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10 crazy medical procedures from the past


View of the world, people used to be very strange. In the past, for example, many believed that it is possible to fall off the edge of the world, if you cross the ocean. Modern people only laugh at such assertions. However, the errors of doctors, which were circulated in the past, are more likely to cause terror, not laughter: today they seem to be just wild. Consider the incredible medical treatments from the past.

10. Web from malaria

Previously, malaria was dying a lot of people, and for a long time no one had no idea how to cope with this disease. Before the use of quinine and modern medicines, people began to use a very unusual remedy for malaria: spider's webs. It is not used in pure form, but mixed with medicines. In Italy popular special remedy for malaria: walnut shell with a spider inside that needed to carry. Spidery web is no longer relevant, in the 17th century was brought to Europe quinine.

9. A diet of worms

More than a century ago among the fair sex were in fashion strong thinness. For this reason, began to actively produce means for weight loss, comprised of tapeworms. However, ladies are not immediately realize that such tools not only promote weight loss, but also cause a lot of problems: malnutrition, sleep problems, lack of nutrients, and diarrhea. At the present time, the existence of such a strange method of weight loss confirm but rumors and old ads.

8. Cannibalism cures all diseases

During the Renaissance, in European countries against colds, nausea, vomiting, and seizures of epilepsy treated a human flesh. Even priests and members of Royal families were asterales fat, and ate human flesh, some drink blood. In 16-17 centuries such treatment was the same demand as the use of various tools based on herbs. It is possible that cannibalism in the European countries spread the ancient Romans and Greeks. This way of dealing with disease existed in Europe for quite some time, but in the 18th century, people have stopped eating human flesh.

7. Crocodile droppings

Crocodile excrement they used to use in order to avoid conception, to neutralize the sperm. Such remedies were described in Ancient Egypt. Crocodile excrement could help prevent pregnancy, because they are alkaline properties (which, however, is expressed not very much).

6. Bat's blood from blindness

The place, located along the Nile river, distinguished by the environment, which is ideal for the emergence and development of various eye diseases. In ancient times, they are suffered by the inhabitants of Egypt. They are all the time looking for different tools to combat such diseases. One of the most unusual methods of treatment – instilled directly into the eyes of the blood bat. People thought that the vision of such animals is perfect, because they are remarkably oriented in the dark, and wanted to pick up this ability through the blood.

5. Hysteria in women

The ancient Greeks believed that a wandering uterus moves through the body of a woman, following the alluring scents and hiding from the not so pleasant odors. Many were convinced that the movement of the uterus cause the lack of sex and excessive fatigue. Due to the wandering of the uterus in ladies had emotional and physical problems, which are called "hysteria". The doctors outlined the main symptoms of this disease: heartburn, breathing problems, dizziness, pain in the head. There were the main ways of combating hysteria: pregnancy, eating something nasty (e.g. faeces) and the use of vaginal plugs, with a pleasant aroma.

4. Moldy bread

In ancient times the Egyptians used the bread mold in order to disinfect the wound. In a certain sense it was, because dangerous bacteria cease to develop as a result of the effects of certain mushrooms.

3. Smoking tobacco from asthma and cancer

Arriving in America, Europeans learned about tobacco, starting to contact with its indigenous inhabitants. The Indians smoked it in order to cope with various diseases, and also during religious holidays. Europeans brought tobacco home in the middle of the 15th century, and it quickly gained popularity. Some doctors tried to convince people that it can be used to fight a variety of diseases, including cancer. Many were convinced that the tobacco helps to cope with asthma. People thought so until the 20-ies of the last century, and then the doctors noticed that Smoking is not struggling with the disease, and becomes the cause of their occurrence.

2. Shark cartilage

Before people bought the shark cartilage to cure cancer. In the middle of the last century, the physician John Prudden began to explore the possibilities of the use of cartilage to fight against various diseases. Then he claimed to have learned how to cope with cancer.

There were no studies physician did not undertake to repeat them, but in the early 90-ies of the last century, the use of shark cartilage for cancer has gained much popularity. It happened when was released the book about the fact that sharks don't get cancer. It was written that such fish are protected from the terrible disease because of the cartilage, which almost completely consists of the skeleton. Then found out that it is not, moreover, it was discovered a few fish with cancer.

1. Healing properties of dog feces

Problems with the throat periodically occur in all people, and at the present time no one is trying to cope with this disease through dog excrement. However, in the middle Ages fared very differently: a treated sore throat was in such an unusual way. Dog feces are dried, milled and consumed with honey. It was believed that this method of treatment allows to cope with sore throat.

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