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10 crazy ways to hide the alcohol in the clothes


Not always and not everywhere it is possible to consume alcohol openly, not hiding from the prying and judgmental eyes. For example, you are going on holiday with a big company, consisting of work colleagues, but no one else is drinking, and you need to slightly relax and feel comfortable to drink out in the open uncomfortable. To cope with this problem, there was invented a lot of creative ideas how to hide the alcohol, to carry it unnoticed to the celebration, and while no one sees, a little to taste. About how to disguise alcoholic beverages with the help of clothes we describe in our article on.

10. Sports bra

Ladies invented a rather original way to hide a bag of wine or a cocktail in the sports bra for fitness, yoga and other favorite women's sports. Of course, in this kind of outfit is unlikely to go to a Christmas party with colleagues and superiors. But to wear it, if you allow the figure to meet non-drinking friends, held in the country or in nature, is quite acceptable. Derived from a bag with alcoholic beverages tube will allow you to take a SIP quietly from friends at any time want.

9. Jacket for drinking

Also the fans to quietly SIP a beer or another alcoholic beverage have been designed away jacket sweatshirt with pocket flasks, pocket for bottles and a zipper that can open any container with alcohol.

The jacket is just made for Hiking with tents in which company makes the sober people. She'll help and allow you to take a SIP of the drink imperceptibly.

In addition, the jacket can be worn on the street and strain drink unbeknownst to law enforcement officers, who is known to prescribe a penalty for the open drinking of alcoholic beverages in public places.

8. Mitten-flask

A great gift for the winter holidays will be mitten-flask. This thing is a must for those who like a lot of walking in the cold season. It will help them keep warm, because it is possible to hide a small bag with lid, which is poured brandy, whiskey and any other noble strong drink. Touch a drop of alcohol is easy, it is only necessary to Unscrew the cap and put a hand to her mouth.

Mittens-jar is the perfect invention for young lovers, who adore long walks in the winter woods. But those who like to skate in the stadium, it is better not to get involved in the drinking of mittens, as they need maximum concentration.

7. Lipstick flask

One of the interesting ways to hide alcohol products is the lipstick flask. The invention will be suitable for those who like to hang out in night clubs, but do not want to spend money on alcoholic beverages. To avoid the attention of security and maintenance staff ordered a couple of cocktails or a bottle of champagne, the rest of the alcohol securely hidden in lipstick-the flask, the possessor from time to time can take a SIP of strong drink. Using the subject, girls can easily save money and have a good time.

6. Umbrella with cache

Umbrella with cache, which is easy to pour a strong drink is an excellent idea. The owner may Wake up hot drink at any moment, and this is very important for cold rainy Russian autumn.

An umbrella perfect for long walks, because while they can be tiring, and a SIP of alcohol will empower and inspire you. You don't need to look ridiculous and defiant, as for example, with a bottle of beer or wine.

5. Handbag-flask

To date, those who like to SIP fine wine in a public place lucky, because especially for them was created a handbag-flask. Of course, keys, money and phone in it not to put in, but pour a little hot drink.

The invention in addition to its direct purpose, can have a charming shape, trim, strap, and become the envy of other fashionistas.

4. Handbag bigger

For those women who are handbag-jar seems small, invented bags of large dimensions, into which fits a sufficient amount of alcoholic beverages. The object disguised under a bag hidden flask of impressive dimensions.

The invention will be useful for those beauties who are going to the party in a restaurant, but not able to order on the spot the amount of alcohol that they need. Easily you can save money by taking a special bag, and discreetly from the waiters to pour into glasses of champagne, wine or Martini.

3. Scarf-Snood

To hide a little bit of alcohol can be in your own scarf, and do it not only in winter but in summer, using an item of clothing made of lighter material.

This method of disguising a flask of wine suitable for romantic natures who love to walk in the evening, admire the sunset, to read, sitting on the bench, interesting book. Decorate a pastime will help you a SIP of your favorite hot drink, made by absolutely imperceptibly.

2. The lotion flask

For those who like to SIP a drink, being, for example, on the beach or lounging by the pool, can be used to mask a small bottle of alcohol, a tube of suntan lotion.

To make an item at home, carefully cutting an empty bottle of the cream and put into a small bottle of hot drink. After that, the rest of the tube is fixed back, the cut can be glued.

1. Shoes with hidden compartment

Real professionals who know how and where to discreetly carry alcoholic beverages and also quietly take advantage of her, used shoes with hidden compartment. Most often resorted to it girls, which was specially designed sandals or shoes on a high platform. Inside the platform is hollow and it can be easy to put a small container with a hot drink. Shoes unlike handbags rarely visiting any of the establishments, so take it to the clubs and restaurants safer and more reliable.

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