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10 cheap analogues expensive drugs


The world's pharmaceutical factories is unprofitable to teach ordinary people literacy and competence in the field of therapeutic drugs. How often we are offered a mysterious active ingredient that is supposedly effective in the fight against our disease, but for innovation you need to be prepared to pay a substantial amount. Ordinary people have mediocre knowledge of chemistry, so I can not prove the feasibility of the purchase and use of a drug. So it turns out that expenditure on health is a significant part of our budget.

In fact, a clever and enterprising people have long found ways to save on medicine without compromising health. No, we do not suggest to use alternative medicine or folk treatment, although in some cases this is your effective option. In fact, we suggest you to see the 10 cheap analogues expensive drugs are advertised that are manufactured under pharmaceutical fashionable "brand". They show excellent efficacy for significantly a smaller amount, which removes the financial burden from vulnerable people.

10. Bepanthen is Dexpanthenol, and

The active ingredient and the other product – dexpanthenol. The remaining ingredients are conventional additives which themselves do not have a pronounced therapeutic action. Use Dexpanthenol in the treatment of inflammatory processes of the skin and mucous membranes, to heal and regenerate wounds and cracks, as well as decongestants. Helps drug while restoring dry, sensitive and irritated skin. Also it is used for post-operative rehabilitation (e.g. after correction of the nasal septum, tonsillectomy). The issue price of the drug – about 83 RUR, while Drops costs almost 3 times more expensive!

9. Fastum gel and Ketoprofen

The difference between gel and cream does not affect the physical properties considerably, because the active substance is the same – Ketoprofen. It allows you to cure diseases of musculoskeletal system. Effective for arthritis, injuries of muscles and ligaments, generalized edema, rheumatoid arthritis, lymphangitis, low back pain and inflammation of the epidermis. As a solution used for rinsing in diseases of the throat and nasopharynx, oral cavity (stomatitis, periodontitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, glossitis etc.). The price of Ketoprofen is 60 rubles, and Fastum gel, in 4 times more.

8. Lioton 1000 and Heparin-acre gel

In both the drug active ingredient is sodium heparin, which provides a therapeutic effect in the treatment of thrombophlebitis of superficial veins, phlebitis and periflebit, elephantiasis, generalized edema and infiltrates, the surface of mastitis, hemorrhoids. Also it is effective for bruises and injuries, damage to tendons, joints, muscle tissue and subcutaneous tissue. Why pay for Lioton large sum 320 rubles, while the Heparin-acre will cost you only 90 rubles (of course, his packaging is almost 2 times less than that must be considered when calculating savings).

7. No-Spa Drotaverine and

These analgesic drugs contain the active ingredient drotaverine, which produces the prevention and treatment of spasms of the internal organs, smooth muscle. It is effective in the treatment of spastic constipation and colitis, ulcer, dyskinesia of the gallbladder and the internal organs colic, spasms of the arteries of the heart. Prescribers and pregnant to eliminate the tone of the uterus, reducing the pulling pain in the lower abdomen, prevent premature birth, etc no-Spa itself is inexpensive, and in rare regions the price reaches 180 Russian rubles. However, you can significantly save on spasmolytic, Drotaverine gaining just 30 rubles.

6. Zovirax and Acyclovir

The unpleasant and visible problem of herpes speculate a pharmaceutical company, offering a non-existent treatment for viral diseases. We all know that only antibodies of the immune system capable of defeating viral cells, but the drugs, unfortunately, have not yet been developed. That's why acyclovir is in these products helps just faster to heal the damaged tissue, dry the wound, regenerate the skin and reduce redness. Purchase pure drug Acyclovir just 30 rubles in the amount of 5 g, while the sensational and supposedly more efficient Zovirax will cost you as much as 250 rubles for a tiny tube of 2 g.

5. Lasolvan and Ambroxol

Want to treat a cough – forget about expensive expectorant syrups, lozenges and drugs. Drugs on the basis of Ambroxol used for the prenatal development of the upper respiratory tract of the newborn, as well as to improve sekretomotornym and secretolytic functions, resulting in facilitated expectoration. Substance improves the motor function of the ciliated tissue that provides mucociliary transport. It is best to cope with the problem of the famous Mucosolvan, the price of which can reach 320 rubles. It is also an effective analogue of Ambroxol, named for the main component – it will cost you a ridiculous amount of 15 rubles.

4. Panangin and Asparkam

Magnesium and potassium asparaginat used in the treatment of hypomagnesemia and hypokalemia, which often arise on the background of General intoxication, use of laxatives. Also can help with arrhythmia, tachycardia, arrhythmia, which resulted digitalisnaya intoxication or myocardial infarction. Active ingredients contains expensive foreign drug Panangin (cost about 120 rubles) and a cheap analog Asparkam (about 10 rubles).

3. Claritin and Loragexal

These medicines are based on the active ingredient loratadine, which helps to ease the state of patient with allergic manifestations (conjunctivitis, rhinitis, urticaria and dermatitis, edema, hay fever) and allergic reactions, against which the body produces histamine. The effectiveness of the active substance proved, but is it worth to pay for expensive drug claritin (160 rubles), when there is affordable and equally effective Loragexal (only 50 rubles).

2. Glenos and Linestop

Anyone uncomfortable weeks to go with a stuffy nose and drawn from him by the slime, waiting for finally immunity deign to cope with the ill-fated rhinitis. Wait for this you can use special drops for the nose, which enable the nasal passages to manipulation, to facilitate the discharge mucus, normalize breathing. Effective drugs based on Xylometazoline, which, as a vasoconstrictor component, helps relieve the symptoms of hay fever, sinusitis, otitis media and rhinitis (including allergic). Search for cheap component in local drug Ringstop (20 rubles), while the analogue Llanos will cost you 4 times more expensive.

1. Omez Omeprazole and

The active ingredient omeprazole is irreplaceable for treatment of ulcers, reflux, erosion of the gastrointestinal mucosa, syndrome zollingerellison. He also is designated as prevention of acid aspiration syndrome, Mendelson's. Consider the effective drug Omeprazole for 44 rubles, and do not fall for advertising equivalent of Omez, which pharmacies offer for 165 rubles.

Protecting against disease your body, do not forget to save and budget from unexpected and overheads. Before listening to the corrupt and bribed by the firms of doctors do your research, read special literature and see where else you can find the necessary active component.

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