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10 appliances that should be in every apartment


Life does not stand still. The fact that yesterday was a new invention, a piece of luxury today is perceived as a normal thing. Now nobody is surprised by a fridge or a TV, but only a few decades ago they were the ultimate dream for many families. Most of the apartments are now "stuffed" technique. Some devices use every six months. In order not to clutter up the space, you need to decide what appliances you really need. If you can't find the answer to this question, to make the right choice you will help this article. We present to your attention the top 10 appliances that must be in each apartment. But it's not just a list of equipment, this is the ranking of technological innovations for modern people.

10. The system of protection against leaks

Usually people do not think about installation of system of protection against leaks. Many consider it a waste of money. Actually this device is very useful for residents of multi-storey buildings. The risk to flood his apartment and the downstairs neighbors are always available. Even if you are extremely careful, never forget to turn off taps, check the condition of the washing machine, from problems with the pipes no one is immune. Especially if you live in an old house. Install a system of protection against leaks. As soon as the water level rises to 1 millimeter, the water shut off automatically. Of course, the system can hardly be called a novelty. On the Russian market, it appeared in 2000. Now offers more than enough, you can choose for every taste and budget.

9. Automatic humidity sensor in the bathroom

Automatic extractor is very easy to use. Sensors monitor the moisture level in the bathroom when it exceeds the allowable, turn on the fan. Tub will not turn into a steam room. Manufacturers of these sensors guarantees purity and freshness. Of course, you can choose other options. But to turn on the hood manually is not very convenient, many often forget to do it. In the bathroom there is mold. You can enable the drawing simultaneously with the lighting in the bathroom. It's not very economical, the extractor will run constantly, even if you don't need it. So of all the options the automation of the ventilation system in the bathroom is the most convenient and practical.

8. A sofa that is watching how much you watch TV

The French company "Miliboo" invented the couch, which characterize it as "revolutionary new product". This sofa is crammed with electronics. What it is! It can charge phones and tablets to control the TV and other electronics. But that's not all. The main advantage of innovative furniture is that it controls the number of hours spent watching television. Exceeds the permissible norm, the sofa vibrates. Watch series or movies will not work. While the sofa is not on sale, but by its characteristics it is clear that the price is exorbitant. So most Russians have to control the time watching TV alone.

7. Refrigerator

Refrigerators in the USSR became popular in the late 60-ies. They cost expensive to afford them and could not all. Besides, to get this miracle of technology was also difficult, even in the presence of the required amount. But the average fridge now – is the last century. His "brother" is much smarter and smarter than he is. Now the fridge can track the expiration dates. When the term expires, the refrigerator will beep a warning. And he will come up with something to cook for dinner and for Breakfast. It's simple: the refrigerator will suggest recipes of those foods that you put into it. To run such a fridge on your smartphone or tablet.

6. Security system for the elderly

The system will be a great way out if elderly relatives live alone. After all, some of them do not agree to the move. But she will not be superfluous, even if you live together. The system is a sensor that responds to movement. If a person falls or for a long time will not move, it will send a signal to the electronic device. They are fixed on the walls, in case of unusual behavior of the landlord, you will receive the signal, will be able to come and help. In addition, the security system allows you to not invade the personal life of an elderly person, in contrast to video surveillance.

5. The counter, which helps to save on the communal

Counters will save your budget. People rarely install heat meters. Meanwhile, for the heating monthly have to pay a rather large amount. Installation of the system in the format of "smart home" will help you to save. Depending on the temperature outside, the system will either to apply heat or not. Unfortunately, it is very expensive. In addition, to establish a system for one apartment is impossible, only for the whole house. On electricity you can save some money if you go to bed late. Install two-tariff meter. At night electricity is different from daytime. Run your washing machine, recharge your gadgets, use the water heater. If night prefer to sleep, it is better to choose a conventional counter.

4. The regulator, which will protect from dust

This device controls the home climate. It determines the level of humidity, dust. It can also measure air temperature. The data the controller sends to the tablet or smartphone. It not only informs you about the climate in the apartment, but will give advice on how to make it comfortable. That's just a plus to the regulator you will have to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner and air purifier.

3. Water heater

No water heater can not do, if the house is often shut off the hot water. Many people already use this household appliance. However, not everyone knows that there is a water heater that heats water when it is needed. He "remembers" when you take a shower, when washing the dishes. Agree, it is very convenient. It will help to save money as it consumes little power. Additional function – control the heater from your smartphone. Also have gauges that show whether there is enough water to take a shower. Fans of "smart" appliances will appreciate a water heater.

2. "Aromatic" alarm clock

Progress has stepped far forward, and now to Wake up became much nicer. After all, can call not only sound but smell. In appearance, the alarm clock is no different from usual, it looks very stylish. Top – hole capsules. By the way, the aroma can pick up at will: the smell of coffee, citrus, freshness. Also, the top there are buttons with which you configure the alarm clock. By the way, it can be a great gift. The price is not very high, they cost about 6 thousand rubles.

1. Shower, which is easy to save water

Modern people have long save on water, using water saving shower heads. Built-in flow restrictor reduces the pressure of the water. Don't worry, he won't be weak due to the special design, which saturates the water with air. The flow is divided into many small droplets. By the way, these shower heads are often used in hotels, spas and other institutions. And of course, they are suitable for home use. Do not spare money, replace old watering can, you can save much more.

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