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10 good stories that happened to the world in 2018


Are increasingly talking about the cruelty of the world, that now people think only of themselves. Indeed, sometimes the actions of some are staggering in their callousness, indifference, greed. But, fortunately, the kindness and humanity has not been canceled. Thousands of people help others, totally selflessly, only by the dictates of his heart. So, in 2018, must have been done hundreds of good deeds. We will tell you about 10 of selfless actions, which the media wrote this year.

10. Ural taxi driver makes repairs to pensioners

In Ekaterinburg works unusual taxi driver. His schedule for weeks in advance. As it turned out, the main customers of Anton Savchuk – single pensioners. They all hope that the man will be able to come to them and make repairs. He has an unusual hobby. In his spare time Anton is doing repair in the elderly, who do not hope for the help of relatives. He helped Valentina Medvedeva. She could not fix her apartment, because it is a disabled group. But she was confused by the squeaky parquet floors and baseboards, which is already more than 15 years. All materials for the repair of a man buys himself. Now he began to be published online to raise money for a good cause. All pensioners of the city are now discussing a good taxi driver. Anton himself did not expect to be so popular.

9. The boy received a letter from the deceased father

In Scotland, is home to James Hindman, who is now 7 years old. In may 2014, his father died. Every year the kid sister and write postcards to his birthday and send them a mail. This time Jace gave the mailman a postcard for dad and asked him to deliver her to heaven. What was the surprise child and his mother, when from the Royal mail came a heartwarming response. The boy's mother Teri Copland wrote that her son is very impressed with the fact that his dad got a postcard. She says that postal workers had restored her faith in humanity.

8. The American returned the wallet, putting money into it

Hunter Samat living in South Dakota, went with mom for my sister's wedding, which was held in Las Vegas. On the plane, he lost his wallet, where he lay and its documents. It was $ 60. Hunter hoped to return the loss. Imagine his surprise when shortly a package arrived. All contents of the wallet was in place. Moreover, the stranger put in a check for $ 40. The one who found the purse, wrote a note that told where it discovered the loss and reported that he had added their money, rounding whole amount to 100 dollars. He wanted hunter celebrated the return of the wallet. The man began to write his name.

7. IKEA cares for homeless dogs

Employees of the IKEA store, located in the Italian town of Catania, caring for stray dogs. The staff fed the dogs, the volunteers arrange for their sterilization. The day the animals roam around and sleep on mats. According to buyers, they are well-fed and happy, look after them well, so dogs don't want to run away from the store.

6. The unknown man paid for all purchases for a stranger

Julie Ann gates, residing in Derby, went to the store to buy gifts for my son for Christmas. At the checkout she was approached by an unknown man and said he wanted to pay for all her purchases. At first the woman thought that he was not himself. But when gates returned to the counter, the man still stood there, waiting for her. He waited until she put all the goods whose value is $ 200, then paid for them using the card. The woman was surprised and asked him who could be so generous. He did not call his name, and said, "Santa". Gates is so moved that he came out with tears in his eyes, and then wrote about this good deed to Facebook, once again thanking the mysterious stranger.

5. Passengers of the plane decided to raise money for poor children

Kimberly Bermudez, a teacher of a school in Chicago, was on a plane to Florida to visit my parents. She began to communicate with my neighbor and told him about his work. The girl shared that she worries about children, because they are starving. The man promised to help. The man sat back, handed her the money and asked to spend it on children. After the plane landed, the other passengers approached the girl and gave money. Only able to collect $ 530. Kimberly Bermudez says that after that, think about how you can help children by asking money from strangers. She wrote about it on Facebook and asked readers to help others.

4. Employees of the pizzeria decided to feed the homeless

Once workers pizzerias in North Dakota saw a homeless person who tried in the trash to find leftovers. Then they wrote the ad. It said that we are all people and deserve better. Therefore, any employees left without a home, can go to them for pizza and water. The meal is free and nobody will ask any questions.

3. Honest taxi driver waited for 8 hours to pinch the wallet

Varvara Bortsova said in Facebook about the act of the taxi driver who struck her. Once she arrived in Moscow early in the morning and got into a taxi. The driver was from Kyrgyzstan, with him, they chatted for a while on the road. At home, she went to bed. Woke up after lunch. And then the woman realized that she had lost the wallet that she could only leave in a taxi. Barbara tried to find the car, calling support, but couldn't. In desperation, she listened to the father, who advised her to look out the window. Under Windows, the woman was waiting for a driver who's been here 8 hours, asking everyone if they know her.

2. Businessman helped a homeless guy

Otis Williams Oil business, wrote in Facebook about one of his employee. He said that 7 months ago staged, temporary homeless guy living under a bridge. And have never regretted my decision, because the guy was late, didn't walk, no one complained. Now he began to communicate with his parents, was able to buy clothes and even a car. And Williams made it official employee of the company.

1. A nurse rescued people from fire

In the town of Paradise (CA) has its own character. Nurse Allyn pier was not afraid of forest fires and 2 times returned for the sick from the hospital to be in time to save them from the fire. In social networks appeared his post, where he posted photos of his victim from the fire machines, and wrote that Toyota Tundra saved his life. What Toyota said that thank him for the salvation of people and ready to replace a burnt car on a new one.

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