immediately reacted to the film crew and sent him to the hospital. Doctors made an unexpected diagnosis of "brain edema", which developed according to one version against the use of tablets with meprobamate and aspirin in the composition. However, analyses of the star have not taken that puts this information into question. After rumors spread that the death was faked competitor does, but they have not been confirmed. Farewell to the actor was on a large scale – city-wide mourning was thousands of fans, friends and acquaintances. The body is then flown to Seattle, where the family of Bruce could say goodbye one last time and bury.

4. Vic morrow and two child actors Mick Dean Lee (age 7) and Renee Shin-Chan (6 years)

A terrible tragedy occurred with the participants during the filming of the famous film "the twilight zone". Actor and a couple of kids of school age according to the scenario depicted Vietnamese that the helicopter was saved from the American pursuers during the war. Suddenly, the entire crew of the helicopter with the actors exploded, which led to their death on the spot. So in 1982, died a famous actor, "Charlie's Angels" and "bad news bears" and two children, just who began his career in show business.

3. George Camilleri

The ill-fated film "Troy" was a landmark for several actors in Hollywood. The well-known brad pitt managed to damage the Achilles tendon, it is very symbolic. But this incident faded before this tragedy. A colleague on the set of George Camilleri managed to break my right leg in the process. All anything, here only in the hospital a couple of days, he suffered a heart attack in the background cut off in the affected leg clot. Behind followed by another attack, which eventually led to the demise of the actor.

2. John Ritter

Talented actor tapes "Three's company" was filmed in one of the series in the fall of 2003, while filming another double, John started complaining of unbearable chest pain and severe nausea, fainted, after which he was sent to the hospital. There the actor was diagnosed with "heart attack" and appointed emergency surgery in the evening, during which he, unfortunately, did not survive.

1. Paul Walker

About this sensational death heard many fans of the movie "fast and furious", as the fate played with the main actor of cruel joke. During the life of an experienced racer, Paul, along with a friend was in a car accident on the way from the shooting. The car caught fire, which led to the deaths of passengers (Walker and Roger Rodas). Shooting was postponed, but the picture still got in the car. To replace Paul had his brother.

Mentioned in the review talented the actors were to the last devoted to favorite work, in recent times delighting fans with their creativity. Remember the good and pleasant moments of a career in the memory of the people.

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