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10 anime similar to "Black clover"


Black clover anime series in the center of the storyline is worth the lives of two different characters, Young and Asto. They are orphans who lost parents in the war with the demons. These guys fall into a mysterious orphanage, where no one ever makes a distinction between the children. But these children are very different from each other. For example, Young gifted, the future wizard, who shows great interest in magic and has many abilities that give him great potential in the future. Asto on the contrary does not possess any outstanding talent. However, they both strive to achieve a high title of King of Magic, and save mankind from destruction

Fascinating, isn't it? However, the most devoted fans of the genre of anime I think that in different years in the land of the rising sun was created the cartoon series, very similar to the story of the Young and Asto.

Presenting the top 10 anime, very reminiscent of the famous Black clover.

10. Tale of fairy tail (2009-)

In a fantastic country called Fiore, the most powerful magicians unite diverse Guild. But for the young and inexperienced sorceress Lucy Heartfilia there is only one goal, to become a member of the most famous Guild Fairy Tail. Gradually, she takes hold of his magical talent, and thus feel a greater desire to join this community. However, she realizes that to get into this Guild just elected, that is the wizard, who managed to get at least one guarantee member.

9. Bleach (2004-2012)

Kurosaki Ichigo is no ordinary guy because all his life he could communicate with otherworldly forces. And then one fine day he sees the Shinigami itself, Kutikov Rukia, hunting for the Blank. During the battle with the creature, Ichigo and Rukia were badly injured, so the goddess gave the guy his power to support him in the fight with the monster, thanks to what Ichigo turned into a Shinigami!

8. My hero Academy (2016-)

Imagine for a moment that the basic laws of physics, people don't have influence and each of them could at any moment turn into mist or transform any thing into dust with a single touch. And such talent has almost every. At the same time, someone uses their magical powers to do good, and someone to slowly plunge the world into darkness. In this regard, critically increased crime. But to protect ordinary people stood up to those who no matter what, try to keep peace and order on the streets. They enjoy special status and receive government support. These heroes are the only hope of ordinary people for justice.

7. .hack//Legend of twilight bracelet (2003)

The storyline is built around games The World. The Corporation that created this game holds for players campaign Limited Edition Character. As a reward for the winners serve famous characters Kite and Black Rose.

6. Boruto: a New generation of Naruto (2017-)

The Central characters of this anime are the three young gennino from the village of the Hidden leaf. Boruto the firstborn of the legendary Naruto Uzumaki. Back in the shinobi Academy mentors distinguished him among the other students, because then he showed his brilliant ability and comprehension of the magical science is gradually beginning to surpass his famous father.

5. One Piece (1999-)

Before his death of the famous pirate Captain Roger told us about a secret place where he once hid a huge treasure. Greed brought together all those wishing to find a mysterious island. However, hardly any of them even imagined how dangerous will this journey. The main character of the anime Monkey Luffy. It's a young guy who dreams of becoming the pirate King and to achieve fame equal to that which was from the infamous Roger. Gathering a team of those brave adventurers, the Monk is sent on a long voyage in pursuit of pirate treasure.

4. Coffin Princess Chaika (2014)

Magical ability is both a gift and a curse. They can give happiness and power, and can bring a lot of pain to their owner. Gaza, Arthur was not going to use their talents for good purposes. After a series of tests he decided that he will dethrone even the most powerful rulers. The Emperor, who ruled the state for several years, to serve eternal values, was defeated. His remains became the property of the Gas, which was to use them to increase their black power.

3. Battle Academy city Asterisk (2005-)

Long ago the Earth was struck a devastating meteor shower. All life was destroyed. But very soon, from the remains of the old world a new, which began to be born with unusual people who could use the power of Mana , released as a result of the disaster.

Advanced academic city ricca, arose on the site of a large crater lake, was the site of large-scale hostilities. Soon he became world famous as the venue of the Festival is Star Wars.

2. Storm losses Annihilation of civilization (2012-)

Mahiro Fuwa ordinary schoolboy, who was early deprived of parental care of his mother and father brutally murdered is unknown. Time passed, but the criminals have not been punished. Then Mahiro swore to find and punish those responsible for the death of his family.

1. Di.Gray-man (2006-2008)

The story takes place in 19th century Europe. Cartoon tells of the millennial Box, wants to destroy the world, using a Akuma and evil humanoids. It is trying to stop the exorcists, which consists of the Black order. They were extraordinary people, possessing a living link with the Pure Power of the ethereal substance that originated centuries ago to fight the creatures of the Graph. Exorcists know that the Net Force is split into 109 pieces and scattered across the world. As soon as a piece of Pure Force will contact the right person, she will be a formidable weapon against the Akuma.

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