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10 Actresses who in his youth would give odds to modern beauties


Every year many magazines make lists of the most sexy and beautiful women in the world. The list includes Actresses, singers, models and other celebrities. But there are women, the beauty of which the world has admired for decades. A modern beauty dream to be like them. After all, to earn the title of sex symbol and keep it until old age is not everyone's strength. These women are not just the most desirable girls of their time. They become legends. A modern beauty I adopt their style of dress, behavior, and even a haircut. These women are an inspiration. In the ranking compiled 10 Hollywood Actresses that young could give odds to modern beauties.

10. Helen Mirren

British actress Helen Mirren on the father Russian. Real name Actresses – Elena Lydia Vasilievna Mironov. Helen Mirren became known to the General public for her role in the film "Caligula". Helen also played the role of the English king. Of all the British Actresses Helen Mirren often starred in films with Nude scenes. Because of this, it was called a sex symbol for intellectuals. In her youth, Helen was a gorgeous beauty. A modern beauty can compare with her young. Even now, at 73, she looks beautiful. If you find a photo of her in a swimsuit, you can see the perfect and slender figure. Helen Mirren should be a role model for those women that are afraid of losing their beauty.

9. Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda even in his 80 years can give odds to young Actresses. So what to say about that in his youth she is unbelievable and broke men's hearts with its charm, charm and beauty. Early in his acting career Directors could not consider the acting talent of Funds, so long exploited her image of sexy beauty. Jane's talent as a dramatic actress revealed after attending the film "they shoot horses, don't you?". Jane Fonda proved himself not only as a talented actress, but also as a political activist. She repeatedly made anti-war speeches. Jane Fonda in his example proved that a woman can be sexy not only in youth, but crossing ninth decade.

8. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has earned the title of one of the most talented Actresses of our time. For his acting career, Meryl has received three Oscars. That's more than any actor or actress in Hollywood. But Meryl Streep is not only a talented actress, but also a beautiful woman. Young actress included in the list of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Although to call Meryl classic beauty difficult. Her long pointy nose, which immediately catches the eye. But it is a highlight of an actress than a disadvantage. Slender blonde with piercing eyes Meryl Streep in her youth would give odds to many modern Actresses. Unlike most modern beauties, Meryl is not only beauty, but a special charm.

7. Diana Rigg

Viewers a British actress Diana Rigg is known for her role as Olenna Tyrell in the acclaimed fantasy series "Game of Thrones". Worldwide popularity Diana brought the third role of bond girl Tracy in the film "the secret service of Her Majesty". As you know, the bond girls became only the sexiest actress, it's easy to guess that Diana Rigg was in his youth a very hot woman. We can say that Diana after the release of the James Bond became a sex symbol of England.

6. Goldie Hawn

Goldie hawn – the embodiment of femininity and charm. Tall slender blonde with blue eyes at the peak of his acting career was the dream of millions of men around the world. Even now very few women who could compare in beauty with the Hollywood actress. Goldie hawn became famous for her role in the films “Death becomes her face”, “first wives Club “cactus Flower,” for which Goldie has received the award “Oscar” in the category “Female role of the second plan”. Goldie was justly considered as the sex symbol of his time. Genes played a role, and Goldie's daughter Kate Hudson has grown as beautiful as her mother.

5. Sophia Loren

Hot Italian Sophia Loren even now can give odds to young Actresses. Not that in the days of her youth, when she was one of the most desirable women in the world. Sophia Loren – this is the real personification of sexuality. To find a woman who's beauty would surpass Sophia Loren was almost impossible. Lauren is one of the few women, after the experience which they cannot forget. If you compare a young Sophia Loren and any modern actress, is still not born a woman, from which came such devilish charm.

4. Carrie Fisher

The actress of American origin Carrie Fisher became known to the General public thanks to the legendary role of Princess Leia in the Saga “Star wars.” We all remember the scene where Carrie Fisher appeared before the audience in a gold bikini. After this scene, Fischer woke up with a new sex symbol. Even now, many years after the release of the movie image created by Kerry, is iconic. The young Fisher still excites the minds of men and even women. Indeed, many modern girls see Carrie Fisher icon of beauty and style.

3. Susan Sarandon

In the American Susan Sarandon were mixed English, Irish and Welsh blood on my father's side and Sicilian and Tuscan – mother's side. As you know, the people whose ancestors are representatives of different nationalities, have an extraordinary appearance. Susan Sarandon began her career as a model, appearing repeatedly on the covers of fashion magazines. But his vocation she found in acting. Susan Sarandon – the owner of one of the shocks of red hair has always been different from other Actresses. It was hard not to notice, because such women do not often appear on the screens.

2. Maggie Smith

It's hard to believe that Professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter, played by Maggie Smith, in his youth was hot. But it's true. In Maggie Smith was fascinated by everything, but especially her eyes. Eyes actress seemed bottomless. Smith was not only a charming beauty early in his career, but also a talented actress. Several times she was nominated for “Oscar” and the television award “Emmy”. Maggie Smith preferred to play characters with personalities and high moral values. But despite the choice of roles of such a plan, Maggie Smith was one of the most sexy Actresses.

1. Brigitte Bardot

French Brigitte Bardot is the embodiment of sensuality. Still she is considered one of the sexy Actresses along with Sophia Loren. In Brigitte was drawn to all the sensual lips, feminine shape and blond curls. If Bardot was born in our time, equally beautiful women, she just would not. From Brigitte was a bad character, but men crowds lay at her feet. After all, to win such a beauty it was difficult, but Brigitte Bardot was so beautiful that no one would stop her bad temper. She changed men as gloves. Brigitte was an icon and was able to afford it.

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