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10 cheap pharmacy medicines that can easily replace cosmetic products


From the pages of glossy magazines and TV screens industrial concerns convince women that their innovative product will solve all problems with acne, dehydrated skin, facial wrinkles and rosacea. Now all that epic aesthetic was hooked and cosmetologists actively sell in bulk for home care well, very expensive cosmetics, as well as its regular services and treatments, which often have a single visual effect. We, as consumers, on this case very quickly hooked, because here she has beautiful skin and a day or two is still shiny and wilted. Lots of money is carried in supermarkets and beauty salons, to buy "something" for the shallow superficial care. Unfortunately, that "something" is often not valid and not worth the waste of money.

Adventurous girls as always have learned to substitute one for the other and save where seemingly no chance. We offer you 10 amazing pharmacy affordable tools that help to comprehensively care for our skin and, unlike the cosmetic products that really work.

10. Salicylic alcohol and salicylic ointment

Inexpensive and simple means perfectly dries the skin, helps with wounds and cracks, ulcers and erosions, sodden burns. Component a good effect on inflamed acne, reducing soreness and redness. The drying effect makes it possible to use a treatment for oily skin, clogged pores and excessive secretion of fat. Also it is used to eliminate oily seborrhea of the scalp, which will reduce the greasiness on the hair roots and extend them well maintained condition. Ointment good exfoliates the skin, and alcohol produces an antibacterial effect.

9. Zinc ointment

The method of treatment of acne and acne similar to the previous described option. Produces antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. Enough to put a dot of the ointment on the local inflammation and allow to dry, then remove residues with a damp sponge. With it you can go to bed at night – so the effect from the component longer. Remember that zinc is very dry the epidermis, so apply only a dot, and after washing, treat the skin with nourishing or moisturizer. Issue price the treatment of pimples – about 40 rubles.

8. Hydrogen peroxide

A means of stopping the blood is almost everyone in the pharmacy. Such a cheap and popular antiseptic and evaporates idle for months, and in fact may well serve as our skin. You can dilute the drug with water in half and use daily as an antibacterial tonic for the face. Wipe clean skin after washing your face, in order to remove residues of contamination, to decontaminate cracks and sores, to stop the inflammatory process. Don't forget after you apply moisturizer, as the peroxide also dries the epidermis. The bonus you get brightened uniform complexion, as the peroxide helps to eliminate pigmentation. Surprisingly, the product can be used under your normal deodorant or instead of, that will eliminate the unpleasant smell from the body without clogging the sweat glands.

7. Retinoic ointment

In fact the tool is based on retinol or vitamin A, which is one of the main "vitamins of beauty". He is involved in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for tone, elasticity and youthfulness of the epidermis. Also, the use of ointments will get rid of acne, acne, dermatitis and other rashes. Noticeable wrinkles from it did not expect, but improve color of the face and skin completely. Also, it eliminates irritation and dryness of the skin after a severe winter frosts. Apply at night then in the morning wash thoroughly. Remember that retinol is in conflict with sun rays, so its use in the daytime on the skin can experience pigmentation. Price retinoic ointment is around 200 rubles.

6. Calendula tincture

Alcohol tincture of the flowers is one of the cheapest, easy to use and economical in terms of consumption remedies for acne and inflammation. Swirl a cotton swab in the tincture and apply acupressure on inflamed areas, acne and pimples several times a day (preferably 3-4). The tool is well dries pimples, stops the process of their maturation and eliminates redness. When diluted with water in half, it can also be used as an anti-inflammatory tonic of blackheads and sebum. The price of bottle – about 40 rubles.

5. Aevitum

Aevit is not only vitamins in tablet form for oral administration. You can purchase capsules with a liquid solution of the "beauty vitamins" A and E – a powerful Duo against aging skin, weak eyelashes and sparse eyebrows. Just crush one capsule and distribute the composition on the entire face as well as eyebrows and eyelashes (use a special brush). Vitamins are quickly absorbed and begin to work on the epidermis. The course of treatment is 2 weeks of daily use, and then as maintenance therapy.

4. The real stuff

This tool is used for cosmetic purposes by our ancestors due to its versatility. The stuff polishes the epidermis, prevents the appearance of wrinkles, regenerates the skin significantly reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks, helps to disperse bruising. Sold by agent in powder form (mix with water and peroxide) or ready gel, cream. Freshwater sponge, which is included in the composition, can cause the effect of a burning sensation or tingling within 5-10 minutes. After the mask, the blood abundantly flows to the skin, so a few hours it may be slightly reddened. The price is about 80 rubles, which is quite affordable for the average Russian pocket.

3. Vitamin E

The second "beauty vitamin," better known in medicine as tocopherol, is sold in pharmacies in the form of a solution or transparent small balls. Your goal is to extract the liquid contents and massage into the nail plate, the cuticle, the problem areas on the face. Vitamin perfectly renews the top layer of skin, the nail plate returns a healthy natural colour and lustre, strengthens it. The price means hardly more than 30 rubles.

2. Aspirin

Inside to apply it of harmful anti-inflammatories and blood-thinning remedy, we do not recommend – has long appeared more effective analogues with a minimum of side effects. But as a local cosmetic drug aspirin amiss – crush a normal pill to a fine powder, combine with a teaspoon of sour cream and stir until the consistency of cream. Apply can be as the mask avoiding the sensitive area around the eyes. After 15 minutes, rinse and be surprised a visible lifting effect.

1. Licorice root

Familiar to many from childhood infusion, which allowed better cough sputum during cough. But licorice root has another use – wipe means the epidermis with age or other pigmentation. Already a few applications, you select a good whitening effect means, while investing in the beauty of the face only in the amount of 30 rubles.

These are unusual life hacks were discovered by the girls who are on guard of youth and beauty. Within 100 you can build your emergency first aid kit from various skin problems.

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