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10 anime similar to "Tokyo ghoul"


"Tokyo ghoul" anime series which is very thrilling story. Ken Kaneki – ordinary students, who have to be treated in hospital. With him in trouble: in his body are the bodies of creatures that eat human flesh. They are called ghouls. Because of this, Ken himself is transformed into such a creature and becoming an outcast in the human world. This article describes the anime that the atmosphere can be compared to "Tokyo ghoul".

10. "Parasite" (2014-2015)

Parasites live at the expense of other creatures. These creatures are very strong. Their main goal – the human brain: through it they fully possess their victims. However, some people are lucky much stronger than others. Shinji Izumi, an ordinary schoolboy, managed to escape. Now, however, Izumi has had to fight against other parasites that are more powerful: if he will not do, you will not be able to survive.

9. "Wonderland suicide" (2011-)

Ganta Igarashi is an ordinary schoolboy, but suddenly the life of this teenager becomes completely different. All his classmates die at the hands of the red Man. In Ganta also gets some crystal. Some time after brutal murders Igarashi declared guilty of this crime. Teenager sentenced to death, and he is in prison, which is called "Wonderland of death." For the entertainment of visitors there are rides that are deadly. Ganta is subject to the harsh rules established in this place, but still trying to figure out who framed him.

8. "Elven song" (2004)

Lucy is a creature genetically modified. Previously, she was kept in a special prison, but then staged a bloody massacre and escaped from the custody of the government. It refers to beings who are called diclonius. Freed from prison, Lucy loses her memory. To recognize her as a mutant at first glance very difficult, because she looks like a teenager. Her sinister nature give only small horns on your head.

7. "Diary of the future" (2011-2013)

Yukiteru Amano, a loner, a real outcast. Before he just watched everyone around, recording their observations in a mobile diary. Deus, God of time and space, is the only being with whom Yukiteru communicates constantly, but the guy thinks his friend is just a figment of the imagination.

After some time, Deus makes the diary Amano starts to show what will happen in the future. Soon Yukiteru becomes aware that he is not alone is the owner of this diary. Owners 11, and each of them must try to save his life.

6. "Humans" (2016)

Some people think that immortality is the best that can happen to a person, however, all is not so simple. After all, what would happen if people no longer die? The consequences will be unpredictable. That's exactly what happened: in the world there are humans who possess extraordinary powers and are physically immortal. K. Nagai lost his life after a road accident, but now he never dies, and it begin to hunt criminals, the government and even other humans.

5. "Beyond" (2013-)

In Japan, ghouls, monsters, monsters called Yochai. Their rare representative is Akihito Kambara: there flows the blood of not only monsters, but also people. He did not alienated, embittered because of his otherness on the other, and just want to live a normal life. Until then, some days Akihito was held in a measured and calm, but one day he wanted to become the Savior of a beautiful girl, then a young hunter of spirits made him a walking target. Now Akihito will have something to do with it, and as quickly as possible.

4. "Akame GA Kill!" (2014)

Tatsumi – an ordinary guy from the countryside, he is a swordsman. The villagers begin to starve, and he has to go to work in the capital. When Tatsumi gets to town, he realizes that that is not the way it wanted to show. The capital is mired in lawlessness, cruelty and corruption. Tatsumi will need to fight with the Prime Minister, because of which all this happened, but the handle alone is very difficult, so he will find like-minded people.

3. "Garo: Seal of flames" (2014-2015)

Advisers of the king, seized power, declaring a hunt for demons and witches, called Nightmares. However, this is just a cover, which you can use to destroy the "Knights of the Underworld" and priestesses that protect people. Leon – the direct successor of the Golden Knights, and he needs to get legendary Golden armor. The banished Prince Alfonso also looking for the Golden Armor to once again become ruler and Savior of his people.

2. "The Pulse Of The World" (2014-)

When the door opened to another dimension, the Earth was a giant indestructible monsters. Their technology was more advanced than human weapons. In the result, the world is under serious threat. For the Earth was created "Border", a mysterious organization whose members learnt to apply the technology of monsters, then to himself to use them.

Osamu Mikumo an Intern at "the Border". He met with his age, being the owner of a very powerful weapon. Then, Mikumo learns that his new friend is one of the monsters, however, seeks to protect people from "their".

1. "Tokyo ESP research" (2014)

Urushima Get an ordinary schoolgirl, who is studying in high school. Rinka and her unemployed father were very poor, one day was like another. One day she found on the street penguin, which hovered in the air. She began to see other strange things: for example, large shimmering fish. She discovered her ability to phase through objects, her father started to pull in metal... Life of a schoolgirl and the people around her was completely different.

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