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10 evidence that we know too little about the world


Sometimes it seems that people have already solved all the puzzles in the world. He knows what happened in the past. He has an idea about how the universe works, he even visited other planets. He learned how to perform operations on the brain. He has achieved a lot. People who lived only a few centuries ago, would call a modern human or a witch would be accused of communications with evil spirits. But despite all these achievements, the world is never fully explored, and there are still many mysteries to solve which is unlikely to succeed. At least in the near future. Scientists working in this direction, but to no avail. We present 10 evidence that we know too little about the world.

10. What are the laws of the Universe?

Based on the law of gravity, we can say that the universe is preparing for the "Big compression". The reverse process is the so-called Big Bang. But the universe is expanding. Not long ago, scientists discovered that the Universe expansion is accelerating. They even got a Nobel prize for it. Only a few years later, other scientists expressed doubt in truthfulness of this standard concept. Disputes "scholars" do not cease. They can't get to the truth and don't know what happened to our Universe and what awaits her in the future. Ordinary people don't care about the universe shrinks or expands, but now they at least speak General information, and do not believe that the world stands on three elephants.

9. Why did life originate on Earth?

Nobody knows where on Earth life originated. 3.8 billion years ago there was RNA, which contain cells of all living organisms. Of course, versions of the origin of life on Earth is more than enough. The most common is a creation of God and the influence of ultraviolet rays. No matter how hard scientists, what would versions are not nominated, the answer to this question, they are not found. Perhaps that is why, in the age of technological progress, some still believe that life on Earth was founded by God or an alien civilization.

8. Puzzles of dinosaurs

At first glance it seems that people know about dinosaurs a lot. They can be seen not only in art but also popular films, not only entertainment, but also in encyclopedias. However, the majority of information presented there are no more than inventions of scientists. However they are based on what was learned. Typically, researchers have found small fragments, the remains of the dinosaurs, and then him trying to restore his appearance. So far scientists can not answer the question, what was the first dinosaur, whether they were cold-blooded or warm-blooded how you created the pair, as the hunted, and why nature has given them such large sizes. Maybe someday with new technology, scientists will be able to know the answer to all these questions.

7. Why do we sleep and why we see dreams?

That's what's worrying not only scientists, but also all other people on Earth. They do not understand why we sleep, how come dreams, and what they are. Sleep is a physical need of man. In the Guinness book of records was a record that a person was sleeping almost 19 hours. He had many health problems, particularly mental illness. Dreams according to scientists capable of preventing psychosis. But this is only one point of view. In fact, a lot of them. Someone said that dreams are based on events already experienced by the person. Someone believes that this unrealized events. Anyone believe that dreams will soon come true. This is just speculation.

6. What happens after death?

Another issue that concerns not only scientists. What happens when people die? If you believe the Orthodox religion, after death the human soul goes to heaven or hell. There are other versions. One of them is the soul of man 1 to 40 day after death is able to return to Earth, during this time, she needs to solve remaining problems. After 40 days, she must go all the way from the end to the beginning and get rid of all the karmic debts. Then the soul is placed in the causal body (Spirit). Then there is another series of events, in the end, the soul is ready for a new incarnation. True or not, because the dead don't come back and can't tell what they were. But on the basis of research devoted to the study of clinical death, made the assumption that the consciousness of man after death continues to exist.

5. Theories about the world change all the time

People quite self-confident creatures, and very often they think they know everything that happened and is happening in the world. Each time interval – a theory she later turns out to be mercilessly crushed other discoveries of scientists. In ancient times the earth was represented as a flat disc or half of the eggs floating in the sea. Then, scientists recognized that the Earth is stationary. Their followers have denied this theory. They argued that all the planets move around the sun. Their descendants supported, but added that the stars and the moon revolve around the earth. Only in the twentieth century, scientists were able to make a plausible picture, because they have there were telescopes, computers and other equipment. People have visited outer space. But it is possible that in a few years this picture will change.

4. Why do people need art?

Since you came the world, people engaged in creative work. About 30 thousand years ago the first cave paintings. Then the same people were engaged in the manufacture of statues and figurines. But if you ask a person why should he, he is unlikely to be able to clearly answer. Beautiful phrases about a freedom of expression doesn't count. Some scientists suggest that art was invented to attract individuals of the opposite sex. That is, there is "work" the instinct of procreation. True or carousing fantasy now no one will say. However, people are so used to the existence of art, that without it can not live.

3. Mysteries of history

The man thinks he knows the history of everything. This subject is taught in school. Here are many events not reached our times, some of them heavily distorted. Take the history of Russia. There is no consensus, where did the name "Rus". No one can answer whether the Mongol-Tatar yoke really. A lot of opinions on this, but any plausible answer. Have you ever wondered why Peter tried to remake Russia in the European manner? But historians suggest that it was switched when visiting European countries. The present king was killed, and in return sent the alien. A lot of controversial issues, the answer to them will hardly be able to find.

2. Ancient literature

Despite the fact that the literature is long-standing, ancient works to have survived is very small. Moreover, nothing is known about the writers. So even about the famous Shakespeare, whom I read and now no one can say. There is speculation that it never existed, allegedly under the pseudonym worked, a group of playwrights. As the old Russian literature in General was not created for entertainment. She talked about religion, about important people, about some events in the state. Those works available to the modern reader, came to him with significant omissions and distortions. Only in the XVIII century appeared the works, which can be attributed to the literature.

1. The force of gravity

This is, perhaps, the most difficult mystery to scientists. We all know that gravity keeps people on the surface of the earth. Large items may attract smaller. While scientists understood the origin of gravity, they came to interesting conclusions. Now they doubt whether it exists at all. In any case, at the present level of science the answer to this question is not to find, as indeed on many other issues. Maybe in the future mankind will be able to learn the truth, but it certainly will not happen soon.

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