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10 infuriating things that makes 99% of men


Women and men are very different. It is not easy to live together, especially the first time. The female brain sometimes refuses to understand some of men's actions. What moves men when they do it? Women are not looking for an answer to this question, they begin to find fault, "cut", to quarrel. Sometimes it might end in divorce. If you are sure that only your man can just kink, I can relax, not only your. Many representatives of a strong half of mankind are not adapted to the household, so do not demand much from them. If you love your husband, try to close your eyes to the little things. You will be surprised how it will change your relationship, and to reassure you will be able our article. You'll learn what most men hate in their wives, in some situations you recognise yourself. You will understand that you are not alone and it is not necessary to overreact to normal everyday situations.

10. Men can't cope with the packet of biscuits

There is, of course, scones male can handle it, do not even hesitate. But to open the package he is unlikely to succeed. He doesn't notice that the top package tied with string or ribbon. He will tear it from the side. Men don't worry that the buns will dry up, he has such thoughts simply do not arise. All he can do is throw them in a Cabinet or leave on the table. So do many men, do not help any accusations or scandals. May not be worth starting? Take the new package and put these poor buns. It is not necessary to make a scandal out of nowhere. Even if he opens in a similar way, grains and pasta, take heart. Because if he opens them, probably preparing something. Most likely you, so don't scold your loved one.

9. Open the packaging for them – the whole problem

Men can disassemble a car engine, fix it, install the software on your computer, but to cope with the packaging of yogurt they have is much more complicated. Perhaps this is their weakest point. Even if you need to remove the cover, the man will not go in a simple way. He will break the box and will drink directly from it. Many women it's annoying but what can you do. Apparently a man's brain is arranged so that it can cope with the complex stuff, while not to understand (or to ignore) the obvious. Suddenly your husband was thinking about how to save the world. Or at least how to fix your dryer. At this point he can't waste time, no time to consider the box in search of cover.

8. Men put items in the wrong places

He can put the plastic Board in the oven. You still don't check it before switching on? Believe me, not only have you spent the morning in search of his mugs, which yesterday he kindly agreed to carry out after the evening tea in the living room. You've found it only in the evening in the freezer. It has already been noted that husbands have no time to think about nothing. They are concerned about global things. Yes, thinking about: "Lech again defeated me in the future" —for they also are of great importance. Therefore, some of the actions they perform on the machine.

7. Men incorrectly off paper towels

"What's stupid?" — think they are ... wrong. For women every little thing matters. And irregularly torn paper towel freaks them out. Ladies, calm down and exhale. So do all men. Remember 10 years ago when you ran out to a cute classmate. If you were told that it will tear the towels exactly how would you react? It would not make for you any difference. So what happened now?

6. They leave refrigerated foods, the portions which is not enough even Though

A piece of cheese the size of a 5-copeck coin you are no longer surprised. Frying pan with a spoonful of the stew is only affection. Probably, the husband loves you, or to whom he leaves everything. Such is the nature of men. They don't want to wash dishes, throw out the packaging, it's easier to leave a tiny bit later. By the way, "later" never comes, you'll have to eat up or throw away these leftovers "from the master's table". It is useless to say something, to try and retrain him, it will still do that.

5. Men do not know how to open Laundry basket

How else can one explain the fact that the dirty Laundry he folds on the basket, not in it. It may be worth it to give him a master class? "Why should I make unnecessary movements? Still today you Laundry, and even lingerie to disassemble is not necessary. The white basket, black at the corners in the room." Many do not realize a dirty t-shirt or clean, they are trying to remember when we dressed her today or yesterday. Women still require them to have after such a difficult thought process they remembered that the Laundry basket's opening.

4. Men will not spend force on trifles, put the garbage on top of garbage can

They must save power, but rarely a man will open the bin and throw garbage there. The principle of operation is the same as with a basket for dirty Laundry. Moreover, do not demand from her husband's exploits in the preparation of the waste package to further "journey". He won't get it from the bucket to tie. It will charge it to you. By the way, don't forget to put a new trash bag. If you do not, the man will go against the system. He opens the lid and be sure to throw in the trash something dirty, such that you then will have to clean it. Not her husband, the bucket.

3. When a man cooks, the kitchen becomes the dirtiest place in the house

Yes, even if it is 16 floors and 10 entrances. He will not be able to cook porridge and not spill the milk. Even the dumplings I will try them to escape, and they got it. But it would be the man to clean the stove? Of course not. So be careful that hinted to his beloved on a romantic dinner. The dinner will be held, and a pile of dirty dishes will have to wash you. And dirty stove, and dirty floors. If your man cooked lunch or dinner, stain all the dishes, not criticize it. Thank, praise, and dirty dishes is not so bad. Do not spoil the festive mood. Men it's not every day agree to such feats.

2. They don't know how to use simple appliances

Your husband probably does not know from what side to approach to a slow cooker. He does not know how many required detergent for the dishwasher and how much powder for washing. So, if you give him instructions, ask if he knows how to use these devices. Do not trust him, if he answers in the affirmative. If possible, do themselves. If not, at least check it out. Do not trust your husband do the Laundry. He even suggests that your white lace underwear can not be washed with his black socks and jeans. And modes of washing for him does not exist.

1. They don't know how to dress children

If the street you will see children who are dressed very strange, you know, most likely mother was not at home. Many men in the unpretentious clothes, the more they will not pick up clothes for the children. About the purpose of some of the things they do not even know. The Internet is very much funny photos on this subject, and it is not a photomontage. Leave the husband and children, leave clear instructions about what to wear, to whom and in what order. Otherwise a photo of your kids too will get the world wide web. If he can not cope with the task, at least laugh. What makes your man with humor, then you and him will be easier.

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