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10 actors who have missed out the important role of stupid reasons


At first glance the career of a Hollywood actor is a true American dream. Attend a secular event, buy expensive villas, giving away autographs to the numerous fans of Yes don't forget to periodically calculate robust design fees. So, it is true, that's just to ensure yourself that kind of luxury, the actor must always remain afloat, avoiding numerous competitors and creating a minimum of precedents for criticism.

For the sake of the important roles the actors have to keep your shape, follow the "commodity form" in a timely manner to study the projects, to be ready to radically change the image and inconceivable transformation. All these victims are often the reason why the stars miss the role. But sometimes he rejects Hollywood actor because of natural greed, increased demand, or for other ridiculous reasons.

Today, we remember 10 of cases when actors have lost a really cool role because of his own negligence.

10. Will Smith

Have attractive black actor no end of offers, but that doesn't mean you should turn up his nose from the iconic role. The legendary Tarantino in his film "Django unchained" initially, he saw Smith in the lead role, but the cooperation did not take place (the reason tend to remain silent). But the truth is that after reading the script will arrogantly announced that only plays a major role. And invented by Quentin Django, in his opinion, is not the main character, as inferior Schulz. The Director was unable to persuade the star and took on the role Jamie Foxx. And as always, the work of Tarantino took 5 nominations for "Oscar" and the poor Smith had read the critical reviews of the drama "After earth".

9. Sylvester Stallone

Finally, the actor was able to prove himself as a screenwriter, received his well-deserved "Oscar". However, this did not save him from criticism and bad precedents in the future. During the filming of the action Comedy called "Beverly hills" Stallone strongly criticized the script and tried to make your edits. Rewriting the finished work, the actor has greatly complicated the work of the producers, who did not want to make changes, but feel awkward in front of one of the main characters of the film. In the end, the Studio still prefer the smooth operation and good-naturedly broke up with Stallone, quickly utilizarea his copy of the script. However, the new changes in the work really needed, then the script echoed another famous actor Eddie Murphy.

8. James Purfoy

During the trial, the actors often read a script that allows them to better get used to a new way and to better reflect the nature of the character. Purpoa initially adopted the role of just avenger in the mask in the cult Thriller "V for Vendetta". The actor signed a contract, began acting in duplicates and actively rehearse, but then suddenly decided to change one of the main ideas of the script, insisting his face "lit up" in front of the audience. James appealed to Batman and spider-Man who periodically showed people admiring your heroic face. The authors of the plot a discussion with Purfoam decided not to ignite and quickly say good bye, taking on the role of flexible Hugo Weaving.

7. Megan Fox

After massive plastic surgery, retain the title of one of the sexiest women in the world and iconic roles in the Saga "transformers" Megan "caught the star". The actress just did not feel the boundaries in show business and to respect the chain of command. For example, in the revelations to reporters Fox compared Director-employer Bay to Hitler, calling his methods to the Gestapo. The actress had no idea that not her main character in the franchise, and yet the Director himself, who can rearrange the frames as he pleases. In fact, Bay hit her back and removed the Fox from "heated" place.

6. Ryan Gosling

Charming darling of Hollywood fall asleep scenarios with the most attractive roles, so it always feels alive. However, once the Gosling road if a black cat crosses. For example, it was removed from the shooting of the film "the Lovely bones". Director Peter Jackson was in conflict with the actor on issues of appearance and the character of Gosling. Jackson insisted that the actor needs to gain weight to the time of the filming. But Gosling came to the rehearsal fit and slender, in his usual form. The Director decided while there is time to do a reshuffle and took the place of Ryan chunky Mark Wahlberg.

5. Miles Teller

In the drama "Whiplash" actor had a great experience with Director Damien Assalam. The project "La La land" the Director had intended to invite have already become its teller, but didn't work out. Rumor has it that the singing and dancing sketches the Hollywood star has already requested $ 6 million, while Cassel was willing to allocate only 4. However, to bargain with miles, no one and the draft called more accommodating and less talented Gosling. Of course, the teller refutes the stated version of events. However, the presence of excuses indirectly confirms the guilt, isn't it?

4. Terrence Howard

Kenogamissi the marvel universe always diverge with a Bang, so to stay in projects about superheroes sought by many Hollywood stars. Appearing in "Iron man", Howard received a fee of $ 3.5 million, but the main character, Robert Downey Jr. got only 0.5 million of Course, after the film was immediately noticed, who's the main star, so in the sequel the balance dramatically counted. Rumor has it that Terrence was offered money 8 times less than Downey. Proud actor did not want to take "handouts" from the authors of the project and withdrew. Whether he was then richer and popular?

3. Nicole Kidman

Famous Hollywood Director Fincher picky about the caste of actors, so it is well before the start of training shots. Nicole Kidman was invited to play the main character in the Thriller "the panic Room" – for this the Director appointed individual meetings, reciting the details of the film. But the actress did stop to play a good role is not pride, vanity, or nitpicking the script, and a ridiculous knee injury she sustained during the filming of the musical "Moulin Rouge". The Director filmed after midnight, another double, and just tired of Nicole's knees buckled, which she had a bad fall. Fincher had to call in his film jodie foster, so as not to disrupt the shooting due to the knee of Kidman.

2. Sean Young

In the cult film about Batman 89, the year the actress was invited to play Vicki Vale, for which she even took special training for 5 months. And on the eve of the filming during the rehearsal scenes with the young horse fell off the horse, breaking his arm. The injury was more serious than everyone thought, so hastily replaced the actress Kim Basinger. And what is most unfortunate in this situation – the scene of the race in the final version of the script was cut.

1. Dougray Scott

It is difficult to imagine that a charismatic and brutal Wolverine from "X-Men" was supposed to play does not Jackman, and Scot Scott. In parallel with the beginning of the series kinokomiksa the actor was busy in the blockbuster "Mission impossible 2". The incompatibility of the schedules of these two films led Degree to a difficult and unfortunate choice. The actor chose a bright the role of the villain, and "clawed" mutants Director singer called the Aussie, Jackman never lost, since the character is immediately liked by the audience.

Fate, doom or the specific nature of these Hollywood stars lost a great role, which in the end received a lot of positive reviews and awards. Well, the stars also need sometimes to fill the "bumps" in the future, how to allocate their resources and prioritize.

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