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10 insanely wealthy stars who grew up poor


Presenting the life of famous personalities always seem to achieve such success is possible only with financial means. But in fact, many celebrities come from normal families. Many of them are childhood grew even in poverty. And now imitate them practically the whole world. Hard work and energetic character allowed to reach to these people what they have now. By reading the biographies of such personalities, you begin to understand that nothing is impossible. The main thing is not to give up before the first failure and move forward.

10. Tom Cruise

World-famous American actor Tom cruise spent his childhood in new York. Tom's father was mentally unbalanced tyrant and for any offense rigidly isbaal son. Because of this, the mother of the future actor had to divorce her husband and to support his family. It is difficult to believe that in childhood the mother of the actor had to work in four shifts to support themselves and three children. But despite this, the money the family is still not enough. Often, the family simply went hungry, having no money for food.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker

The star of Sex and the city, the singer of the iconic image of Carrie Bradshaw also grew up in a large poor family. She has seven brothers and sisters. Father left the family when Sarah was a baby and brought up her children's stepfather. He worked as a driver, so the family income was modest. Had to work all from childhood, including the actress. Fame Sarah came through the mother, who noticed the talent of his daughter. Youth girl began to participate in the Broadway production, thereby earning a living for themselves and their family.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Now the dream of many women Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most popular and highly paid actor in Hollywood, but as a child the actor's life was not so fabulous. Leo grew up in a seedy area of Los Angeles in poverty, prostitutes and drug addicts. It would seem that the fate of the actor was sealed. Having spent his childhood in the neighborhood of drug dealers and pimps, we can assume that Leo had to do the same, but the movie saved him, as he himself says. One day the boy said he wanted to become an actor and achieved it. Due to the fact that Leo wanted to quickly and easily earn a lot of money, we can enjoy a brilliant game that actor.

7. Nastasya Samburski

The star of the show Univer Russian actress Nastassja Samburski grew up in a very poor family. When Nastasia was 5 years old her dad was jailed and his mother had to raise children alone. Where is the father of the actress is unknown, but he and his brother agree that he is a drunkard. In winter, the girl even had to go to school in lightweight shoes, because the money on warm boots, the family was not enough. After high school, she had to work three jobs to pay for their tuition and support themselves. At the moment the girl talks with my mother and brother for unknown reasons.

6. Jennifer Lopez

Future world-famous singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was born and grew up in a poor area of new York in the Bronx. The family had to live in a small apartment with sisters and parents and make ends meet. The talent of the girls childhood, she entertained the whole family with his singing. After some time in College, she decides to leave him to dance. The family of this decision does not support. Disagreements with the mother pushing a future star on leaving home and homelessness. Now, thanks to the hard work, Jennifer is known throughout the world.

5. Eminem

Eminem is now firmly entrenched in the history of Hip-Hop as one of the most talented rappers in the world. Needless to say, what is the title of a white guy got incredible talent. But this serene life rapper was not always the case. Father threw Marshall (the real name of Eminem) when he was 18 months. The mother of rapper hardly be called exemplary. She constantly changed partners and did not care about the fate of the child. All his childhood, the musician spent on the road. Housing family received in Detroit, where the predominant African-American population. The boy often had conflicts at school. Early Eminem had to provide for themselves. He was expelled from school. Then he worked in a factory for a pittance. A difficult childhood had a strong influence on the creativity of the rapper. Many of his songs dedicated to those difficult times.

4. Vera Brezhneva

Russian singer and former member of VIA gra Vera Brezhnev also grew up in a poor family with three sisters. She often had to wear the clothes of the sisters. The girls ' father was disabled and couldn't provide for his family. From the early years of the Faith went to work as a nanny and even a dishwasher. At school the girl had not sweet. She is constantly bullied and humiliated, and battered and worn clothing was often the subject of ridicule from classmates. Due to the lack of money she couldn't get at their own prom, because to buy a dress for the evening she was not for that. My first serious royalties for performances of the singer preferred to spend on clothes. Faith was able to overcome all the complexes and become one of the leading singers of the national scene.

3. Jay Z

The story of how a simple boy from a dysfunctional African-American district became a rap star common in the Hip Hop industry. One of these boys has become an influential rapper Jay-Z. That year, the rapper included in the list of the richest Hip-Hop artists. But in childhood the musician had to go through poverty. Jay-Z grew up without a father. Four of the children were raised by one mother. To earn the musician in his youth, had to sell drugs. Money is not always enough to pay for public services. Now Jay-Z is married to famous singer beyoncé and brings with her three children.

2. Kristina Asmus

Star of a successful TV series on TNT Interns Kristina Asmus was born and raised in a large family. Christina's father was often gone for work, and children grow up with only a mother. The family had to huddle in a communal flat. The girl wore old clothes for the older sisters. Despite a difficult childhood, a girl dreamed of a better life. After high school, the future actress decided to enroll in the Moscow art theatre. But failed, cause of failure was the wording "did not meet expectations". Cristina returned back home to Queens and played several years in local theater. Two years later he entered the Schepkin drama school and was able to build a career as an actress.

1. Selena Gomez

Disney Princess, actress and singer Selena Gomez was born at a very young family. When Selena's mom got pregnant, she was only 16 years old. The father of the girl was 17 years old. To feed themselves and their daughter Selena's mom had to work multiple jobs. They lived in appalling conditions in the Texas wilderness. From a young age, the girl seen what people do for the sake of survival. Difficult living conditions tempered the nature of a future star. For success she was ready to go on heads and achieve your goals, no matter what. Career of the future star was doing her mom. Now Selena Gomez – the idol of millions of girls around the world. Perhaps she would not have achieved such success without knowing all the "charms" of poverty.

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