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10 “harmless” habits that destroy even the strongest marriages


Many people think that family relationships are strengthened over time by themselves, without any effort on the part of the spouses, but it is not. You must do everything in order to constantly improve the atmosphere in the marriage. You should also avoid "harmless" habits that destroy even the strongest family. After reading this article, you will learn what not to do, while staying in the marriage.

10. To play husband and wife

A modern ladies can't get enough of their own earnings and career, even if the husband makes really good money. However, some women still believe that a wife should not work, and the representative of the stronger sex must always assume the role of breadwinner. There are men who think that the working spouse is a blow to their self-esteem. Very good, when such people enter alliances with each other: usually between them there is complete mutual understanding. However, be aware that there are others that do not depend on stereotypes. Assume that the second half is something to be default (only because she was born a woman or a man), not, otherwise, you can quickly ruin a relationship.

9. To underestimate the importance of touch

To touch each other, to give hugs need, otherwise, the family relationship will cease to be warm. The husband and wife will not like the lovers, and roommates. It's not about passion, but of tenderness: you can say that family life is much more important than the first. Show affection with hugs, kisses and touches me every day. The only way your partner will feel that he is still needed and loved.

8. News home lifestyle

Even if love is very strong, after years of family life passions begin to subside. Usually in a relationship that long, it becomes less new experiences, exciting events. Some spouses justify that to live much more comfortable and familiar. However, periodic "bursts" are required, otherwise a joint evening spent watching TV, quickly begin to pall.

Of course, it is not necessarily always somewhere to go, as in the beginning of the relationship. Get out somewhere at least once a week, on weekends. This will be enough to ensure that family life is not associated with a swamp.

7. Roughly to sort things out

Sometimes it is useful to let off steam, but that does not mean that you can yell at loved ones (and especially to beat them). If you feel that you are on the verge, not srevices the husband or the wife, better go to another room and be alone or go for a walk. Discuss problems with your partner when you can fully calm down. So it will be easier to find a way out, besides you're not breaking even more firewood.

6. To take care of the look of attitude on the part of

This habit is very dangerous. It negatively affects not only relations between spouses. Due to this habit people can cease to understand how he perceives their marriage to get lost in their own feelings. Attention should be paid only to the person, well if you together, not what other people think (even if they are your relatives).

If you encounter problems in the family follows them out. To do this, you must communicate with your other half, look for different compromises, the way out of the situation. So you can become a truly happy couple, and not just to make an impression.

5. Be afraid of friends

In some cases, after the wedding the couple forget about their friends and begin to hold each other all their free time. However, it should not do. People create social. Everyone needs to communicate with their peers, get support from them, experience. Even if you are very much like husband or wife, sooner or later you will want to relax from the second half in the society of a good friend. However, each must be good: learn how to distinguish such people from the haters and energy vampires.

4. Scoring

Not followed during every quarrel to remember your loved one mistakes that he made in the past. Try not to repeat very often words like "again" and "again". One of the most common mistakes is to remember every mistake you make partner, "keeping score" in my head. It's very bad for family life, is causing the undesirable excitement. Stop each time to hold a grudge and remember the mistakes of the husband or wife: it is better to learn to deal with issues immediately, talking about them honestly and openly.

3. To be offended by words and phrases

Quarrels from time to time arise in all families, even in the most strong and friendly. This is absolutely normal. Not normal is when people are not trying to deal with the problem, to compromise, and immediately begin to fully Express their negative emotions, be offended by every word. Try to control yourself from anger, resentment can be very hard to ruin even the strongest relationship.

2. Making the partner a hostage of their emotions

Bad days happen at all. There is nothing wrong with that, sometimes complaining its second half on recurring problems. However, you should not cry constantly, especially if you're sensitive. People who are often offended, tend to expose their partners to blame for the lack of sensitivity and care, and it is unfounded. Partners of people who always complain and in some ways blame them, very hard mentally: some sooner or later do not stand up and leave the family.

1. Overly dramatic

Some people tend even from small quarrels to inflate a tragedy on a global scale. Living with them very difficult, because their partners (as in the previous case) have great psychological pressure. Avoid unnecessary drama, labels (e.g., "you never" "you always"), and even more blackmail.

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