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Top 10 best Soviet films


In every country there are movies that people are revising from year to year. They have become a cult, and quotes from the films is always at the hearing. In our country it is the Soviet pattern, left us as a heritage of a once-great state. Many Russian channels running these films on holidays and weekends. People used to watch them with family and remember the great Soviet past. We have compiled for you a rating, which included Soviet films. List of best films according to the audience below.

10. Moscow does not believe in tears1979

The film, opening the top of the best Soviet films, takes place in the 50-ies in Moscow. Three young girls arrive from the province to the capital of the country, in order to find in a new city love, happiness and live in good prosperity. The fate of the three heroines is changing rapidly, and turns to the other side, depending on the nature of each girl.

Antonina successfully marry, give birth children. Ludmila plans to conquer the capital, because the city's lottery, where you have to find happiness. Catherine finds love, but, after a while, the guy throws it. But she did not give up, raising his daughter and at the same time makes career. Several years later, she meets her only...

9. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: the hound of the Baskervilles1981

Charles Baskerville was found dead, near the estate of the deceased. On the man's face was the imprint of horror. Charles saw terrible things before he died. Big dog's tracks evoke the idea that the cause of death of men was a family curse from long ago is superimposed on the family of the Baskervilles. Who but Sherlock Holmes can solve this mystery?
One of the best Soviet detectives ranks 9th in the list of the best Soviet films.

8. Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's new adventures1966

Shura goes into one of republics situated in Caucasus. He needs to gather information about the traditions and customs of the people living there. Arriving at the place, boy meets and falls in love with a girl. About say Komsomolskaya Pravda, a beauty, an athlete, a straight a student. But it suddenly abducted to be forced to marry. Shura at first did not understand what occurred right "under his nose", but then bravely rushed on searches and rescue of his only...

One of the best Soviet films that have become iconic in modern Russia.

7. Officers1971

Alex and Ivan for life many times overlap with each other. They fought with the then 20 years, then in Spain, then came the Great Patriotic war. Even with the young guys remembered the words of his commander: "There is such a profession to defend the Motherland". When it was peacetime, the friends met again, as generals.

The best Soviet film about true friendship!

6. The dawns here are quiet1972

Four girls-anti-aircraft gunner — the last Bastion of defence from German paratroopers. They wanted a quiet family life, to love and to be loved and need their family. But the destiny has disposed differently: the war came, in which their duty to protect the Homeland. They have done it. Even at the cost of his own life.
One of the best, and, at the same time, sad movies about the main values in life.

5. Gentlemen of fortune1971

Troshkin worked as head of kindergarten. Once he learns that a wanted bandit named "Associate" is his DoppelgangeR. Total bad luck, because he has stolen the helmet of Alexander the great.

Law enforcement remains nothing, except how to embed the head into the criminal world where he needs to play the role of his DoppelgangeR. After some time, Troshkin getting used to a new way of living that begins to frighten him. At the same time, he himself is in danger...

The middle of the top of the best Soviet films is the most famous Comedy with Eugene Leonov and Georgy by Vicinum in the lead roles.

4. The diamond arm1968

In a small town in the South of the country swindlers. The assistant to the head of the gang Count needs to get the diamonds in one of the Eastern cities, and bring them back to his plastered hand. But instead of the Graph on the right place is family-oriented Semyon Gorbunkov. He's getting "expensive plaster", and the adventure begins...

One of the best Soviet comedies with Yevgeny Leonov in the title role located next to the prize podium.

3. Go to fight some "old"1973

In the squadron of captain Titarenko are soldiers who are not more than 20 years. They were recruited from the military schools that taught in an accelerated program. But the captain still took the time to send young men into battle, after all, what they will experience, will still be ahead. This is the joy of the first victory, the fear during the fight, first love, loss of friends. The time will come when young men will rush to their planes, to experience the brunt of the war and become "old".

Heavy Soviet film about the war, considered one of the best takes bronze in our top.

2. Operation "y" and other Shurik's adventures1965

The film consists of three stories, which combines the character of Alexander Demyanenko — Shurik. He gets into various ridiculous situations: fighting on a construction site with a "hoodlum" preparing for the exam very creative way, and prevents crime are a Coward, fool and Experienced.

The famous Soviet Comedy, considered one of the best in our time. Ranked second of the top.

1. Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession1973

Timofeev is an inventor. He invented a time machine, which accidentally hit Ivan Bunsha — retired, and thief Georges. The invention sent them to the 16th century, during the reign of Ivan the terrible. And the king went into the 20th century. After that, the time machine breaks down, which leads to a series of curious and unpredictable events.
The picture on the right is the pedestal of the top of the best Soviet films. A masterpiece in the genre "Comedy", beloved by audiences across the country and the former Soviet Union.

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