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10 actors and Actresses that played vampires


The vampire movies were relevant at all times. Last time the surge in popularity of the vampire theme has been associated with the release of the "Twilight" Saga, the first of which was released in 2008. After that picture of the vampires began to come out every year. But now the topic is about vampires again came to naught. But despite the fact that vampire movies in the last few years almost did not come or go, but do not become commercially successful, some of them went down in history and they want to continually review. For some actors the role of the vampire was a turning point in his career.

10. Robert Pattinson

Opens rating star pattern "Twilight", who played the role of Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson. British actor made the role iconic and has become the dream of many girls, after the film on the big screen. Even now, despite the long list of movies that Robert associates with vampire Edward Cullen. Many have already forgotten that the major film debut of the actor was the role in Harry Potter, where he played Cedric Diggory. After this role in some British editions were called Pattinson a "British star of tomorrow" and the new Jude law. But unfortunately, the well-known roles after the vampire Saga, the actor was not. With the exception of the movies "Water for elephants" and "Remember me."

9. Ian Somerhalder

In 2009, the screens out the series "the vampire Diaries", where one of the roles was played by Ian Somerhalder. After that he became the idol of millions of girls around the world. Damon Salvatore wanted almost all the girls who watched the show. And everyone was secretly jealous of the partner in the film Nina Dobrev, because on the screen they had to play a love couple. The role of the vampire brought the actor worldwide fame. In 2017 was the last season of the series. After this successful role, the actor was not. In addition to "vampire Diaries", Ian starred in the acclaimed series "lost" where he played a major role. In 2002, Ian Somerhalder was included in the list of the sexiest actors in Hollywood.

8. Johnny Depp

Anyone played johnny Depp during his long career. His track record is and the role of the vampire. In 2012, the screens out the tragicomedy of Tim Burton's "Dark shadows", where johnny played the lead role of vampire Barnabas Collins. The plot was based on the eponymous TV series, which was released from 1966 to 1971. The film received mixed reviews from critics but was fairly successful at the box office. Only here on the career of johnny Depp the release of the tapes and the role of a vampire of no had no influence. In the last few years things have johnny aren't going well. A messy divorce with amber heard and the lack of successful role only worsen the situation of the actor. And all the roles that came out the past few years may seem similar. If before johnny Shine on the screen, now his acting career clearly have not sweet.

7. Colleen Farrell

In 2003, the Irish actor was named one of the most beautiful people of planet Earth. This is not surprising because Colin Farrell has wild sexuality, which attracts the opposite sex. One of the reasons for the popularity of the picture "fright Night", which was released in 2011, became part of Colin Farrell as the lead actor. The actor played the vampire Jerry Dandridge. The film was a remake of the eponymous painting, which was released in 1985. The plot of the film revolves around teenager Charlie and his neighbor, who turns out to be a vampire. This neighbor is a vampire and played a charismatic Colin Farrell.

6. Ashley Greene

American actress Ashley Greene and her colleague Robert Pattinson, famous for her role as Alice Cullen in the vampire Saga "Twilight". Initially, Ashley planned to become a model, but because of the low growth that proved impossible. And then the girl leaned in actress. While learning acting, Ashley realized that the movie attracted her more than the business model. It is worth noting that the actress starred in the video of the Russian group t.A.T.u. for the song "People-invalids". Ashley also appears frequently on television. But the role of the vampire was a turning point in the career of the actress after which it became increasingly invite in various projects.

5. Kyle Schmid

Canadian actor Kyle Schmid has gained wide popularity for her role in the vampire series "Blood ties", where he played Henry Fitzroy. The character played Kyle, was charged with the illegitimate son of king Henry XIII, who died at the age of 17. The plot of the series is 17 years old main character Henry and was turned into a vampire. Kyle doesn't have serious roles in the movie and the audience he is more familiar to participate in various television series. He has participated in such projects as "Arrow", "Call of blood", "Be a man" and many others.

4. Deborah Ann Wall

His acting career Deborah Ann wall started with episodic roles in various TV series. Among them are "the Mentalist", "my name is Earl", "Life". But wide popularity among the viewers an American actress was able to win after playing a vampire Jessica Hamby in the TV series "True blood." The series was based on the books by Charlene Harris and the original version of the heroine Deborah in the series to not be. After the role of vampire Deborah's career took off. She took part in such successful projects like "Daredevil" and "Punisher". In the full-length paintings of Deborah is not removed, preferring the role on television.

3. Nina Dobrev

Canadian actress Nina Dobrev is famous for her role in the vampire series "the vampire Diaries", where she played a girl Elena Gilbert and her DoppelgangeR vampire Katherine pierce. In addition, the actress played a small role in the spin-off series "the Originals" another DoppelgangeR of Elena Gilbert. At the moment, the role in "the vampire Diaries" is the main one, which many viewers recognize the girl. After the filming of the series Nina has participated in several comedies, but the popularity of the films is not achieved. Nina is still young and success ahead of her, because she is very talented actress.

2. Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley – another actor who played the main role in the TV series "the vampire Diaries". In the series, the actor played the brother of Damon Salvatore Stefan Salvatore. In the first seasons of the series that Stefan is a beloved Elena, played by Nina Dobrev. Through participation in the series Gender became known to the General public. But apart from acting, Paul is directing and acting as producer. The short film, which produced Gender in 2012 he received an Oscar as best short film.

1. Brad Pitt

On account of Brad pitt a huge number of patterns and roles, but one of the most important in his career was the role of a vampire in the film "Interview with the vampire". He played one of the main characters. With him part in the film took Tom cruise, Kirsten dunst and Antonio Banderas. The film was released in 1994, was a huge success. It was warmly received by critics and audiences. With a budget of 60 million $ box office amounted to $ 223 million $. "Interview with the vampire" was nominated for the award "Oscar" for best scenery and best music. Still, this picture is a classic vampire movies. A young Brad pitt, this tape made a star.

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