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10 anime similar to "Red haired Princess snow white"


"Red haired Snow white" is a very popular anime about a red haired Shirayuki. This young girl lived a simple life, it is not interested in members of the Royal family and their beautiful castle, but one day the Prince saw Shirayuki and fell in love with her at first sight. She is absolutely not eager to become his wife. She otstegat your gorgeous hair and decides to run away to another country. Then Shirayuki there are many different adventures: for example, she has an unusual new friend named Zen.

There are other interesting anime that are similar to "Red haired Snow white": this article describes the most popular of them.

10. Dawn Yona (2014)

The life of Jonah was truly fabulous, because her father the king. The gallant knight and a blond handsome Swan her older cousin. However, the Swan was not so noble: when the Princess turned 16, he took the life of her father and ascended the throne. A security officer Sleep hack saved the girl, grief-stricken, and helped her escape from the Palace. They went to his family from a clan of Wind. Yon was very difficult to wean from the life of a Princess, but after the ordeal her character still hasn't been the same.

9. And still the world is beautiful (2014)

In the Duchy of Rain live Princess Nikki, which is able to cause rain. The girl destined to become the wife of the ruler of the Sun of Livius. Even though she absolutely doesn't want to marry, she still has to go to the Sunny Kingdom. But it turns out that winning the world ruler is acting like a child! Besides, he wanted the Princess caused it to rain.

8. Earl and fairy (2008-)

Lydia Carlton, a young mediator between fairies and humans. It can be called a fairy doctor and because this profession is very rare, endangered. Girl versed in the usages and traditions of the fairies, she can see the house and to communicate with animals.

Suddenly, Lydia appears attractive opportunity to get a job in the specialty. She will need to find the sword, marrow, relic sort of Lord Edgar. With his assistance, the nobles will prove his right to possession of the land of the fairies. But is Lord the real ruler of the lands of the FAE?

7. A tale of Cinderella (1996)

Cinderella was born into a noble family, but she was not lucky: when she was little, she was left without a mother. After that, Cinderella's father married another woman who had two daughters. Once it is a long time away on business to distant lands, and all the housework fell on the shoulders of Cinderella. The stepmother really did treat her badly, she even mocked the poor girl. The woman very much wanted one of her daughters married the Prince, but things don't go exactly as she wants.

6. Romeo and Juliet (2007)

New Verona – flying city that supports the powerful force Escala. Its ruler is Laertes Montague. The Duke, famous for his cruelty, at the time, seized power in the city and destroyed the Capulet family, who ruled before. Romeo is the son of a Duke, and Juliette is the surviving daughter of the former ruler. Of course, they each other fall in love, but in the rest of this story bears little resemblance to Shakespeare. In Verona New people fly on dragons, castles levitated and that's not all the unusual that is happening in the city.

5. Good witch of the West (2006)

The scientist, preferring the life of a recluse, is the daughter of filiel Dee. Father pays very little of his time to the rearing and education of his daughter, but suddenly he remembers her before her first ball and gives the girl a very beautiful necklace. At the ball this ornament finds out Earl Roland: it was owned by members of the Royal family.

FILIAL, surprised suspicion and numerous questions, sent back to the father. She hopes to get an explanation, but finds only panic. Dee, who turns out to be was a warlock, accused of heresy, and he must flee, leaving the house, daughter and the young student.

4. The story of the country of coloured clouds (2006-2008)

In the country of coloured clouds ended the civil war, but the capital is still not in a hurry to come prosperity and wealth. Saran and Sura – a son and a daughter To the Keeper of the library, located in the Palace. They are quite a impoverished noble family, so youth has to look for work. Suddenly it Advisor to the Emperor: Sure may in time become the wife of the Emperor, and her brother – bodyguard.

3. Whisperer animals Erin (2009)

The Empire Reza keep higher power. It originated among the human chaos and eternal battles. Only here during hostilities used Toda: powerful lizards, like dragons. To do their farming and training very difficult, so Solon, the young woman, quite respected in the village of ake. With the lizards are working all the inhabitants of this village one way or another. Erin is the daughter of soyon, which she tried to dissuade him from the dangerous family business, but it turned out that the girl's future was predetermined.

2. The twelve kingdoms (2002-2003)

The twelve kingdoms – a parallel reality, reminiscent of China the feudal lords. In this world power is blessed by the gods, at night the demons come, and the children are born on the sacred tree. Soredemo, magicians, monsters – all that's normal in the Twelve kingdoms. Into this world enters a high school student from Japan named Yoko Nakajima. She was to be the ruler.

1. Workshop Eski and Logs: Alchemists of the twilight sky (2014)

On the border of the Dark lands and the Kingdom has a small town Colset. The gloomy land is desert expanses with the remnants of the ancient state. Caseit was supposed to be the base, which would be studied flying in the sky island, but the project was closed because vehicles could not reach the destination. However, air port, through which Caseit and survived. People in this city deal with the current problems, exploring ancient ruins, in the Apple orchards. Alchemy is basic science in Colzate, and once there start working young professionals: Logs and Eska.

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