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10 actors quarreled on the set


The greater part of his life a person spends at work. Therefore, it is very important that the environment there was comfortable. Friendly colleagues, adequate head, a quiet working atmosphere – that's what the majority wants. But it is often quite the opposite, employees compete for "a place under the sun", substitute each other or go into open conflict. And all from-for any trifle or trivial jealousy. Such situations occur not only in offices of large companies, trade organizations, but also for the studios. Famous actors quarrel over trifles, to disrupt workflow. In a few cases even had to rewrite the script, replace one of the actors, or completely change the composition. We present a ranking of celebrities who had a falling out on set.

10. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams on the set of the movie "the notebook"

This popular romantic melodrama was released in 2004. The love story of Allie and Noah was forced to cry more than one woman. Surprisingly, the actors who played the lovers, actually treated each other with hatred. Ryan immediately felt that it would be hard to work with Rachel. He didn't like how it plays, he even asked me to replace her with another actress. But the producers of the film didn't go on about him. During the filming all they did was fight and argue. But this story had a continuation. Some time later, the stars started going out. They proved once more that from love to hatred one step.

9. Dmitry Kharatyan, Sergei Zhigunov in the film "midshipmen, forward!"

This is a very complicated story, it began on the set of the movie "midshipmen ahead". Russian actors Dmitry and Sergey were best friends. When filming a duel with Zhigunov misfortune with his sword he pierced the eyelid. While he was in the hospital, his character was voiced by Oleg Menshikov, Sergei is not very much. Then Zhigunov Kharatyan invited to play the role of La Mole in the TV series "Queen Margot". The actors do not agree on financial matters. Then Dmitry refused to voice his character, and Zhigunov instead request its return, was invited to voice the young bard. He gladly accepted the offer, also asked less money for work than a famous actor.

8. Johnny Depp and Orlando bloom on the set of the film "pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales"

The quarrel between the stars was due to the fact that the Studio "Disney" was invited to appear in "pirates of the Caribbean, Orlando bloom. The producers hoped that his return will attract the attention of viewers. In their opinion, the film was not. With bloom they wanted to increase cash collections. Johnny Depp has not endorsed this idea. Besides Orlando paid a handsome fee, which was much more than the star of the film johnny. He could not accept this state of things, the actor got very angry. This shooting became a real nightmare, the actors fought constantly.

7. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu in the film "Charlie's Angels"

In the film bill and then mocked Lucy. He has repeatedly admitted he does not tolerate incompetence. Apparently famous at the time, bill thought that Lucy plays pretty mediocre. Many times he spoke with her right on the set. However, the actress never treated the girls timid. She was able to fend for themselves. Lucy said bill rude, got into a conflict. The film was made, but it was hard work. This couple spent a lot of nerves of everyone present on the set. Filming the group had to pause the workflow to actors to calm down. Sometimes shooting was postponed for another day. When I decided to make a sequel, Murray refused to participate in the project.

6. James Franco and Tyrese Gibson in the movie "Duel"

Franco is so accustomed to the role that no longer control himself. When filming the scene of the fight in the ring, James hit his opponent at full force. Moreover, Gibson recognised that this did not happen again. Even during rehearsals, James was not out of the way, and Tyreso heavily battered. The actor tried to negotiate with a colleague, but Gibson ignored the words of Franco. The actors began to quarrel, and after filming the movie, James has publicly stated that it refuses in the future to work with Tyreese Gibson.

5. VIN Diesel and Dwayne Johnson "fast and furious 8"

The conflict broke out because of the statements of Dwayne Johnson. In the social network he made unflattering remarks about VIN Diesel. The stars fought a lot. They even decided to figure out their relationship in the ring. To reporters about the cause of the scandals VIN Diesel just laughed it off. Only once he commented seriously. Then he said that the conflict is too inflated. He was respectful to Duane, and was hoping that deserve the same treatment in return. What about this thought Johnson, unknown.

4. Shia LaBeouf and Tom hardy "the Most drunk district in the world"

Tom hardy loved to make jokes on the set, his colleague "in the shop" and that was annoying. He told the Joker that the noise prevented him from concentrating. Shia once again made his claim, a skirmish ensued. LaBeouf then, without thinking, hit the Volume. But he did not participate in "duel", hardy called his opponent "a bad boy". But Shia LaBeouf had felt like a winner. He was very proud of this act. Besides, he has not once criticized Tom, the subject of criticism was love hardy to expensive cars. LaBeouf even called him a clown.

3. Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder in the film "Dracula"

No one knows why the stars are so disliked each other. But to their credit, their roles and they played very well. The spectators do not suspect that they hate each other. They most likely played with passion, embraced, kissed. When was the "Stop" command, they are either dispersed at different angles, or started over again to quarrel. That means professionalism. This exposure can only envy.

2. Tom cruise and brad pitt in the film "Interview with the vampire"

This quarrel has long been discussed in the press. Talked about some interview in which brad allowed himself to unflattering comments about the beginner then Volume. However this interview so no one saw. Brad later confessed that he was very hard to work with Tom cruise, so they are different from each other. He also talked about the fact that he hates Tom. Some speculated that he's just afraid that the aspiring actor will become popular, and everything about it will forget. Either way, these actors never starred together.

1. Meryl Streep and Goldie hawn in the movie "Death becomes her face"

In the film, the heroine is unable to share a man. They tolerate each other can not and ready for anything. Meryl and Goldie was destined to repeat this story in real life. That's just the stumbling block was not a man, and ... a shovel. When filming a fight with shovels, Goldie managed to scratch the face Meryl. Fortunately, women didn't have such a hot temper to continue the fight, but the argument after this point occur regularly. Meryl did not comment on this case, trying really not to think about it. But Goldie was able to stab the Strip, but not with a shovel, and nasty remarks in her address.

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