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10 children's cartoons that adults love


Colorful children's cartoon, and even in serial version, are designed to attract kids to the screens. Of course, certain stereotypes of the manufacturers of such "content" is inhabited by the head of children unhealthy ideas, especially when creating very adult cartoons. And then see how teenagers and even adults love to stick in front of their TVs or tablets, it's silly giggling over questionable subjects. And don't listen to excuses like "I have to watch the movie with you". No, it's not so, adults also love to watch cartoons, and even how! Especially those in which the series are based on the trash, end the nonsense, promoting sexual perversion, politics, bad habits, or any other pathological society things. What is the famous show "South Park" or the iconic "the Simpsons" who are destroying the institution of family and healthy relationships in society.

Your review we aim to draw the attention of adults and children, what exactly are we watching and what message is laid in our heads. Presenting the TOP-10 brand "childish" cartoons that just love to watch adult.

10. Sponge Bob Square Pants

Did you know that all 7 main characters of this cartoon represent the classic 7 deadly sins? The creators do not just put this information in a rather psychedelic cartoon. Here is the notorious 25th frame. The group gained popular smiling "sponge" for about 12 billion greenery. What we see on the screens? Yes, the classic image of economic slavery. Always smiling and naive man Bob had to plow 31 years on the hated work, knowing that his boss is greedy, tyrannical octopus. A reward for labor – minimum wage, overtime, involvement in scrapes and friendship with a retarded starfish. Yeah, great ideals for the younger boys.

9. Bi and Poppycat

And again we look at the loser, maltreated to the wheel, exhausting work. Bi again left her job and was left without means of livelihood, and even rain coming down in buckets – that it's depressing. Children brought up wrong identification of adult life problems and lack of money. But that's not all, because the Bee falls from the sky a dubious establishment – neither the puppy nor the kitten (gently, breaks the psyche of children). In order not to die of boredom, girl takes animals home and happy with his talent to speak and to think. Supplements psicodelico cartoon what animal happens to be a space bandit, focused on intergalactic war. Teach children to quarrel in society from an early age!

8. Smeshariki

It's still relatively good multec in the review, despite its boring and highly simplified form of existence. Russian teleanimation offers adults and children to look at the strange creatures, animals who learn to analyze the surrounding events independently, to think logically and to form conclusions. The series was created to educate the younger generation, but instead of boring moralizing project turned out to be quite entertaining simple "trickery" to distract kids while parents meet with friends for pizza.

7. Lady Bug and Super cat

Hackneyed theme of superheroes is nothing new. This time two French student, part-time peace officers in Paris, fall in love with each other and operate in tandem. Man in tights – ivory, Noir, and multicolored lady – Lady Bug. The idea of the series, as always, crazy. But for the sake of beautiful hand-drawn scenery a couple of episodes possible to somehow endure. By the way, the creation of the animated series was in cooperation with Japanese famous anime fans, so the French students look like who do not understand, giving the children wrong ideas about appearance.

6. Kids have grown up

If the famous American TV series "rugrats!" is still a stretch could be called childish, his continued interested and the adult generation. Cartoon, as always, full of stupid and flat jokes, goofy situations, distorted images of parents and children. Suggest to approach this "masterpiece" together with the child and then to explain by example how should not be. Don't let the American elite to ruin our gene pool, educating children from the kind of "kids".

5. On the other side of the fence

Parents, how do you think children need Gothic moments in cartoons? The producers of the show believe that we need, therefore, to tell in the animated series about two kids in a strange headgear, lost in the big and very scary forest. Instead of having to watch with the kids a good story about heroes, about work, mutual assistance and generous Russian land, we behold the attempts of two animated characters to survive in the dangerous forest among the questionable locals and monsters. Extremely pessimistic pastime, complemented by heart-wrenching music and parodies of adult life.

4. Gravity Falls

Disney is not the same, which is confirmed by his latest creations, for example, favorite American cartoon "Gravity falls". On the continent love to laugh at stupid jokes, this is a fantastic Comedy. It tells the story of teenage twins, which for the summer was exiled to the backwater town of Gravity falls. There are two losers in the shake-down is wild and absurd situations. Thank you to the Creator of the show Alex Hirsch, who after 2 seasons of misery shut up shop. He knew that very soon even the omnivorous American public are tired of the pointless plot twists.

3. The whole truth about bears

Well, this option is quite cute, because everyone loves bears. The animated series will tell the audience how three toed friend really want to make friends with some people, for what regularly hang out in crowded places (sports games, cafes, exhibitions and even social networks). Mostly their attempts are unsuccessful and stupid – we can only contemplate the charm of their lovely faces. A date for Skype and selfies and other human vices peculiar to these furry friends. Maybe the creators of the series wanted us to say something about this? For example, what we with modern trends look not only stupid, but also desperate.

2. Avatar: the last airbender

I can not believe that this worthy project wormed among other stupid cartoons for adults and children. The authors of the series 12 years ago brought together the best Japanese and Western animation by creating adult and wise movie that can really teach something useful and spiritual your child. The fantasy world is beautifully drawn, has an interesting plot and draws even adult observer. Of course, if you don't want to spoil the experience, not see the continuation of "the Legend of Korra" and especially don't play in the disastrous "the last airbender".

1. Adventure time

Completing the review of another entity from Cartoon Network. A simple idea on the level of our "Teletubbies" cleverly woven a subtext for adults. Amazing stories about a post-apocalyptic world, unfortunately, does little good to instill in the younger generation. Interestingly, critics have compared the adventures of a boy Finn and his talking dog with, believe it or not, psychological sketches of Carl Jung. It's not too early to children to plunge into the complicated world of adult psychology? Or is it again a Western plot?

As the saying goes, "what you look at that and go". Dear adult audience, let us learn to filter the information that sits out like childish cartoons. I strongly advise you to protect children from viewing almost all of the above projects, in order not to break the naive, dreamy and still a healthy psyche.

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