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10 pregnant stars who will become mothers in 2018


So arranged our world that every day, every hour and every minute on all life continents children are born. Boys and girls, twins and twins. For each family the birth – moment exciting, reverent, and intimate. However, there are those with the highly anticipated I want to congratulate not only relatives, but also the fans around the world. Stars are public people, their every move under the scrutiny of the media. What can we say about the pregnancy, when an hour after going to the clinic about your situation knows interesting half of the globe. Here, then, are 10 celebrities who are preparing to become mothers in 2018.

10. Hilary Burton

The actress from the USA is already a mother and is preparing to experience this happiness again. In 2010, the stork has already visited Hillary and her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and then the couple had a son. At this time, 35-year-old Burton expects Morgan (which, by the way, already 51!) the girl what became known in September last year. Apparently a considerable difference in age is not only not the least bit embarrassed spouses, but also gives them a just certainty. After all, not every girl (especially the actress) will be decided on a return trip to the hospital after 30, and certainly not any man in the fifties, already having the seven-year-old, ready to become a dad. Well, we can only rejoice and wish Hillary a easy birth!

9. Victoria Raydos

Victoria is known for its successful participation in the famous project "Battle of psychics" (psychic won one of the seasons). But on the personal life Raydos almost no one knows. Meanwhile, things in this respect Victoria very well. The picture is slightly reminiscent of the situation with Hillary Burton from Raydos with her husband Basil Boikova already have a beautiful girl, and this year the couple is expecting the birth of their second child. Taking advantage of the situation clairvoyant, Raydos commented that he always knew how many she will have children, and that at the moment is carrying a boy. We wish the family happiness to Victoria with her husband!

8. Kim Kardashian

The most famous of the Kardashian sisters needs no introduction – everyone knows that Kim has a big and round part of the body of the letter "W". Without a doubt, 100 percent of readers (the male half just to be sure) guessed that we are talking about the tummy Kardashian. Or rather, about the kid who model nurturing to her husband Kanye West. For the first time about the pregnancy, Kim publicly announced within the TV show "the Family Kardashian", where the actress admitted that she carried out her dream. Recall that the famous couple already raising three children, but the Kardashian third generations yet to exist. Good luck, Kim, and a happy trip to the hospital!

7. Jessica Alba

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba with her husband cash Warren has admitted that want a large family. Well, this year they definitely achieved their goal – after all, Jessica is waiting for a visit to the maternity ward for the third time! The couple are raising two beautiful daughters, and this time, the Cache is seriously intends to obtain from his wife cherished boy. However, if it happens otherwise, then you can be sure that in love to the child from it will not diminish – it is known that Alba and Warren are just crazy about their little girls. Idyll, no less! It remains only to wish Jessica a comfortable and painless childbirth.

6. Yelena Isinbayeva

Won all imaginable awards in the pole vault, Yelena Isinbayeva for the second time swung at the main height of his life. In 2014 the athlete in connection with the pregnancy had to interrupt career and competitions, but this time over Isinbayeva is still up a five-meter plank. Happy father both times was made by a member of the national team of Russia on a throwing of the spear Nikita Petinov. The public learned about the pregnancy Isinbayeva, when she arrived at the film festival "Short" in Kaliningrad for participation in a jury – there was noticed rounded tummy legendary jumper.

PS 14 Feb Yelena Isinbayeva gave birth to a boy. Congratulations!

5. Kate Middleton

Replenishment this year will happen in the Royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge is not a debutant in terms of trips to the hospital and preparing for the birth of the third child. About the interesting position of the wife of Prince William was announced at a fairly early period – the reason for this was the strong toxicosis. Middleton almost ceased to appear in public, and the Royal family decided not to hide the established fact of pregnancy. Recall that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are raising a boy and a girl. I wonder what sex will be another grandson of Elizabeth. In any case, it is necessary to wish Kate easily transfer your remaining pregnancy and delivery!

4. Elena Zakharova

Just say that Elena already had a girl. However, we have included Zakharova in our list, because her story is not simple, and many fans followed the news about the pregnancy of the stars. Not all the Actresses (and famous people in General) are eager to share details of his personal life. Especially when it comes to failures, mistakes and tragic events. In the life of Elena Zakharova, alas, there was a place all listed. In 2011, she was given to survive the death of a child and the subsequent care of the spouse. However, the actress has found the strength not only to continue his career, but also to get a loved one. Who he is – is still a secret, but his happiness in the form of a newborn daughter pair to hide.

3. Lyndsey Fonseca

His first dose of fame she received at the beginning of the 2000s, being involved in the TV series "the Young and the restless". Now Fonseca is preparing to play the most important role in life – a loving and caring mother. Unlike many of our current heroines, the journey to the hospital in 2018 will be the first for Lindsay. Information about pregnancy Fonseca gave the fans a very original way: on your page, the actress posted a photo where she and her husband Noah Bean study literature for young parents. While to the naked eye Lindsay's visible tummy.

P. S. 2 Feb Lindsay Fonseca gave birth to a daughter. Congratulations on your firstborn!

2. Coleen Rooney

It is difficult to judge whether famous husband Colin footballer Wayne Rooney is the perfect man. The couple, together 16 years (10 of which married), Wayne has his arm tattooed with the name of his wife, they have three children in the end! But here's the thing – the father of the family quite often appears in stories with girls of easy behavior and driving while drunk. However, Colin is not confused (maybe all these accusations are merely tricks of the media), and she's pregnant with Wayne for the fourth time. Surprisingly, as in the previous three pregnancies Colin, the couple again waiting for the boy.

PS 15 Feb Coleen Rooney successfully gave birth to a son. Shawls not more, Wayne, you got four kids after all!

1. Holly Marie Combs

For the fourth time waiting for the arrival of the stork and Holly Marie Combs, known to viewers by her performance as Piper was Halliwell in the famous TV series "Charmed". Well, a very bold step – after actress for 44 years. However, there is a reason. Holly gave birth to three sons from David Donoho (the kids were born in different years and months but certainly on the 26th in number), which no longer is in a relationship. Now, in the actress's life a new twist, Combs found his dream man in the face of a tank and wants to give him the girl. View, to carry out any desire Holly, or she will follow the footsteps of Coleen Rooney and will be surrounded by boys. In any case, we wish the actress and her now just a big family of warmth and comfort!

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