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Top 10 methods to overcome the self-doubt


Modesty, shyness, gentleness – these qualities are not so bad, but people who have them, life is not easy. Lack of confidence in their own abilities spoils their lives. Too modest student may be alarmed and not to take the examination, although long and carefully prepared. The young specialist refused to work, although he was a good student, smart and is what they want to do in life. These people really want to believe in myself. They dream of becoming overconfident and arrogant, so jealous of friends and acquaintances. But few people get to steel himself. If you are not confident in yourself and you want to change tune to work. No promises that it will be easy. But, deciding this issue, you open the door to another world that will give you much more possibilities. To overcome the uncertainty will help you the top 10 methods. Select the one you like, and use them comprehensively.

10. The method of "incremental loads"

This technique consists of many steps to overcome yourself. The first step is to understand what causes your insecurity. For example, if you are afraid of communicating with strangers, you need to be able to talk to them. Every day step out of your comfort zone, step by step, the fear will gradually go away. First, go to stores, talk to sellers, ask for advice from other buyers. Unable to visit the library Museum. Share your opinions, ask the point of view of others. First you will be very difficult, but after a while, you realize that you easily start a conversation with a stranger.

9. Depreciation

This is a very useful skill. Learn to devalue – life will become much easier. The person often overestimates the importance of any given situation. He thinks that in case of failure, his life will change for the worse. Such thoughts provoke the appearance of excitement and fear. To make it not so difficult. Think what would happen if you will not take this job. You will not receive a salary, you will have nothing to pay the bills, you will die of hunger. You understand that it is not. If your candidate is not suitable to that employer, you can always settle in another place. So whether you want to get upset? If all else fails, ask yourself: "Will I have to worry about it in 10 years?". If not, then you shouldn't worry now.

8. Spontaneous action

If you know you have an important conversation, probably already planned all the questions and answers. Unfortunately, often people can't predict what he will ask. Many continue to plan even during a conversation. Stop what you're doing. Listen to the interlocutor and say the first thing that comes to mind. Otherwise, the brain starts to interpret what is happening as something important. There is a sense of danger. Many in this situation get lost, fall into a stupor.

7. A living example of a brave act

Some gain confidence in yourself helps the other person example. Only need to observe in the same situation behave around. If it's your friends, you can ask them to tell about their feelings at this moment. Any person, even the most modest, does not want to be worse than others. When he sees that other people cope with this task, it is easier to overcome his shyness. Of course, have to transcend themselves. But if this situation happen again in the future, you will become the winner.

6. Relaxation

When a person is under stress, his muscles tense. Scientists have long identified the relationship between the spiritual and physical condition. If you are worried, afraid, try to relax. Imagine yourself in a comfortable environment, think about what could distract you from unnecessary worries. Will be able to relax your body, calm down, fear and worry recede. It is best to practice this method in advance. You have to understand what kind of thoughts you soothe how you will be able to relax.

5. Understanding

Here you need to work on their desires and fears. Calculate the outcome of every situation in which you feel insecure. If you are afraid of socializing with the opposite sex, determine what you're afraid of. Rejection, ridicule, a sense of unattractiveness to the opposite sex or loneliness in the future. Often people's fears are far-fetched. For the most part, they care only about the opinions of others. If you understand what fear can work on your fear. You'll be ready for any outcome, will not be nervous and shaking from fear.

4. Awareness or professionalism

You might notice that you become much more confident, if competent in the matter under discussion. Even the most shy student is more likely to pass if he did his homework. The man who has certain knowledge will not become nervous and afraid. He quietly find a solution, will be able to communicate with others. By the way, sometimes you don't have to be a professional in a different field. Enough of the surface of awareness. But remember, the higher your level, the more confident you feel.

3. Friendliness

If you have a meeting or conversation with an "important" person, try to tune in a friendly way. Be polite, observe the rules of conduct. Try to like this man. You may be able to find out what style of clothing he prefers. But do not fold stick, don't act like this is your old friend. Always remember one thing: it's primarily people with their problems and concerns. If something goes wrong, it is unlikely he will remember this all my life, especially to tell this case to others. If it's a teacher, think how much he has already taken the exams. If the HR Manager how many interviews he conducted. You are the only one not exaggerate its importance.

2. Self-knowledge

It is very important to learn to accept yourself for who you are. Listen to your feelings and emotions, don't listen to other people. Their desires and opinions should not affect yours. Insecure people all the time looking for approval and support from others. If not, he is nervous, worried. The opinions of others not so important. By the way, it goes with age. The older a person is, the more indifferent he is towards others. Unfortunately, there are exceptions to the rule. Some people in old age are concerned about the opinion of others.

1. Analysis of his personality

To find the causes of uncertainty, it is necessary to analyze personality. You can work independently, if there is no effect, then refer to a specialist. It will help you to get rid of misconceptions about yourself, deal with your psychological condition will help to determine the cause and get rid of uncertainty. But do not expect that you will be able to shift the solution of the problem on the shoulders of the specialist. Will have to work for you. Recently become popular trainings of personal growth, where also the analysis of the individual. Participants are struggling with their fears and problems, but don't expect immediate results. To become confident, you need to invest a lot of effort.

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