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10 truly useful inventions that make your life easier


The latest technology shock the world – we offer robots, unmanned vehicles, floating isolated city. It's all well and good, but often extended in time and is designed for very wealthy people. And how do we, the common people, which burden the weekday of everyday problems, annoying problems, which could have been avoided with the help of new inventions?

Rejoice! Finally, the scientific community paid attention to the domestic sphere and provided the most useful inventions that make life easier well to the ordinary person. On the one hand, to live without these developments, we could have even somehow adapted. On the other, at an affordable price, we get units that save the most valuable resource – time.

So, consider 10 unique and modern designs for our convenience.

10. Steel pills for cooling

The problem of cooling the liquid with ice as old as the world. The melt water dilutes the drink than spoil its gastronomic properties. Were found other ways is a special thick-walled glasses that are cooled in the freezer and keep the temperature low. But fine glasses development not affected. And here we offer innovative balls of steel that don't need to fill with water. Just cool in the freezer and add a "tablet" of inert metal in any drink, including only boiling coffee or tea. Steel does not rust and does not oxidize, and care is very simple – you can wash a vehicle, as well as in the dishwasher. Cooling properties "thermal balls" get in just 1 hour, which again distinguishes them from ice.

9. Superpostion

Innovative material appearance and texture reminiscent of classic plasticine – soft, pliable, elastic. But then it dries, forming a very durable rubber, which keeps the temperature from 60° to 180° Celsius. The purpose of superplasticity different: child's, "seal" damaged items and appliances instead of tape, providing the convenience of household items. The latter quality can be seen: from superplasticity roll out the cake, which is in process of hardening will serve as the mistress of the potholder hot. Material sticks to any surface, is moisture, harden over night at room temperature, can be removed with the glued surface with a knife or sandpaper, will not fade.

8. Balls for warm-up

In contrast to the cooling designers came up with a special warm-up balls that can be actively applied during Hiking and camping. Base metal this time, not steel, and aluminium. To heat a liquid food or beverage simply place pulsating balls in a container. Electromagnetic induction and the vibration will cause the devices to move independently. The number of balls used will depend on the desired degree of heat and volume of the box. According to the concept of the inventor, in the future it will be possible to manage and with a smartphone, programming warm-up time. So we can avoid any abuse use of the microwave.

7. Wifi-stick

For the modern and trendy young people this high-tech contraption – a real gift. You can draw and write her anything, and after that read information downloaded through the Internet to the cloud. Also fashionable gadget has a built-in microphone, recording voice, speaking as a portable voice recorder for taking notes. Of course, for using fixtures you need to buy special paper on which the plotted point markers. Their pen camera and reads, calculating coordinates. Initial version with 2 gigabytes of memory will cost $ 170, and extended up to 4 Giga version allows you to save only 250.

6. Plug for phone

Do not say that this fixture greatly simplifies life and eliminates worries, but can become a trendy ornament for mobile. In addition, it is functional, as it protects the audio Jack from moisture, dirt and dust. Perfect thing for all modern mobile devices, tablets, e-readers and other gadgets. Normal plugs on the market, was replaced by newfangled in recumbent animals, shiny stones, funny faces, etc. I Think that fans of IPhones will appreciate the fresh trend – and the sea is convenient to take such a thing, because the audio output is frequently fine sand.

5. Suitcase room

Designers Roberto and Antonio Scarponi surprised the consumers a unique design that really deserves attention. Their project "HOtello" is a suitcase-room. The person acquires a large red suitcase, which fits compactly four square meters "organized space", but rather the materials to build lamps, screens, chair, table, bed and even the wardrobe. A relatively small suitcase it is possible to make a personal choice in any area, no matter where you were. Looks like an amazing tent from 4 parts of "Harry Potter", which is able to accommodate a whole house doesn't seem so "magical" invention.

4. Rag-jelly for cleaning hard to reach places

Business people will appreciate the invention, which allows to reach the most dirty and hard to reach areas. Also rag-jelly has antibacterial properties, removing more than 90% harmful microorganisms. The tool is a wet viscous mass with flavor. You just put it on a dusty area (for example, a keyboard or the oven of the machine), press a little and expect a few tens of seconds. Next, smooth motion, remove the cloth. It can be used several times until it changes color, but washing is not recommended. Of course, fat and old solid stain this cloth will not remove, but much easier cleaning, but still produce an antibacterial effect. Keep the product sealed and away from heated appliances.

3. Cup, which squeezes teabags

A real dream office worker who uses a quick brew tea regularly. Dirty workplace with napkins, coasters and drops not good, so you can buy a fashionable device. The Cup handle is designed in such a way that allows you to involve her in a tea bag and carefully squeeze from the remnants of the drink. Next, the string of the bag just wrapped on the handle, and you absolutely nothing in the circle does not stop to enjoy the fragrant beverage.

2. Small handle under the stave

Lovers of music scientists also pleased with the easy invention called Poligraf. Now pupils can save time and nerves, displaying perfectly straight line stave, using a special pen. It consists of 5 rods, allowing for time to undertake the necessary parallel lines under the notes. Kaligraf speeds up and simplifies the process of applying, and the handle design allows you to change spray-painted rods. By the way, now think of the really fashionable and luxury nosography, and can even offer a personalized option for a gift.

1. Mask to control dreams

Lucid dream – the dream of many people, because then we will be able to take power into their own hands and redirect him in the right direction, just like in virtual reality. We will be able to escape from his pursuers, complete paints a love story, to visit strange parts of the world. Developer Steven Laberge closer to this dream by developing a mask to control dreams. Soft device worn over the eyes before going to sleep, after which it reads the movement of the eyeballs under the eyelids in REM sleep. Human device notifies a soft light indication or sound that now has a dream. The mask can be flexibly customized. But in Pro version it is possible to alert using a custom music.

Here are the amazing pieces presented to us scientists in recent years. Technology advances can try to control your dreams. Whether still will be!

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