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10 actors who wouldn't kiss their partner during the filming, but I had to


Many viewers don't understand what a film set is, above all, serious work for actors, not a place for entertainment and fun. Even playing fun and cool guys on vacation, and in a sex scene or with a glass of brandy, actors strictly focus on the roles, sometimes performing not very pleasant to the requirements of the Director.

Such aspects may include unwanted kissing. Yes, and you thought that stars are crazy about his partner in the film and still want to touch him with your lips? In reality things are not so, and many on-screen couples actually can't stand each other. Kissing or bed scenes in this case, the real torture, which sometimes requires a few nasty shots in a row.

Consider how partners in the area were required to kiss in front of cameras.

10. Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon

Young fans sobbing at the thought of kissing the famous vampire Edward. However, self-sufficient and equally popular actress Reese Witherspoon did not share the melancholy representations of young girls. For her, Robert is nothing more than a partner in the film, a coworker that romantic feelings she is experiencing. Moreover, the actress believes the moment of the kiss is one of the most unpleasant episodes of his work. It is known that during the filming of the picture "Water for elephants" Robert had a cold, so all the takes of kissing him was torture for Reese. These pant and hyrcania from the cold – not the most desirable attributes of a full-fledged kiss. Moreover, at some point, Pattinson even had to wipe his "runny nose" on the wig is a partner in the game.

9. James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie

It is believed that every man on the planet should dream about kissing one of the most beautiful Actresses. However, James McAvoy, sharing his impressions with journalists, calls this moment one of the most awkward and uncomfortable. It turned out that he had met Maria just shot 10 minutes before the filming of the kiss. Not knowing anything about the person, McAvoy had to portray the ardor and passion in a frame that was given, of course, is not easy. He still remembers his trembling knees during the spicy time.

8. Steve Carell and Dwayne Johnson

In our Top this point it is possible to allocate especially since we consider the cinematic kiss between two men. During the filming of a parody of the film "Get smart" colleagues in the shop, completely heterosexual, normal men had to make out in the picture, but still passionately. Of course, the experience of the moment, both were the most negative. Moreover, Johnson publicly stated that contact with the language Steve would be comparable to lick the kitty litter. What did not make for the role – even the man can kiss!

7. Emma Watson and Rupert grin

While reading books about Harry Potter, many fans anticipated that the young and talented Hermione will end with the main character. But there it was – the writer (who participated in the filming of the Saga), I decided that the perfect couple will be just Ron and Hermione, and the Union need to seal with a kiss. Emma refused to kiss Rupert because of the strife and hostility in real life. The whole crew wanted to shoot the embarrassing shots and forget about it. The green itself declares that kiss was ridiculous – by the time he had known Emma for more than 10 years (it's like a sister to kiss).

6. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

One of the most romantic movie couples of our time in real life barely tolerating each other. During filming, Gosling even once asked the Director to replace the partner. Actors often quarreled, and Rachel tried to impose a point of view that could not create a romantic atmosphere on set. So kissing on the Playground was only a necessary measure, bad for both actors, especially when they talked about a few takes. It is strange that affectedness the audience never noticed. Maybe it's because secretly the partners liked each other, because after the shooting they were an official couple and in the lives of 3 years.

5. Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe

Curtis, like a man trying to re-educate the stank Monroe who was often late on the set and bad jagged text. He even had 42 times to play take chicken drumstick because the actress could not speak a line properly. In fact, between actors was a secret affair, which exploded during the filming, so Curtis announced that kissing Marilyn akin kissing Hitler. And yet, I think, man it was nice to kiss one of the female sex symbols of those times, and angry comparison, he said.

4. Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep

Power actress Meryl influenced the Director to change the film not only the character of the heroine, but her saying that did not like Dustin. The confrontation of the actors was productive because the film "Kramer vs. Kramer" got five Oscars. The feud between the actors outgrew even the fact that Hoffman slapped Streep slap in the face, allegedly helping to "get into character". It is clear that in such an atmosphere kisses between warring was extremely difficult to remove, and they don't derive any pleasure by the actors. Hated the romantic duplicates have tried to get rid of, to get back to normal monologues.

3. Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren

Beautiful Sophia Loren was the admiration of many men, including his charismatic partner in the film "the Countess from Hong Kong". It turns out that Brando showed extra love and even allowed himself some liberties grabby. Of course, for a young, healthy actor the kissing scene was desirable and could be fun, you can not say about Sophie. The actress was uncomfortable to kiss a man who constantly distort and allow yourself to let go of obscene jokes.

2. Tom hardy and Charlize Theron

The shooting of the film "Mad Max" took place in a desert environment with high temperature, insulation and some of the obscure moments of the script. Of course, such an atmosphere could not fail to affect the status of the actors, Charlize and Tom constantly argued and fought. A romantic story of two actors to play difficult, because of the subring and major differences made themselves felt. The kissing scene was no exception, leaving the most pleasant experience of the partners on the set. Charlize says she can't understand the reason for his acute reaction to Tom.

1. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

Also on the set feel personal enmity towards each other, despite the "extenuating circumstances" need to play people in love. Kissing in the scenes were filmed with the grief. Julia later said that forswear ever to be back on the court with Nick, as it believes it is objectionable. It is known that some dialogues of the film even had to be removed separately, to the actors once again no contact. So shooting the last kiss was a real torture.

It turns out that not all men want to kiss a "real star", no matter how attractive he or she was not. Sexual innuendo of kiss does not occur if humans did not initially have established good personal relationship, or at least tolerated each other.

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