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10 attributes of women's "beauty", from which the men are sick


Fashion is very changeable. And if most women blindly follow its trends, men treat it quite calmly. The idea of beauty, women change constantly. But most of the girls adhere to the accepted canons of beauty. So they are trying to please men. Women can not even think that all those efforts were futile. After all, most men absolutely do not share their views on attractiveness. You know that men are interested in feminine lady, they do not understand the fashion for camouflage or army boots. You could even say "the simpler, the better." No, this is not what you think. It is not necessary to neglect the beautiful costumes and makeup. Just remember the 10 attributes of female beauty, from which the men are sick. And never try to prevent these errors.

10. The abundance of gold jewelry

The woman seems the more jewellery she wears, the better it will look. She puts all that she has, hoping to impress. Don't do that ever, you don't want to resemble a Christmas tree, even very expensive. You probably have not seen the conductors or buses of the saleswomen in the store, where on each finger ring, gold bracelet and chain thickness of a finger. This appearance can attract the attention of mere robbers. A normal man your decorations will not delight, of course, if he's not a gigolo and not looking for another victim. The abundance of ornaments and their discrepancy with its environment indicate a lack of taste. Chain, earrings, bracelet, a pair of rings – the maximum that can be you're wearing.

9. Too long nails

Long nails are very popular with the fairer sex. For a long time already there is an opinion that is very sexy and unscrupulous master of manicure, once again, trying to convince this poor girl. Some go to such a "victim" for the sake of the man she loved. They hope to impress him, to surprise. Often, they succeed. Man, seeing this creation, covers the real horror. Even more annoyed naroscheny nails. Perhaps long nails are associated with the claws of animals, or they are afraid of touching handles with such a "weapon". Anyway, if you are trying for men, choose a manicure, close to natural, soft colors and allowed length.

8. Lips "duck"

Men don't know what I want to Express my woman when doing lips "duck". Some think that she wants to look like a star. Others believe that the woman to kiss. Third thoughts about the fact that the girl hints that she doesn't have enough money for lip augmentation. In the end, that I hadn't thought about the "duck" men, they all share one belief: they think it's stupid. They hate such antics, and the fact that it has become very popular among women.

7. High heels

Long gone are the days when a woman without heels was considered unattractive. Now you can choose much more comfortable footwear. A girl hobbling in the cold on a huge heels, only causes pity or laughter. In addition, very little girls who know how to walk nicely in high heels. Of course, one need not completely abandon them, but pick a height that will allow you to walk normally. Comfortable shoes will make your gait beautiful. You will feel confident this is a much better mythical sexuality high heels.

6. Tons of makeup

Men can't stand a heavily painted women. Such a person they perceive as a mask, they are even beginning to question the attractiveness of women. Especially for men, the experiment was conducted. They were shown pictures and asked to choose the most beautiful girl. The first photo was a picture of the girl, the makeup of which would be envied Marilyn Manson. The second makeup is absent. The third beauty did the makeup, replicates as closely as possible natural. Of course, the man chose the third girl, and they naively believed that she was not wearing makeup. So men are sick of "war paint". Moreover, they believe that it painted only women of easy virtue.

5. Leggings instead of pants, when shape does not allow it

Not long ago, leggings became fashionable again. Women joined for a stylish thing, absolutely not paying attention to your figure and age. It makes no difference that it looks disgusting. Hundreds of baby fat still flaunt through the streets in fashionable tights. Actually leggings, stylists recommend, even skinny girls wear with a long tunic or shirt that will hide all the problem areas. Wear them with short t-shirt can afford very young girl. Particularly worth noting leggings leopard, their men are absolutely can not tolerate.

4. Uggs in the city

According to men, ugg boots can ruin even the most beautiful figure. Walk in them losing the femininity, the girl shuffles feet and looks like old woman. When ugg boots long worn they be worn out on one side, there can be no question of beauty. You can often see a woman in an elegant fur coat and ugg, this looks ugly. Such shoes can be worn on outings or to the country. But to go she is not worth it. Now a lot of variants not less convenient and beautiful shoes, but women still can't part with their beloved uggs.

3. Excessive tanning

Women are naive to think that tanning adds to their attractiveness. In fact, at the sight of such beauty in men occurs one thought – "grilled chicken". Do not get involved yourself and Solarium, it is very harmful for the skin. Amateur tan look much worse than their contemporaries who do not abuse them. Dark skin tone, you add a few years, wrinkles become much more visible. Your skin certainly will not tell you "thank you". Tan is able to dehydrate the skin, it very quickly gets old.

2. Clothes with rhinestones

Men will never understand women's love to all bright and screaming. The same attitude they have cause rhinestones, sequins, glitter. They really do not understand why a woman puts on such a thing. At the sight of her he has only one Association – Christmas tree. If you wear a dress with rhinestones or blouse, decorated with sequins, for work or a date, wait for the sidelong glances of men. And not only men, the truth is, these things look like in very poor taste. You can afford to wear a similar thing to the party, but of the everyday wardrobe, they should be deleted.

1. Too complicated hairstyles

Men often differ in their views on female attractiveness. Some consider beautiful women with long hair, others prefer short. But neither the one nor the other do not like the complex hairstyle. They look unnatural. In addition, the winner of the "monument" all the time worried about the integrity of their hair, afraid to once again move. Men such behavior is too annoying. Men like naturalness in everything, no exception hairstyles. Clean healthy hair like them more than the meter structure with rhinestones and feathers. Also like men light the air waves.

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