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10 biological anomalies, peculiar man


The planet Earth is home to about 7.6 billion people. Of course, they all differ in appearance, but the structure of the body and internal organs all the same. Of course, exceptions are always there. We are talking about genetic defects. The human anomaly has long been of interest to doctors, scientists and ordinary people. However, to explain their origin, no one can. Some deviations already nobody considers as such, they have become quite common. However no one can explain the origin of these anomalies.

We present to your attention 10 biological anomalies humans.

10. Mongolian spot

This bluish spots on the skin of babies. Can be of different size and shape. They are formed in the lumbosacral region. Mongolian spots are a distinctive feature of the representatives of the Mongoloid and Negroid races. If the child was born Caucasians with the same spot, so someone of his forefathers belonged to the "colored" race. Do not be afraid of the Mongolian spots, it is only the occurrence of pigment in the connective tissue layer of the skin. It is not dangerous to the health of the child. Most likely 4 to 5 years it will disappear. But sometimes stains remain for life. After all, if the child was born with a stain, you need to consult a dermatologist, do not own to put him on the diagnosis. Maybe it's something else, and then child health may be under threat.

9. The influence of the Sun on people

Certainly, most people have never heard about science and space science. She is studying the Sun's influence on Earth and humans in particular. Scientist Alexander Chizhevsky devoted to this science all his life. He has conducted studies that correlated all of the most tragic events during the existence of humankind with solar activity. He took into account the most significant historical events: rebellions, wars, revolutions. As it turned out that they happened at the peak of solar activity. Information that the Sun affects the person confirmed. Indeed, the solar flares excite the nervous system. We are talking about magnetic storms. Anyone has ever tested their effect on the body. The person becomes emotionally unstable, some even show aggression.

8. Features of the respiratory system

It seems that he is breathing with both nostrils at the same time. But it's not. Nostrils "work" interchangeably. The nasal cycle lasts an average of 2.5 hours. At this time, one nostril breathes, and the second resting. To explain this phenomenon is the alternation of swelling of the cavernous tissue in the nostrils. Blood vessels are compressed and unclenched. We can say that one nostril breathes 85%, the other for the remaining 15%. In the world 80% of the total population have such breathing, and the remaining 20% — no. Scientists still cannot explain this phenomenon.

7. Paraphilia

Called paraphilia abnormal sexual attraction. In this case, normal is the sex two people have passed the stage of puberty. Here, in addition to traditional sex included oral, anal and some other species. Examples of paraphilia can be: a preference for sexual partners of persons with physical disabilities, paralyzed, interest in enema or urine. But there are other types of paraphilia, which bring harm to others, pedophilia, bestiality. Sick pedophiles do not believe they are punished to the fullest extent of the law, although bestiality, perhaps, too should be punished. Scientists can not give the cause of paraphilia, but they found that increasingly they are neurobiological in nature. Of course, a large influence of psychosocial factors.

6. Left-handed and right-handed

Until now, scientists can't figure out why people can't do things the right and left hand equally. Most people have a leading hand is the right. Therefore, those who have dominated the left hand, life is a little harder. First, everything in this world is designed for right-handers. Second, lefties have much more health problems. Urinary incontinence, immune system disorders, psychological problems. These people are more prone to depression, they are prone to suicide, drug and alcohol dependence. Their life span is also shorter. Children-lefties have difficulty learning, especially when learning foreign languages. But nature often gives them a good mathematical and musical abilities.

5. Sexual deviations

It's hard to draw the line between sexual deviations and paraphilias. In General, all these concepts are very blurred, there is no consensus regarding sexual deviations. Someone thinks this is normal, some would call it as a sexual perversion. All sexual deviations in the behavior of people is more than enough. Some do not need any interaction and sexual partners. They get pleasure from the other. Striking examples of this are exhibitionists. They do not hope for a "continuation", it is sufficient demonstration of their genital organs. For a long time, homosexuality also attributed to sexual deviations. Now in some countries even gay marriages are allowed.

4. Identical twins

A fertilized egg may split into two parts. So begins the life of identical twins. They not only resemble each other in appearance, but have the same genotype. Surprisingly, people who are difficult each other to distinguish, sometimes they are mirror image of each other. The only thing that is not always the same as the twins – foot size. Of course, they differ not only this, but usually an outsider will not notice the difference. Even they have similar fingerprints.

3. Internecine awakening

People no longer get scared when the word "anesthesia". It is in the past many did not survive until the end solely because of anesthesia. In Medieval Europe the patient was just beaten on the head until he lost consciousness. But still some individuals shudder on the mere recollection of the operation. The fact that not all people succumb to the effects of anesthesia. Some hear the talk, the doctors, other even experience discomfort. The issue now is not choosing the wrong dosage. Just 1 – 2 people out of thousands have problems with anesthesia. Scientists can't explain why. Such a person is very hard to decide on the operation, moreover it may start to panic.

2. Chimera

People sometimes also occur chimeras. They are the result of the fusion of two fertilized eggs. The body evolves, and each cell too. In 1953, scientists discovered the woman had two different blood types. The official figure of people-chimeras – 40, in fact, of course, much more. Scientists suggest that the maniac Chikatilo was also a Chimera. Data on the blood and semen had not coincided. Of course, this does not include organisms that are bred artificially.

1. Communication with animals

Also scientists are still at a loss from being unable to explain how the owners understand their Pets. The dog knows when the owner is dissatisfied and when Vice versa. Similarly, a person perceives the non-verbal signals, knowing what kind of spirit is pet. Among the scientists long had disputes, how this process occurs. Can be facial expression, movements of the eyebrows, the eyes correspond to the signals of animals. To be honest, care about is not only scientists but also masters. After all, they would like to better understand their Pets. Most likely, when some animals begin to understand people, and people animals. But it will be a completely different world, not like the one in which we now live.

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