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10 actors who flawlessly played historical characters


Play movie a historical figure a serious challenge for the actor. On the one hand need to get as close to the real nature of the character, on the other to fulfill the Director's intention. In the film not all actors or Actresses who was trying on the roles of famous people, managed to perfectly cope with this mission. We present to your attention the rating of the actors who created on the screen of unforgettable characters, whose prototypes will always remain on the pages of world history.

10. Marilyn Monroe and Michelle Williams for "7 days and nights with Marilyn"

The image of the main sex symbol of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe is considered one of the most recognizable in the world. It seems that complex? Put on a white wig, a dress with a deep neckline and now ready for Marilyn. However, only few Actresses succeeded, emerging as the greatest of Hollywood stars, not to sink to the level of primitive caricatures.

In the film 7 days and nights with Marilyn performer starring Michelle Williams managed to achieve not only the portrait similarity with Monroe, but to make your character alive and interesting to the viewer.

9. Oscar Wilde and Stephen fry, "Wilde"

Star of the famous English Comedy series "Blackadder" and "Jeeves and Wooster", Stephen John fry in 1997, has expanded their creative skills with brilliant role in the biographical drama "Wilde", based on the novel by Richard Ellmann. In this film, fry played the role of British poet and writer Oscar Wilde.

The film covers a fairly large piece of the great writer's life: from the time of the marriage of Oscar daughter of a lawyer before his release from prison, where he was charged with same-sex relationships. Despite the fact that the film shows in detail the personal life of the main character a series of young lovers, an inspirational genius in the creation of recognized literary masterpieces of the Director managed not to slide into vulgarity and the banal glorification of homosexual relations. The main focus of the painting done on the fragility of love and the public on an unequal struggle of a gifted person with social conventions.

8. Margaret Thatcher and Meryl Streep, "the Iron lady"

Picture Phillida Lloyd "the Iron lady" is not the first film devoted to the biography of one of the most famous women in the UK. In contrast to the works of other Directors, referring to his work on this topic, in the film the Iron lady shows not only the period of political dawn of Mrs. Thatcher, but her years after the abdication, marred by many serious illnesses and senile dementia. Completes the picture of the death of the protagonist.

Meryl Streep in one of her interview admitted that he considers the role in the Iron lady one of his best works, despite the fact that the film became one of the most low-budget in her acting career.

7. Steve jobs and Ashton Kutcher, "jobs: the Empire temptation"

"Jobs: the Empire temptation" tells the story of the biography of the extraordinary personality of the founder of Apple Steve jobs. The film begins with 1974, when Steve were hip to Reed College, and concludes with a presentation of the iPod in 2001.

Critics agree that the role of the extraordinary multi-faceted personality of Steve jobs one of the best works of Ashton Kutcher. Here, the actor managed to break the stereotype of themselves as primitive hunk of a Stud or Valentine's Day, confined to their roles. According to friends and acquaintances of Steve jobs, Ashton managed to convey the peculiar Steve a look of impatience and thirst for action. Also the actor was able to accurately convey the fragile nature of the main character the ability right this second to move from the complacent mood to be violent. It is also worth to mention such a portrait touches, like speech, bad posture, gait of Steve jobs Kutcher is all brilliantly done very close to the original.

6. Abraham Lincoln and Daniel day-Lewis, "Lincoln"

Irish actor Daniel day-Lewis has always enjoyed success among critics, and among ordinary public. He's convincing in any role, be it a person with a fragile delicate woman in "the Unbearable lightness of being" or the representative of the aristocracy, which goes against the existing foundations of its class in the Age of innocence. However, in the biographical drama Lincoln, with Daniel day-Lewis has outdone himself. The most favorite among Americans, the President in his performance turned a deep emotional person, genuinely concerned for the future of their country.

5. Elizabeth II and Helen Mirren, "the Queen"

In the film "the Queen" Helen Mirren had to be reincarnated as the current Queen of great Britain. For many this task might seem very simple, because the reaction of the Royal family this work could not predict one. However, Elizabeth liked the movie as the leading lady.

Thanks to the work in this film in 2006, Helen Mirren won the main film award Oscar for best actress.

4. Coco Chanel and Audrey Tautou, "Coco before Chanel"

Another directorial success Anne Fontaine "Coco before Chanel" is the story of the life of the greatest woman, whose image is embodied on the screen the famous French film star Audrey Tautou. The film shows the complex biography of one of the most famous women of the 20th century, which still is considered a style icon and a model of impeccable taste.

Koko's life is UPS and downs, the dizzying series of novels and worldwide success, which became a turning point in the history of fashion. A difficult childhood, a struggle for existence in a time when women were absolutely not characteristic of the business activity tempered the character of this little woman, who managed later to turn the gaze of society on beauty.

According to critics, the gorgeous Audrey Tautou with virtuoso precision coped with the task Director, realizing on the screen the immortal image of Coco.

3. Mahatma Gandhi and Ben Kingsley, "Gandhi"

The film tells about the life of a great man, became the spiritual idol of the whole nation. "Gandhi" is the story of a simple guy from a religious Indian family, who wanted to link their future life with jurisprudence. However, after certain events in his life, he decides to enter into an unequal struggle with the British authorities oppressing his own people.

Starring in the film Gandhi Ben Kingsley was for his work awarded the most prestigious award of the film medium Oscars. In addition to the incredible likeness with the prototype, the actor managed to convey the unwavering dedication and sacrifice inherent in his character.

2. Pablo Picasso and Anthony Hopkins, "surviving Picasso"

The film covers a significant period of time in the life of the great Spanish painter Pablo Picasso from the moment of acquaintance with his fourth wife, françoise, which is essentially the main character of the film, and before they broke up. The founder of the innovative course in painting in this painting depicts a rather ambiguous personality with changeable disposition. Almost all women, which for some time appeared in his life one way or another again emerged in his life that really confused the wife of the artist. Periodic collision with the ex-wives of the master and his hard, selfish nature, forcing françoise, despite her love, to leave Picasso.

An acknowledged master of Hollywood Anthony Hopkins filigree played the role of a spoiled lady attention of the painter, eager to submit to his desires all the women who ever met him on the way.


The film Lust for life is based on the novel by Irvine stone. The story is about the life of one of the most enigmatic artists, whose tragic fate was the basis of not one biographical opus. The film begins with van Gogh's move to Paris.

Starring in Lust for life was the famous actor kirk Douglas, who for this work were awarded the Golden globe and the Oscar. According to critics, Douglas managed with precision to convey refleksiruyuschy nature of a talented artist suffering from severe mental disorder.

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