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10 anime similar to "the Killer of Goblins"


Killer Goblins is a popular Japanese anime that came out in 2018. Original title of the film is Goblin Slayer. Exciting plot of the anime won't one fan of those genres. The plot develops in a world full of monsters and desperate adventurers. Experience adventurers must destroy the goblins, because they are the weakest of the remaining monsters. But the plan of adventurers is about to collapse and the band on the verge of death. To help the newcomers comes a strange man in armor and saves them.

Exciting adventures are just beginning, only having watched the anime to the end, you can learn the secrets of this world. Fans of such anime is to watch more paintings similar to "the Killer of Goblins".

10. Gungrave2003-2004

The picture consists of several series, which contain elements of computer games. The series reveals the theme of friendship between the main characters, and touches on the themes of betrayal and lies. The plot is based on the fates of two friends who spent their childhood in the orphanage. From childhood, they fought for the truth and helped each other survive in a harsh world. Harry and Brandon throughout life complement each other — one silent, the other is eloquent. Only help and friendship to help them in this difficult time. How will they cope with difficulties in the mafia world, you can only learn after watching all the series of this anime.

9. Kleymor2007

Japanese anime consisting of 2 episodes, each lasting 25 minutes each. Among the strange creatures that can transform into humans there is good and neutral. They are the most terrible human, after all, creatures replenish their strength by feeding on human meat. Monsters take the shape of any resident of the community, live there and meet their nutritional needs. And some of them even make families and children. How to calculate and overcome? The answer to this question begins after meeting a human boy and a girl, which is the child of such beings.

8. Evangelion1995-1996

15 years after a terrible disaster on Earth, humans were on the verge of extinction. Those who were able to stay alive met with even more serious difficulties — the planet begin to attack mysterious creatures called Angels. Only robots made by special technologies which can resist unexpected guests on Earth. But it is not so easy to control the robots can only, those who can feel it, like yourself. People furiously trying to learn to control them and save the Earth.

7. Demon against demon2007

Dante — man-demon, he should be proud of their amazing features. His father is the most powerful Demon. Only now his son has gone completely the other way. Dante gets on the opposite side of darkness, and to hunt demons. Native family turns away from him, because, in fact, it goes against the call of the blood. Dante opens his case, earning the destruction of the demons. But not everything is going smoothly. Hero is in great trouble, with which he must cope. Can he change and become like his father or to choose your own path different from demons.

6. The invasion of the titans2013-

For a very long time people are fighting with the titans, who are not very smart. These creatures are very dangerous because they eat people. After numerous warrior, the people decided to erect a huge wall that the titans were unable to break into their territory. Life seemingly began peaceful. But in a moment the wall began to crumble, she spotted two teenagers. The destruction contributed to one of the titans. His power and strength was simply extraordinary. Children see the horror that is happening with the arrival of the titans, and promise yourself to avenge your family.

5. Terraforming2014-

Mold and cockroaches are the most tenacious organisms. Their launch to the planet Mars to prepare it for occupancy. Five hundred years humans arrived on the planet to verify the possibility of resettlement. But the planet is already ruled by cockroaches-monster. However, these monsters feed on humans! Time people have little need to move to another planet, because on earth the outbreak of the terrible disease. How to deal with huge cockroaches? What will take people to save humanity from destruction...

4. The valor of the knight-loser2015

In the mysterious world of the human soul can be a weapon. But not all knights, with the gift can do the magic. The average student Ikki just studying this craft, but he is not lucky. He be named a knight is a loser. But in an educational institution introduced new rules that all the losers have to live in a separate room. So he meets a girl named Stella. Their adventures are just beginning, and they go hand in hand, coping with failure, and opponents.

3. The celebrated2006

Difficult fate befell the main character. He found the inhabitants in the forest unconscious and brought to the village. Treated the wounded Hakuoro three women. When he recovered, he clearly decided his fate and decided from now on to fight evil and a betrayal of the people. In the village the hero saw that the people do not live and suffer. The ruler of them just scoffed at them. And then Hakuoro decided to revolt. And when he had achieved their goal and overthrew the ruler, it came under a responsibility for the people. But how to cope with it?

2. Akame GA Kill2014

A simple guy from the village decided to go to the capital to earn money for his family. When he had come a long way, saw that the capital only illusions. In the city ruled by corruption and lies. Rulers is a dirty, deceitful and greedy people, which urgently need to be removed. How does he cope with this task and will save the country? An urgent need to seek support and assistance to save the people from lawlessness and poverty. On the way the hero of many difficulties, betrayal and deception, but he will be able to succeed and become a true hero of his time.

1. Berserker1997-1998

War drama, where the plot is the life of a mercenary who became a demon hunter. On his way there is love and betrayal, life and death. He alone has to fight with "darkness" lies and overcome many obstacles. Only one loyal friend is always with him is sword. Who can help to get out of the most dangerous adventures. His desperate faith in life and truth could lead him to death. But the hero does not give up, going to their targets in the fight for the truth. Only he is not afraid of neither the king nor the demon and is willing to put his head in the name of other people's lives.

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