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10 monsters that have been discovered in the depths of the ocean


It's difficult not to agree that nature is a brilliant artist. It creates a creation, which then inspired poets, musicians and artists. But not always the nature of "work" on the creation of fine. Looking, for example, in some animals, involuntarily begin to shudder, from their appearance and the realization that you live on the same planet. Most of the monsters that were created by nature, can be found in the depths of the ocean, and they really can scare even the most fearless person.

10. Fish-drop

One of the strangest creatures on the planet is a fish-drop. This fish inhabits the depths of the ocean, very often fishermen catch her quite by accident. Fish appearance resembles a shapeless mass with a very sad face. This look is made of fish-drop of the star of many memes. Not to say that the creation looks intimidating, rather, just unusual compared to the traditional setting of a fish. Although fish-drop does not apply to edible, some exotic restaurants offer their guests to enjoy its taste.

9. Shark-Goblin

Sharks in principle, it is difficult to call cute creatures, but the shark-the Goblin has among his fellow all records. Evolution operates in such a way to help animals adapt to the environment. And not always these changes are beautiful. A characteristic feature of shark is the Goblin's long nose, which is located above the broad jaw with sharp teeth. The jaw of the fish is very powerful and if the shark caught the prey, the victim of her not going anywhere. The fish lives in the ocean depths where no sunlight penetrates. In this regard, a shark-Goblin very small narrow eyes.

8. Pike sea dog

Habitat pike blennies subtropical sea. A distinctive feature of the fish is a big mouth which is a sign of the superiority of one individual over another. During the clashes of two males, both open your mouth wide and stick to each other. From the outside it looks like a kiss but actually the way males fighting. Pike sea dog is a very aggressive fish and, sometimes, even attacks on divers. During the invasion of outsiders into their territory fish protect it by all means, but in most cases prefers to be in the shelter, sticking out of him only the head. Body pike blennies smooth without a trace of scales and flat, which makes being similar to acne.

7. Grimpoteuthis

Grimpoteuthis or Dumbo octopus lives in the ocean, at a depth of 100-7, 000 feet. This seems unusual compared with the usual representation of the octopus. On his head is located outgrowths, which resemble in appearance the ears. But really it's fins. In length particularly adults reach 20 cm Grimpoteuthis Eats mainly small crustaceans and bivalve molluscs. Food octopus prefers to swallow it whole. To distinguish the female from the male by size and body pattern.

6. Fanged fish

Fanged fish live at depths of over 5,000 meters. The pressure at such depths would flatten a human. But for the fanged fish is the perfect living conditions. The creature's body is very flat. A distinctive feature is a large head and massive jaw, which are located inside huge long fangs, with which the production of this monster, neither is no chance for survival. Among fish this species has the largest teeth relative to its body.

5. Black Fish-dragon

At a depth of 2 km inhabits a unique fish, which is one of its kind can plunge into shock even the most steadfast person. If you look at the creature in the deep waters of the ocean may seem that instead of scales, the fish is dressed in black latex. In addition, her huge sharp fangs, with which she destroys the victims. Like most deep sea fishes, fish-dragon learned to develop glow using bioluminescence. This glow should fish the dragon to attract prey. Dragons are aggressive predators, despite their size. The length of the fish body reaches 16-20 cm Maximum length recorded was 60 cm.

4. Giant Crab spider

The Japanese crab spider is the largest of living on earth, the arthropods. His body together with the claws in length up to 4 m. more Precisely, the body of the crab is small, the main part of the length is claws. To imagine spider crab remember how to look like spiders with long, thin limbs. In appearance, these two creatures are very similar. This crab got its name. Meat of young the giant crabs that have not yet begun to proliferate, even eat. But Mature individuals to prepare delicacies are not suitable. Their meat is tough and tastes bitter due to the fact that crabs prefer to feed on carrion.

3. Pacific Fish-snake

During the day fish the snake prefers to hide in the depths of the water and not stick out. But as the night being moved to shallower areas. There often it enters the network to the fishermen. In captivity the fish-snake does not live long, but because of this, scientists were able to study it in more detail. Around the fish's body located organs of luminescence, which helps her hunt. Massive jaw allows you to firmly hold prey. Closing the jaw, the victim enters the esophagus, where a few curved spikes. With their help, the production is pushed into the stomach. It is a use cavity. Hunt the fish-maybe even a snake on prey. Due to this, the fish aren't hunt for a few days.

2. The vampire squid

The vampire squid is truly a unique creature. In his veins flows the blue blood. And it dwells at depths of up to 1,000 metres, where oxygen levels are so minimal that most of the animals just killed. The vampire squid is a small animal, in length not exceeding 15 cm, But some researchers say that the squid can grow up to 30 cm. the trunk of the animal is the consistency of Jell-o or jelly. Depending on lighting the shade body can change and acquire black, purple, brown or reddish color. The animal's eyes bulging, and also change their hue depending on the lighting. Squid have 8 tentacles, which are connected by webs. On the reverse side of the membranes, there is a small antennae and a needle. At the ends of the tentacles have suction cups.

1. Fish-Ghost

The uniqueness of fish lies in bringing the structure of her eyes. They look more like large orange balls. Next to them are the balls smaller. And this is the second pair of eyes. This feature is due to the need of the animal to be constantly on the alert. Round eyes to allow all-round visibility and don't fall victim to larger predators. Due to the fact that fish eye is divided into two parts, it allows the animal to look backwards and forwards at the same time. While black eyes aimed at finding prey and hunting, large orange eyes watching, not to become a victim of another predator. With all this the fish body, the Ghost is completely transparent.

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