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10 anime similar to "7 deadly sins"


A mortal sin in the religion means that the soul, in the absence of repentance would not be saved. The Catholic Church stands for the 7 deadly sins. As in Japan, Catholicism spread, brought there by Portuguese missionaries, about 1543, the religious themes are very common in Japanese anime. However, in Japan the attitude towards this religion quite freely and, therefore, mortal sins can be depicted in different kinds of art. The Catholic tradition act more in the role of background action and atmosphere. In Japan and honor age-old traditions and therefore religion and culture are closely related.

Presenting your attention the 10 anime that are similar to the "7 deadly sins" and will certainly appeal to fans of the series. Each of them is necessarily present at least one of their 7 sins.

10. Seal of the wind2007

Ayana of the clan Kannagi (fire mage) slays another member of the clan, Kazuma, which then can no longer own fire. In exile he leaves the house, but after a time returned, having mastered the force of the wind, and was going to kill all members of their clan. This anime is considered such a sin from the point of view of religion, as anger. It takes the main character, Kazuma and makes him unable to forgive his attackers turns into a desire for revenge.

9. Laughing under the clouds2014

Era Meiji in Japan, there is the borrowing of Western European and American cultures, and also prohibits the carrying of weapons. Many do not like and the country's growing crime rate. The task of transporting criminals to the prison is entrusted to three brothers of the Kumo. But it is not only placed on their shoulders, responsibility. This anime is very subtle and almost imperceptible one can distinguish such a sin as envy. It feels middle of the brothers Soramaro. He strives to be like an older brother and even exceed it. However, never interferes with it and does not want bad.

8. Dawn Yona2014

The daughter of the ruler of the Kingdom of Kouka Yon lovely girl. She's got a fiancé Swan, her cousin who brutally kills the king and seizes power. However, the girl makes the Dream hack, the officer's personal army. Princess is not quite pleased with this rescue, she suffers, suffers for a lost home and killed his father, but eventually accepts it. In this anime considering such a sin as despair. A girl can't survive the loss of a loved one and the destruction of all she holds dear, her home. She is sad and longs for what happened and does not let go of the past. The state of apathy which does not allow her to move on and see the world, fight for your life.

7. Red Haired Snow White2015

Shirayuki girl has lovely red hair, but never proud of it, and lead a simple life. But one day, the girl falls for the arrogant Prince, who is oblivious to her feeling and tries to take it. In this anime presents such a sin as lust. The Prince is the personification of greed and avarice. He is in favor of your desires is not considered with anything, even with other people's feelings. He wants to have a beautiful girl, not thinking about the fact that he has no right to dispose of her life.

6. And still the world is beautiful2014

Nick's LaMarche Princess of rain can cause rain. She must marry the king of the Solar Kingdom, which everyone knows is a tyrant and cruel ruler. The king is very young, but already had time to change her Kingdom for the better. But despite all his advantages he is very capricious and selfish. For failing to bring rain, the king locks nick in a dungeon. But eventually the young people realize that they can find in each other what they lacked. This shows the sin of pride. The young king shows that he is the master. And despite his good government he is a very selfish person.

5. Noble demon ENMA2007

A detective Agency, investigating supernatural crimes. In the city where it is located, is home not only ordinary people but also different monsters and evil spirits. That is not just the police, rests on the shoulders of the Agency's employees. Deftly coping with the job, they do it better than many other agencies. They are not afraid to give his life for the salvation of others. In this anime the personification of sin, pride is the character of Yukihime. She's very strong, agile and often making fun of his superior abilities.

4. Improvised Louise The Zero2006

Louise-françoise de La Valliere sorceress. She is studying at the Academy of magic familiar. However, she has a very bad work many spells. She is incapable pupil. A terrible thing happens when on the day of challenge mascots wizards, instead of various kind of animals, Louise is Hirago Saito, an ordinary schoolboy. And he shall forever stay with Louise. In this anime it is shown the sin of greed. Saito must be assistant Louise, he is forever now she ministered to. Although he never chose this fate and has an opinion on this matter, it is perceived as a simple assistant.

3. Toradora!2008-2009

Guy, he was afraid of everything, he is very scary looking. He falls in love with Minori his classmate. And his neighbor falls in love with Taiga Kitamura. The boys decide to join forces to achieve their goals. However, they think of those they love? The sin that is in this anime lust. The characters fall in love with those who want. Those who liked them just as an object. For this purpose they even resort to the help of others just to get what you want.

2. Shakugan no Shana2005-2006

High school student Yuji Sakay saves from toothy monster red haired and red eyed girl Xiang. And then the world for Yuji is changed beyond recognition. He is in a terrible alternate world. However, this is not the worst. Yuji for a long time is not a man, because the monster ate him. He is just a wrapper to store a lot of important other information. In this anime you can see such a sin as greed. Yuji is just the custodian of the information, i.e. use it as they please. However, he does not want to be an ordinary shell and eventually disappear. But his opinion does not interest anyone.

1. The monster sitting beside me2012-...

After Mizutani You that only care about her grades, gives his notes Aside Haru, her classmate, simple, fun guy, he decides that they're friends now. Between the serious girl and simple guy ties up the novel. This anime is considered such a sin as pride. The main character is very cold and only cares about his own success. She does not notice others and, in some sense, only thinks about himself.

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