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10 Actresses who were dancers


In order to stay in the rich cycle of a Hollywood actress should be very versatile and versatile. Huge plus there will be other talent in addition to skill transformation in the frame. Many women part-time singer, dancer, comedians, politicians etc, try on a variety of roles.

Today we will devote attention to the unusual girls who initially in his life relied on the ballet. Yes, your favorite Hollywood Actresses once with pleasure (and some without it) were dressed in tutu and Pointe shoes, she fluttered "Swan" on the stage and delighted the audience. Someone predicted a good future and career, and others felt not in the classroom at ease.

Let's look at the TOP 10 Hollywood "swans", which in my life for some time were real ballet dancers.

10. Elisabeth Moss

The actress, known to us from the popular TV series "Mad men", was recorded in the dance group at the age of 5 years. Feeding hope, as a teenager, she also began to attend a specialized School of American ballet, located in the capital of the United States. However, at the age of 15 she decided to quit ballet because time realized that the career of a dancer is short-lived, depends on age and figure. But the actress longer in demand, which will allow Elizabeth to succeed. Very sound reasoning for a teenage girl, and she was right.

9. Diane Kruger

The actress began studying ballet almost from the cradle. For the first time her parents took to the dance at the age of 2 years, after which a girl was dedicated to the art already 10 years of life, reaching success. A little podrasti, Kruger also joined the Royal ballet school in London. Diligent girl even appeared on the posters of the school, and after a couple of years got 4th rank in the ballet. Perhaps Diana would be an amazing prima ballerina, but a knee injury put an end to his career. The girl is not discouraged and began to pass the modeling auditions and participated in beauty contests. Then came a small role in the movie, who eventually helped her to become a famous actress. Kruger says that ballet has helped her learn patience, diligence and labor.

8. Summer Glau

The well-known river from Firefly and the female cyborg in "terminator: the battle for the future" was not just a lover, and a professional ballerina. The girl loved spending time in the Pointe shoes, and she relied on a ballet career, but as Kruger got a leg injury. Nine years ago, summer played the role of herself in one of the episodes of the TV series "the big Bang Theory".

7. Amy Adams

One look at the actress – and there is no doubt that this elegant, flexible and lovely girl is perfect for the role of a ballerina. Amy was brought up in a family of Mormons. Even in school, she expressed a desire to become a professional ballerina, so I started to train in the dance troupe. Amy turned out to be self-critical and realized that she lacks the natural talent to make a career in ballet. Adams went to musical theater and attacked the "gold mine". There is a talent girl quickly reviewed, followed by iconic roles in Hollywood films (for example, "Cruel games", "Julie Food Julia, etc."). But Amy didn't even finish his studies at the University.

6. Penelope Cruz

Gentle and yet captivating Spanish woman, known to us in the film "Vanilla sky", dedicated to classical ballet with no less than 9 years. She studied this art in the national Conservatoire (Spain), where in the end walked three hundred competitors in the contest. Then Cruz took Spanish ballet, which he dedicated 3 years, and theatre for 4 years. It is the latter in the end, determined career girl, because she was invited to audition for the movie, where she quickly ascended the stairs to Hollywood and became popular.

5. Natalie Portman

Not surprisingly, Aronofsky's masterpiece "Black Swan", which was released eight years ago, the Director called to play the role of a young prima namely Portman. Her character is a ballerina who is the Central figure of the play "Swan lake" on the background which slowly begins to lose reason. Portman had to lose weight for this role, but to support the graceful form of her not the first time, she with 4 years of ballet, and is still taking Amateur classes. Yes, Natalie is a real ballerina, which is sometimes compared with another talented dancer of this genre Audrey Hepburn.

4. Zoe Saldana

The family of the young Saldana moved to the Dominican Republic, where the girl and began to study the art of ballet. Her mother gave her one of the most prestigious schools of dance, so much so that he swung at a career not just a ballerina, and prima. This dance experience ultimately played a role in the development of girls as Actresses. Saldana starred in Pointe shoes on the stage, which came to the author of the musical film "the Proscenium" in search of a dancing heroine. Zoe was invited to play the role of a ballerina eve, which is concurrently also a rebel, and she quit dancing for acting career. Unfortunately, before significant roles she had to play a cameo.

3. Jennifer Garner

Dance talent Jenny we can see in the movie "13 going on 30", but it's staged self-indulgence. But in the childhood the actress was determined to learn ballet, attending classes from 3 years. The girl attracted a large stage, crowds of fans and applause. However, in College, garner went to chemistry, and at the end abandoned altogether science, deciding to try their hand in the acting field. Garner boasts a diploma about the development direction of the "dramatic art".

2. Charlize Theron

The beautiful Charlize is beautiful and talented in everything. And how notably she trotted toes in Pointe shoes, learning ballet from 6 years. 13 young Theron left no dreams of professional dancing, so he entered the National art school to study where each day overcame 50 km in two years she has been actively performing in the ballet company of Johannesburg, and at 16 moved to Milan to work as a model. Trains in Europe and after working for a contract, Charlize went back to the beloved, and arrived in new York in ballet school. After 3 years she got a knee injury and left the ballet, and not making a desirable professional career.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Who would have thought that a charismatic, lively and active Sarah began her acting career with ballet. Yes, dancing was a passion girl, because she was involved in Broadway productions. Back in the 80s, before Parker stood a difficult choice – or it develops as a ballerina or as an actress. Despite the well-known choices, Sarah still dreams of the Amateur ballet and takes lessons in order to keep the body in shape. Woman shares, including ballet and realizes its femininity and grace. Coaches Parker even wrote it down for her special training.

Here such sincere and good stories about how your favorite Actresses at the time followed a childhood dream and tried to achieve fame in the ballet. Well, we are glad that they chose the Hollywood, demonstrating to the world your incredible talent. Note that the long dance class gave them the figure of the plasticity and grace, over which no control.

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