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10 household tricks for which you will need only a dryer


To meet a woman who doesn't use a Hairdryer unrealistic. Can we assume that this miracle of technology is in almost every home. But few people know that a Hairdryer can be used not only for drying and styling hair. There are many unconventional ways that will be appreciated not only women, but real men. It will greatly facilitate your life, while you do not need to spend money on different devices that you use every six months. A Hairdryer will solve many domestic problems and again will save you money. Open you a little secret, in the kitchen he has no equal. However, not only in the kitchen. We present to your attention the top 10 household tricks that will need only a hair dryer.

10. Remove the dent in the bumper

Not the usual method, but quite effective. You'll need a Hairdryer, hot water, thermometer, and a magnet. Before you begin, make sure that the bumper is made of materials that can be heated. You must first disassemble the bumper. Warm up its surface with a Hairdryer. When you need to water it with water that is heated to 40 degrees. Again, the dryer, the water is 50 degrees. Take a magnet and start to RUB it over the dent on the inside to help straighten her other hand. Take the time to clean up, even when dent was gone. You need to fix the new form. For this you will need water. Now her temperature should be 35 degrees. Water bumper several times, gradually reducing the temperature of the water. After this procedure, leave the bumper to dry. Take your time, let it lay for at least two days.

9. Adjustable ear pieces

If you wear glasses, are probably faced with the fact that over time they begin to subside. Of course, you can contact the experts who will be able to straighten the arms, but most likely it will not be free. There is no need to pay money if you can do it yourself at home. You'll need a Hairdryer and some free time. Heat the ring until you feel that the plastic became pliable. Give the bow the desired shape. Proceed carefully to avoid damaging the glasses. This method is suitable for glasses with plastic frame. If it is made of a different material, do not attempt to use this method, otherwise you have to buy new glasses.

8. Fanning the coals

If you have lighter fluid, problems with coal swelling will not occur. But if you come to the country and found that again I forgot to buy it? Ignite the coals not obtained, despite the fact that you have half an hour of blowing on them. There is a way to help normal Hairdryer. Direct a jet of air to the coals, the problem will be solved in a matter of seconds. This method is also suitable for lean people who used to save absolutely everything. But do not forget that you will need a power outlet. If you are planning a picnic in the deep forest, it is unlikely that the dryer you will be able to help.

7. Remove wax from furniture

Probably everyone has seen spots of wax on furniture. To create a romantic setting or a festive atmosphere to help spark, but if the wax dripped on the furniture, the mood may be too spoiled. Will have no romance and not up to the holiday, especially women. Don't worry, stains will cope well Hairdryer. Cover the cloth around the stains. Turn on the Hairdryer to medium heat for paraffin. With a soft, lint-free cloth to try to scrub the stain. Don't go overboard with the temperature, you can mess up the paint. If the wax dripped on the sofa, proceed similarly, but use is not rag, and brush.

6. Inflatable mattresses, swimming laps and balloons

If you don't have a special pump, then you know what this torment is to blow up the air mattress, or even an ordinary round balloon. Help a Hairdryer. First you need to choose the nozzle that will fit in size to the diameter of the valve. Use the caps from bottles or packages of ketchup, mayonnaise. Insert the makeshift adapter into the valve hole and turn on the Hairdryer. In any case, do not use hot air, only cold. It is very simple, but fast and efficient.

5. Make delicious glasses for cake

Women who are fond of cooking, you know how difficult it is to achieve a perfectly smooth surface of the cake. Helps neither the blade nor the ruler. Means powerless, the mood is spoiled. Use the Hairdryer. Direct the warm air flow on the cake, the icing will become mirror-like and sleek. By the way, the dryer will be a great helper in the kitchen. They can be replaced with a water bath, melt the chocolate, softening butter, defrosting the vegetables.

4. Quickly defrosts the fridge

Defrosting a refrigerator is a long process. To speed it up, you can use a Hairdryer. It is absolutely safe. Unplug the refrigerator from the network. Turn on the dryer and walk on the most icy places. Observe the safety precautions. If there is accumulation of water on the floor or on a shelf of the refrigerator, turn off the Hairdryer and dry them. Very convenient to use a dryer fridge. After you wash the shelves, they need to dry. You will need a lot of rags or a hair dryer. He quickly dried the surface and will not leave a trace on it. Cloth will be more difficult, it quickly becomes damp, it can be thread, wool, waste. Especially if you have Pets at home.

3. Easy take out the cake out of the pan

To easily remove the cake from the mold, it is recommended to lower it into the hot water. This is inconvenient, especially if the form is split. Use a hair dryer, heat the mold surface, will be able to get the pie. Hairdryer – an indispensable tool in the kitchen. If the cakes stuck to the parchment, do not hurry to tear it off. Pieces of baking paper on the cookie or the cake will look terrible. Heat the parchment Hairdryer, it is easy to fall behind from the baking surfaces.

2. Quickly driven fogged mirror in the normal state

If the mirror is misted from the steam, not in a hurry to wipe it. Take advantage of a more efficient way. Aim the Hairdryer on the mirror, awhile keep it. The veil will come down very quickly. Try to keep the Hairdryer does not touch the mirror, but don't keep it too far. Cold or hot air to choose? There's absolutely no difference. The dryer is much more effective towels, mirror again so quickly misted as if you just wiped.

1. Easily remove stickers from various surfaces

When purchasing a product you don't pay attention to the stickers and they are pasted in the most conspicuous place. Are you trying to get them off, things only get worse. Do not hurry, there is a simple but effective method. In this situation, you can help a Hairdryer. Heat the sticker by the air flow easily off the surface. And no matter what material is made thing plastic, glass, metal. This method will help you to remove the price tag from the gift without damaging the packaging, remove the stickers from chewing gum, which the children love so much.

Now you know that the Hairdryer needed not only to dry your hair. He is able to cope with various domestic problems. You may be able to come up with many more innovative ways to use it.

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